100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 853

Chapter 853: Untitled

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Morales had a habit of frequenting the parts of Mexico City that never slept. The Dragon Gate had control of Mexico City’s nightspots, and the North American triad bosses loved the hedonism, lust, and money that these places offered.

Morales was a frequent visitor to these nightspots.

As An Xunuo was Morales’s latest bodyguard, she naturally followed him to these nightspots. She was not interested in these happenings, and she did not have whims and fantasies that were as twisted as Morales’ who loved to spend time with those high-profile ‘love gurus’. The love gurus in the nightspots were very high-profile. They were talents that the Dragon Gate cultivated. Apart from the triad masters, these love gurus entertained nobody else. Morales recently took immense interest in a love guru and was pursuing him intensely. While he visited said love guru daily, the love guru did not entertain him but he would not give up. An Xunuo pondered what a taste Morales had. He became even more persistent when he did not get anything.

As Morales stalked K, An Xunuo watched on from the side, expressionless. Ye Ningyuan swigged his glass of wine from afar and smiled as he watched An Xunuo. She was quite an interesting person and seemed unfazed despite the music blaring around her.

She looked expressionless in her red dress, short skirt, black tall boots, and soft whip on her chest, like some mean dominatrix. Ye Ningyuan gently smiled at how weird his taste for women was since young.

It had been half a month since he spoke to Cheng Anya.

Morales had already transferred thirty percent of the costs to the Top Terrorist Organization, which according to Azure Dragon’s intelligence, was from American officials. To put it differently, if there was indeed official involvement in this munitions deal, then shipment through the Persian Gulf would not be an issue. White Tiger had already instructed the most substantial arsenals in North America, Middle East, etc. to begin production with the view of fulfilling the order in half a year’s time.

While he still did not quite trust Morales, he would just roll along for now.

“K, join me.” Morales smiled as he cajoled a handsome man in his twenties. Black eyes and dark skin—he was clearly an oriental, and he wore a tight-fitting black suit and trousers. A deep-V revealed his well-toned chest, and a short whip was attached to his chest. There was an indescribable charm and attraction to his outfit that even Ye Ningyuan felt that this love guru had the chops to seduce people. For Morales, this international mafia boss, to pester him this badly made the scene even more NSFW.

“I am not interested in you,” K coldly said as he passed him and pointed to An Xunuo. “If you allow me to groom her, I might just be interested. After all, she looks more challenging than you.”

Ye Ningyuan gently smiled. Morales was taken aback, whereas An Xunuo’s face turned cold. As An Xunuo was already a walking chiller, her surroundings instantly froze over. She looked on coldly and did not say a word.

“Darling, you can’t groom her. If you do, I’m afraid she will do you first.” Morales smiled as he tried to patronize K.

“Tell her to f*** off then. Don’t bring somebody this challenging right up to me,” K impolitely said. While he was okay with grooming either men or women, he offered astronomical prices and he had a somewhat weird temper. Morales knew too well.

To allow An Xunuo to flirt with men, Morales had her spend time in the nightspots and footed the bill. An Xunuo coldly harrumphed and turned her head to leave. These nightspots were full of lust, dancing, gambling—its thirteen floors had all the entertainment and fun fathomable to men, and that was indeed mind-baffling.

An Xunuo was not interested in any of the vices and directly headed to the bar. When she saw the menu, she secretly wondered to herself how aggressive the Dragon Gate was. The alcohol here was three to four times more expensive than at other places, and some of them were as much as five times costlier. The Dragon Gate had no qualms milking their patrons dry.

“Surely you don’t have to ignore me this thoroughly after a month, no?” Ye Ningyuan smiled. An Xunuo already saw Ye Ningyuan, but she looked straight and was too lazy to greet him.

“What brings you here?”

“What else can men do here?” Ye Ningyuan raised his eyebrows teasingly.

“Did anybody tell you that you are a freaking stalker?”


An Xunuo coldly harrumphed. She knew that Ye Ningyuan had been following her for seven days, and she had no idea what he wanted to do and held her horses. Little did she expect to encounter him here again tonight…

He certainly knew that Morales would be here tonight and deliberately staked him out.

His thoughts were not easy to fathom.

“What’s keeping you in Mexico City for this long?” An Xunuo ordered a newly-concocted Summer Storm and casually asked.

“I’ve things to do and can’t leave Mexico for now.”

“What is there about Morales that’s keeping your investigations for so long?” An Xunuo coldly laughed.

“Are you so sure that Morales is the reason I’m remaining in Mexico City?” Ye Ningyuan looked at her deeply.

“I am not interested in your purposes.”

“I am more interested in you, though. As long as you are able to run Morales into the ground, it will be of very good help to me.” Ye Ningyuan smiled.

“You’ve looked him up very well. Didn’t he recently transfer you some money? Given your character, how could you make a loss? If he gets run into the ground, you get to keep the money and you still earn. You need to stop sounding as though you are so unwilling to part with his business.” An Xunuo mercilessly called him out on his lie.

Ye Ningyuan gently smiled and said, “You’re not in need of money and are free. Why expose yourself to such risk?”

“For the kick of it!”

“Morales is a mean and cunning person. You may want to gain from him, but tread carefully.”

“Thank you for the reminder, but it wasn’t necessary.”

Not too far away, Morales and K were tangling with each other. One hid, whereas the other pursued. They seemed to be having a whale of a time. Ye Ningyuan gently smiled with a deep look. Nobody could guess what was on his mind.

An Xunuo had a glass of wine and was about to leave when Ye Ningyuan grabbed her shoulder and had her sit down. “Why the rush? Morales is having a whale of a time, so why pop his party?”

“Are you saying that K normally does not entertain people?” An Xunuo coldly frowned. This K was so arrogant that he did not buy Morales’ case. While Morales had cursed K for being lukewarm and of few words earlier, K did not even bother himself with Morales. Things are looking a little different today. K was still arrogant, but the two of them seemed as though they were having a whale of time flirting with each other.

Something was clearly amiss.

One just wondered what exactly he wanted.

“Xunuo, everything that you previously mentioned… Does it still stand?” Ye Ningyuan suddenly asked.

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