10,000 Years In A Cultivation Sect: I Obtained A Powerful Technique From The Start

Chapter 513 - The Dangers of the Sea of Chaos, the Ultimate Destruction

Chapter 513: The Dangers of the Sea of Chaos, the Ultimate Destruction

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As they penetrated through the barrier of the Primordial Land, Jiang Ming steered Tianyuan Realm into the Chaos Primordial Land.

Although this place was vast and boundless, all of the places of excellence had already been occupied by others. Other than a few barren places and some forbidden domains, there weren’t many places that Jiang Ming could set foot at.

However, Jiang Ming didn’t mind. It was because he already had two choices.

“Senior brother, where are we descending?” Linglong was curious as well.

“The land where the Dao Patriarch of Space once resided.” Jiang Ming gave his answer.

This was all his intention all along. With both the Dao Patriarch of Space and Dao Patriarch of Reincarnation killed by him, the Sacred Lands where they resided had become unowned.

As for their disciples still occupying the place? Jiang Ming would just blast them to death. After all, the path of cultivation was in short, a life and death struggle to compete and climb to the top.

“Why not the residence of the Dao Patriarch of Reincarnation?”

“Because it’s closer to the Hong Clan.”

This was the reason behind Jiang Ming’s choice. Even if there might be any accidents in the future, Tianyuan Realm could still be protected by the Hong Clan for a short while. After all, Jiang Ming was a close friend to Hong Zhan.

Back when he killed the two Dao Patriarch, Jiang Ming had transmitted telepathically his intention to Hong Lei, the Dao Patriarch of Thunder so that Hong Lei would help him to handle the territory that belonged to the Dao Patriarch of Reincarnation.

Buzz… With a single leap, the Tianyuan Realm had sped through billions of light years, arriving at a 990,999,000 million feet high mountain peak.

It was the Sacred Sky Mountain, the Dao domain which used to be in the pssession of the Dao Patriarch of Space.

As soon as Tianyuan Realm descended, it sent out rays after rays of luminance, enveloping the entire Sacred Sky Mountain. The luminance imprisoned the space, stagnating the laws as it rapidly expanded outwards. The ray of light directly enveloped all parts of the domain that were under the late Dao Patriarch of Space’s possession.

This included 36 million mountain peaks. Among the experts living in these mountains, there were already 106 Lord Saint Experts and more than 36,000 King Saint Experts. In fact, they were experts who belonged to the Dao Patriarch of Space.

Jiang Ming naturally had no reason to let them go. He evoked his Soul Dao to enslave all these experts. Even a few of them who were at the peak stage of the Lord Saint Realm and possessed Quasi-Chaos Supreme Treasures, did not escape their fate.

From that day onwards, they had all become the guardians of Tianyuan Realm.

Jiang Ming stood up and with one step, arrived outside of Tianyuan Realm. He stood at the peak of the Sacred Sky Mountain and his body began to grow taller.

In just a snap of a finger, he was already a light-year tall. His immortal aura and Great Dao-Suppressing power swept across the nine heavens and ten earth, radiating throughout the Chaos Primordial Land, announcing his arrival.

Jiang Ming also sent out rumbling Dao voices that resounded through all four directions.

“The Dao Patriarch of Space, who plotted against me, has been killed. Hence, I’ll take over the authority over the entire Sacred Sky Mountain as of today.”

“I’m the Dao Patriarch of Soul.”

“Sacred Sky Mountain is now renamed Tianyuan Mountain.”

“I’ve opened up the Tianyuan Dao Domain.”

It was an act of proclamation for his arrival and also to establish authority over the place.

“Congratulations to the Dao Patriarch of Soul on establishing your Domain.” The Dao Patriarch of Thunder conjured his avatar and appeared in the sky over the Hong Clan’s Domain. He clasped his hands and greeted Jiang Ming. “Fellow Daoist Jiang, with you around, we won’t have to be worried over our Primordial Land anymore.”

