100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 880 - Ye Feimo and Mo Xiaobai

Chapter 880: Ye Feimo and Mo Xiaobai

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Mo Ye smiled as he hugged Eleven and gently promised her. “When Mo Yao gets older, I’ll leave everything and focus on accompanying you.”

“Okay!” Eleven replied as Mo Ye gently hugged her. They enjoyed the peace and vastness of the ocean together. After so many years, they had chemistry and could understand each other without needing any words.

As Mo Ye hugged her, he felt like he was hugging the whole world.

If it weren’t for the fact that her body was unsuitable for her to get pregnant again, he really wanted to have another girl to dote on. He was jealous every time he saw Mo Jue and Wushuang being together, but it was fine still.

In the mansion on the island.

The few children huddled together gloomily. They seemed to have been neglected after the adults came. They were all talking about love and the pain of separation. They had forgotten all about them—the children.

Even Mo Jue and Ye Wei were together.

The children felt that they had been neglected.

Ye Feimo was the calmest. He took his game console and played it expressionlessly as he said coldly, “This is not the first time I’ve been ignored. Do you have to act like a resentful woman?”

Mo Chen and Mo Xiaobai were especially so. They had long faces as if someone owed them millions.

Everybody despised him. Kaka touched Little Feimo’s face and expressed his sympathy. Ye Feimo raised his eyebrows and smiled coldly. “Why are you all looking at me? What did I say wrong?”

Everyone showed their scorn again.

Kaka said, “It’s rare for Feimo to say such a long sentence. You guys are too disrespectful.”

“Little Cousin, you’d better shut up.”

“Let’s play mahjong. Who’s up?” Mo Chen raised his hand and asked. This was their classic entertainment since there were only two helicopters. Mo Xiaobai did not wait for anyone to respond as he ran to get the mahjong set.

Ye Feimo was uninterested. “I’m not playing.”

Mo Wushuang was not in the mood either. Kaka and Mo Yao looked at each other. It was such an insult to their intelligence to be up against the two idiots, and the two of them decisively didn’t want to play. Mo Xiaobai returned with a mahjong set, but nobody was willing to play. He was in tears.

“You guys are even more annoying than turtles.” Mo Xiaobai stomped his feet arrogantly and called out names without hesitation. “Little Cousin, Kaka, you guys play with me.”

Wushuang folded her hands and watched the show. Mo Yao raised his eyebrows coldly and looked at Mo Xiaobai coldly. He asked weakly, “Brother, do you want to play?”

Mo Yao snorted and figuratively sent Mo Xiaobai flying into a Siberian iceberg. Mo Xiaobai was beyond tears. He felt aggrieved for not asking Mo Yao first…

Big Brother was as scary as ever.

Woo woo…

“Little brother…” Mo Xiaobai shouted passionately. Mo Chen immediately raised his hand.” I’m here, I’m here. Little cousin, you must be afraid of losing, right? ”

It was said that Ye Feimo never played such childish games like mahjong.

Ye Feimo did not even raise his head and his lips curled up coldly. “Yes, I’m afraid you can’t afford to lose.”

Everybody fell silent. Kaka laughed in a sorry state and whispered to Ye Feimo. Ye Feimo raised his eyebrows and was finally interested. He looked at Mo Chen and Mo Xiaobai. The two fools were basically wallowing in sorrow together.

Her cousin’s aura was much scarier than his brother’s.

“Mahjong, right? It’s too low-class to play with money. How about this, whoever loses will strip and run around naked?” Ye Feimo proposed the match’s conditions.

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