Zombie Sister Strategy

Chapter 339 - What Ling Ling Thinks

Chapter 339: What Ling Ling Thinks

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In Wu Chengyue’s place, Meng Yue was sitting behind the dining table, eating the rice in her bowl. She hesitated for a moment, then abruptly raised her eyes to look at Wu Chengyue, who was sitting beside her and watching Wu Yueling eat.

“You… Why did you ask your people to find cosmetic contacts for that zombie?”

Hearing that question, Wu Chengyue glanced back at her and responded with a faint smile, “What’s wrong? I just feel that she looks too suspicious wearing sunglasses all day. It’s better to get her some cosmetic contacts.”

Meng Yue paused briefly, her eyes showing an indescribable expression. She slightly dropped her eyes and moved her chopsticks.

“Is it because she helped Ling Ling to get through the awakening of her power?” she asked.

Wu Chengyue nodded frankly and replied, “Em, yeah! I feel that those cosmetic contacts aren’t good enough as a gift for her to thank her for help though. However, I also think that she’ll like them.”

Meng Yue’s hands stopped moving for a second. After that, she smiled and said, “Yeah, those aren’t good enough. She has saved Ling Ling more than once, and you have barely thanked her yet. Why don’t you offer her yourself?”

Her last sentence was clearly a joke, so Wu Chengyue glanced at her smilingly and responded, “Do you want me to feed zombies with myself?”

After saying that, he looked at Wu Yueling, who was eating by herself with chopsticks, and continued, “I want to find her a mommy, but I’m worrying that I might make the wrong choice and end up hurting her.”

Wu Yueling hadn’t mastered chopstick-using yet, but she was already able to pick up food by herself. Her moves were clumsy, but made her look adorable.

She wasn’t paying attention to the conversation between those two adults at first, but upon hearing Wu Chengyue mention finding her a mommy, she suddenly paused, and her large eyes started glowing.

She soon lowered her head to continue eating, yet the glow in her eyes kept growing brighter and brighter.

After hearing what Wu Chengyue said, Meng Yue silently sighed in relief. She looked at Wu Chengyue and said, “In fact, if Ling Ling isn’t your biological daughter, so you can just have another child.”

Wu Chengyue shook his head and replied, “What does that have to do with if she’s my biological daughter or not? My blood doesn’t flow in her, but I love her, and she loves me, her daddy.”

Meng Yue looked at her, but stayed silent.

Wu Yueling finished the food in her bowl, then put down the chopsticks and raised her head to look at Wu Chengyue.

Wu Chengyue grinned and said to her, “Did you finish? If you did, you need to wipe your mouth. Do you understand?”

Wu Yueling picked up the napkin on the table and wiped her mouth with it, then jumped off the chair and trotted toward the living room.

“You can’t run so fast with a full stomach, or you might get a stomach ache,” Wu Chengyue said to her.

Wu Yueling immediately stopped. She turned back to give her father a glance, then began walking toward the living room. She sat onto a couch and scooped up the gray rabbit which was huddling there, then put it on her lap and brushed its soft fur with her tiny hands.

The rabbit squatted on her laps motionlessly, seeming to enjoy her petting.

While stroking the rabbit, Wu Yueling looked at Wu Chengyue and began thinking about what he just said.

‘Is Daddy finding me a mommy? But I don’t want anyone to be my mommy… I only want daddy! What is a mommy actually? Can I eat a mommy?’

‘But, well, if I can get the zombie sister and daddy together, it’ll be nice. I wonder if Viney’ll agree with that. I so want to play with Viney… When will the zombie sister come to visit me?’

Wu Yueling had many thoughts in her head, but Wu Chengyue didn’t know that his words had caught the kid’s attention.

As Wu Yueling went to the living room to play with the rabbit, Wu Chengyue started eating his food.

After dinner, he and Meng Yue sat on a couch to talk about some serious stuff.

“Recently, you need to watch Yang Chao and his people closely. Also, you have to tell Dashu and Moli to pay attention to what’s happening in the research institute,” said Wu Chengyue.

Meng Yue nodded and responded, “We haven’t found anything yet about that robber who was secretly working with Yang Chao. Do you think it’s possible that he has already made his way into the base?”

Wu Chengyue nodded in agreement, “That’s possible… His targets are Lin Feng and his people, but they arrived at our base safely. So, I guess that the robber won’t give up so easily. Yang Chao might have let him in already. We just don’t know where he is now. Perhaps, he followed Lin Feng out today.”

After saying that, he paused for a second, then continued, “But, as long as that female zombie is with them, that robber won’t be able to cause them any harm, even if he’s at level-seven.”

“Why?” asked Meng Yue with confusion, “Is Miss. Lu above level-six already? But, I didn’t sense such a strong energy from her.”

Wu Chengyue shook his head and said, “Not her. I mean the other people who are with her.”

‘Or, the other zombies?’ He didn’t say that last part out loud.

Ever since Miss. Lu took off her sunglasses to show him her eyes last time, Wu Chengyue had been feeling that her delicate face without makeup was a little familiar.

Where had he seen that face? Women had become rare after the apocalypse. So, he believed that he wouldn’t forget about such a pretty woman after seeing her.

Also, her pretty face with that pair of purely black eyes would be quite scary and weird to a person who knew nothing about her.

However, for some reason, Wu Chengyue only felt interested in her eyes. That day, he saw her black eyes and green pupils, which weren’t beautiful at all, but he just wanted to see them again and again.

“There’re other people?” asked Meng Yue, “Or, do you mean other zombies?”

Wu Chengyue looked at her, but didn’t nod or shake his head, only saying, “I just felt that she has a greater power in her.”

Meng Yue nodded and said, “I felt that too. That power isn’t the same as her own energy.”

“Yunlong should be back tonight,” said Wu Chengyue, “Tomorrow, you two stay in the base. I’ll lead the army out alone.”

His words made Meng Yue stunned. “You’re going out alone? Why? Don’t we always go out together…”

He took her with him almost every time he left the base before, but why did he want her to stay here this time?

“Yang Chao has started to do things recently,” said Wu Chengyue, “So, I need you two to stay here to guard the base. Zou Shihui is just an onlooker. I’m worrying that Yang Chao might take some actions in the base while I’m not around.”

Meng Yue raised her head looked at him while opening her mouth to speak. However, Wu Chengyue didn’t let her say anything.

“Yue, that’s an order,” Wu Chengyue looked at her with a faint smile and said. His eyes were wearing the same usual smile, but they had also clearly told Meng Yue that his command was irresistible.

Meng Yue somehow had a grievance in her heart, but she still nodded. She felt that Wu Chengyue had never put her on equal footing with himself.

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