“Fellow Daoist Hong, let’s become even closer in the future!” Jiang Ming smiled and clasped his hands as well.

At the same time, he nodded in all directions as a greeting and retracted his avatar. It was enough of him to just reveal his identity to the public.

Right that moment however, a rainbow bridge appeared from the Hong Clan’s which spanned across the vast sky and descended over Jiang Ming’s domain.

Jiang Ming smiled as he ushered them all over. These were his friends from the former group. They were Hong Zhan, Hong Yi, Ao Jiu, Di Huo and the likes. There were also Ye Qingxian, Dongfang Chenxi and the likes, who had been received by Hong Zhan not long ago. However, Luo Heng, Huang Quan and even Tian Fozi were nowhere to be seen.

It was obvious that these group members were not in the same Sea of Chaos. It was clear as well that most of his group members were all within the same Sea of Chaos, which was quite amazing.

“Brother Jiang!” Dongfang Chenxi was the first to exclaim. Just as she was about to pounce over, she noticed Linglong who was standing beside Jiang Ming and quickly paused, somewhat at a loss for words.

Jiang Ming couldn’t help but smile as he ruffled through her hair. Dongfang Chenxi immediately revealed a sweet smile on her face.

“Brother Jiang!” Ye Qingxian clasped her hands. “I’ll be hanging around here from now on.”

“Brother Jiang! Haha! I’ve finally seen your Domain.” Hong Zhan laughed out loud. “From now on, this will be my second home.”

“Brother Jiang.” Hong Yi smiled as he clasped his hands. “I’ll be counting on you for your protection from now on.”

“This coattail is extraordinarily large to ride on indeed!” Ao Jiu remarked. “Haha! From now on, a dragon like me can wander across the billions of miles of earth over here with a carefree spirit.”

“This place is still the place that puts people at ease!” Feng Wu smiled as well. “It’s such an unfortunate thing that I no longer have the chance to.”

As the crowd went on one after another, Jiang Ming let out a smile on his face. Seeing these people, Jiang Ming had a feeling of comfort even though their cultivation base wasn’t high.

They knew each other’s background well and they need not worry about their identities or whatsoever.

“Guys, this is Zi Linglong, my junior Sister. We’ve grown up together since our childhood and she is now my Daoist partner.” Jiang Ming held onto his junior sister and introduced her to his friends. “Her cultivation isn’t weak. All three of her paths have already been cultivated to the Lord Saint Realm.”

“You’re awesome, sister.” Dongfang Chenxi was marvelous. “Brother Jiang is already a miracle to begin with. Little did we expect you to be just as powerful as well. To think that your soul, physique and cultivation realm have all advanced into the Lord Saint Realm, this is incredible!”

“If you want to, you can be this fast as well.” Linglong said smilingly and wrapped around Dongfang Chenxi’s arm. “Let us sisters be closer in the future!”

She then looked over at the other three ladies, namely Ye Qingxian, Feng Wu and Ming Fei. Her smile became even brighter as she said, “If you would like to, you can all swiftly advance into the Lord Saint Realm as well! After all, Senior Brother has the infinite power of Creation.”

“Haha….”Ao Jiu was baffled upon hearing so. When he came back to his senses, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he gave Jiang Ming a thumbs up. “Brother Jiang, you’ve my respect.”

“Indeed.” Di Huo laughed as well.

Even Hong Zhan understood what Linglong meant.

The faces of Ye Qingxian and the likes blushed even more. This was especially for Dongfang Chenxi. Her face blushed even redder but she couldn’t break free from Linglong’s embrace.

Jiang Ming was rendered speechless. He knew that his junior sister was recruiting concubines for him.

“She’s already half a step into the Dao Patriarch level. Be careful or she’ll become annoyed and suppress all of you.” Jiang Ming laughed and continued, “It’s rare that we’re able to gather like this. Moreover, today is the day I open up my domain. Let’s all make it a joyous moment. I’ll be bringing out the many treasures of mine, so that you can all see what Chaos treasures are and what’s the most precious Supreme-leveled Spiritual fruits and wines.”

