White-Robed Chief

Chapter 579 - Defeated and Dispersed

Chapter 579: Defeated and Dispersed

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Chu Li smiled and declined to comment about it.

Murong Chun smiled and said, “Young lord, what do you think of my idea?”

“I would like to ask Elder Murong if I could make the decision regarding Qiao San’s situation?”

“Well…” Murong Chun grinned. “Of course, the young lord is free to make the call under normal circumstances.”

Chu Li said, “That’s great. I thought I was going to be a puppet whose every move has been subjected to the whims of Elder Murong.”

“I dare not think so.” Murong Chun shook his head.

Chu Li responded, “Qiao San is my people. The decision on whether or not to let him return home to enjoy his life is mine to make alone. Elder Murong need not worry about this matter.”

“Hehe, very well,” Murong Chun said with a smile. “In any case, the young lord can’t always be this carefree. It’s time to learn how to handle the affairs within the sect.”

Chu Li shook his head. “It’s not yet my time to handle the affairs in the sect. My father is still young and strong. It shouldn’t be a problem for him to live for another hundred years. Why should I worry? I should be spending my time cultivating my Martial Art now. Once I have fully mastered all there is to know, then I can start dividing my time to care for the affairs. Doesn’t Elder Murong agree?”

“Erm…” Murong Chun exclaimed internally how intelligent this young lord was. He laughed and said, “The hill master is still cultivating his Martial Art, but so is the young lord. It wouldn’t do if all of the affairs of the sect are handed to me and Elder Xia to take care of.”

“Things are fine the way it is,” said Chu Li. “Since Elder Murong likes being a person of authority, then I’ll let you keep those rights you’re holding now. Everything shall remain fine and dandy as long as you don’t overstep your boundaries and have any dreams about becoming something you’re not. My father is focusing on cultivating his Martial Art to see if he can reach Heaven God’s Boundary.”

“I don’t know a lot and am of little talent. I’m afraid that I may not be able to handle certain matters in the running of the sect,” said Murong Chun.

Chu Li shook his head. “Elder Murong has done very well in the years my father was in isolated cultivation. There’s no need to be humble.”

Murong Chun chuckled. “Thank you, young lord.”

Chu Li added, “But Elder Murong’s Martial Art cannot become rusty because of this responsibility.”

“Of course.” Murong Chun nodded.

Chu Li narrowed his eyes and continued, “I’ve improved my Martial Art greatly over these last few years but have been struggling a little because I don’t have any guidance. It’s great that Elder Murong is here today. Let’s fight and see what.”

“I dare not,” Murong Chun waved his hand and smiled. “My Martial Art is only decent. I’m not worthy enough to give the young lord any advice. Why don’t you ask Elder Xia to do it? Elder Xia’s Martial Art is one of the best in our sect. He’s just a rank below the hill master.”

As he spoke, he pointed at the middle-aged man behind him.

The middle-aged man had a round face and a huge and imposing physique. He looked savage and remorseless. He had been observing their whole exchange of conversation silently.

He gave a fist salute when he saw that they were talking about it. “This simpleton’s Martial Art really is unpresentable. Elder Murong, you have improved a lot on your Martial Art these past few years, though. You’re now undeniably the number one martial arts master in the sect. I’m afraid I can’t keep up. It’s better if Elder Murong do it.”

Chu Li frowned and remarked, “So Elder Murong is looking down on me!”

“I dare not.” Murong Chun quickly put up his arms in a surrendering gesture.

“If that’s the case, then there’s nothing wrong about. Don’t tell me you’re afraid you’ll lose to me and being humiliated?” Chu Li said.

“Hehe…” Murong Chun smiled. “It’s rare to see the young lord with such confidence. Alright then, let’s go for one round!”

Chu Li let out a thin smile. “Excellent.”

“Young Lord, how about we set ten moves as the limit?” Murong Chun suggested.

Chu Li smiled. “If we’re going to fight, we should enjoy it as much as we can. Why do we need to set a limit to our attacks? Come, let me witness Elder Murong’s swordsmanship!”

“Alright, then.” Murong Chun laughed.

He knew that Chu Li must have hidden his Martial Art and concealed his strength. The reason why he had tried everything to get him to make a move was that defeating him would help him gain instant fame and reputation in the sect. He must have quite the confidence to win the fight.