“The treasures from killing two top-notch Dao Patriarchs. I can’t help drooling already!” Hong Zhan was very excited. “But Brother Jiang, hope you don’t fill us until we burst!”

“Don’t worry! I dominate over anything and everything around here. Don’t you worry. Eat and drink with ease. When you’ve digested the food, it will at least raise your cultivation base by a single step!” With a wave of his hand, Jiang Ming set up an entire banquet for his guests.

All kinds of Spiritual treasures, countless exotic fruits, great wines that were unheard of and the likes were all brought out. Various divine luminance were released, interwoven with the boundless power of Law. The Dao fluctuations that were contained in each of them were beyond imagination.

Jiang Ming even picked up Luo Heng and Tian Fozi over. As for Huang Quan? There seemed to be a special situation over at his side and he temporarily did not bring him over. However, Jiang Ming sent over some treasures to him.

Linglong brought Xi Yao over as well. It was quite a headache for Jiang Ming but he no longer cared about it anymore.

After a full day of fervor, Hong Zhan and the likes could no longer hold in the powers anymore. Hence, Jiang Ming built a Sacred Land of Cultivation so that they would have a place to digest the boundless power of creation in their stomach.

During this period of time, he also made it so that Tianyuan Realm stayed afloat up on the sky of Tian Yuan Mountain, fixing it in place and wasn’t moving anytime soon.

The place became the highest place, the most sacred place and also the foundation towards his domain.

At the same time, paths were opened so that people within could descend into Tian Yuan Mountain to wander into different places.

Back on Chuyang Peak, Jiang Ming wrapped his arms around his junior sister and swayed leisurely on the rattan chair.

“Girl, are you becoming restless?”

“I knew I couldn’t hide it from you! Alas, the Chaos Primordial Land, the ideal direction towards cultivation. Now that we’re here, I naturally want to go out and have a good look around the place.”

“If that’s the case, just go on! With your current strength you can go anywhere around the heavens. By the way, you can also stop by at your master’s. Haha! When you get there and it turns out that your cultivation level is higher than your Great Heavenly Venerate, it would be very interesting then.”

“Hehe! Senior brother, I’m thinking the same thing as well. By the way, are you not accompanying me?”

“Alas, I’ve swept through the heavens with just a single thought. What should be seen I have already seen. It’s not interesting doing so already!”

“You’ve already seen what could be seen? How many immortal ladies have you seen?”

“Ahem… You girl! That mind of yours is too dirty. I am a Dao Patriarch, the supreme Dao Patriarch. How would I peep?”

“The others don’t know about you, but I know you very well. You’re a sultry scourge!”

“Looking for a spanking!”

Pat, pat, pat… Just as he was spanking her, a message was sent over from the Great Dao Group.

Jiang Ming’s subconscious dove into the group.

[Huang Quan: You are all free and unfettered, but on the contrary, there’s something big happening over here.]

[Huang Quan: Remember the time I was captured into the Sacred Land of the Chaos to pass the test? I am now under a Sacred Master. Just now, I heard the news that the Lord Saint has died in the battle.]

[Huang Quan: This isn’t a great war of the Sacred Lands of the Chaos, but an invasion onto our sea of Chaos.]

[Huang Quan: The news said that it was a group of terrifying demons that are billions of times more evil than us. Each of them are at the cultivation base of King Saint and above.]

[Huang Quan: Crap! There’s another news saying that a Dao Patriarch from our side has died on the battlefield.]

[Huang Quan: Crap! There’s an enormous hand above my head that spans through 300 million miles of radius. Its terrifying suppressive force suppressed me to the point that I couldn’t move.]

[Huang Jiang: Come quick, Brother Jiang. Or else I’m done for.]

As Jiang Ming read the messages from Huang Jiang, he frowned greatly.

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