Rationally, he knew that he could not fight Chu Li, but his pride made him felt greatly dissatisfied with what had happened. He used to be a young genius that had experience early fame. If it was not for Zhuge Feng who was oppressing him, he would already become the hill master of Crouching Bull Mountain.

He could not defeat Zhuge Feng. That did not mean he could not defeat his son as well, right?

No matter what kind of schemes he came up with, he was still a martial artist. He still carried himself with pride. How could he not have the courage to face the challenge given out by this young man? If he could not even defeat this young man, then what was there to talk about?

With this thought, he felt heroic and had abandoned every last bit of rationale on his side. He had decided to let himself go in this fight and teach this arrogant kid a lesson!

“Please!” Chu Li retrieved his sword and took two steps forward. He lifted the blade horizontally before pointing it at Murong Chun.

The Heavenly Demonic Orb dropped onto his precordium and boundless energy invaded his body instantly. His senses sharpened and his heart technique hastened, allowing him to activate the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique completely.

Murong Chun slowly unsheathed his sword and walked towards Chu Li. Seconds later, he whipped the sword forward like a cobra coming out of its hiding place. It was fast and vicious.

“Swoosh!” In the blink of an eye, Murong Chun looked down to see Chu Li’s sword stopping a few inches before his throat.

Murong Chun frowned and took a step back.

“Swoosh!” The sword whipped in his direction again.

Murong Chun took another step back.

“Swoosh!” The tip of the sword was still there, stalking him like a shadow.

Murong Chun attempted to parry away the blade but failed. Chu Li’s sword was already at his throat.

Chu Li took a step back and remarked, “Elder Murong, your swordsmanship is too slow!”

Murong Chun’s face was flaming hot. Waves of humiliation and rage surged inside of his heart, almost enveloping him as a whole.

He had been wary of Chu Li’s swordsmanship and thought that it would be better than most, but he would never have thought that his swordsmanship would be this fast. It was faster than he could ever imagine. He could barely manage to make a move, let alone blocking his attack.

Chu Li turned and looked at Xia Liyan. “Elder Xia, do guide me!”

Xia Liyan took a step forward and drew his sword from his scabbard. “I wish to witness young lord’s swordsmanship!”

Chu Li smiled. “Make your move.”

Xia Liyan did not waste any time as he jabbed outward, pushing his speed to its absolute limit. The sound of him wielding his blade alone would scare those inexperienced in martial arts.

“Swoosh!” Chu Li’s sword stopped right at his throat. He had managed to dominate the fight when he was the latter to make a move.

Xia Liyan could do nothing but retreat. He brought up his sword to block his opponent’s blade at his throat.

“Swoosh!” Chu Li took two steps forward, keeping his sword aimed at Elder Xia’s throat.

Xia Liyan brandished his sword. The sword’s glimmer gave off the impression that there was actually a mirror in front of him.

“Swoosh!” Chu Li took one stab and broke through the mirror. The sword was once again at his throat.

Xia Liyan, again, could only retreat helplessly. He brandished his sword continuously, guarding the passage tightly.

Chu Li jabbed forward.

“Ding…” Xia Liyan’s long sword flew away.

Chu Li’s sword was now against his throat. He took a step back and fist saluted. “Elder Xia, thank you for letting me win!”

Xia Liyan looked at him with surprise.

The sword emitted an aura of indescribable energy that left his heart palpitating. He felt tiny and helpless against such formidable power. How shocking!

Chu Li smiled as he looked at the four elders.

One of the elders stepped forward. “The young lord’s swordsmanship is great! I’m here to learn from you!”

Chu Li nodded. “Please!”

The elder did not waste any more time and fired a fist across the air.

Chu Li swung with his sword, breaking apart the fist energy effortlessly. He brought his sword against his opponent’s throat.

The elder ducked and gave another punch.

Chu Li’s sword had already reached his throat by then, forcing him to stop halfway and stumbled back.

He could not escape the tip of the sword pointing at his throat no matter how many steps he retreated.

Chu Li withdrew his sword and took a step back. He gave the old man a fist saluted. “Thank you for letting me win!”

Then, he looked at the three remaining elderlies.

The three elderlies fought with him out of discontentment, but all of them failed to block out Chu Li’s rapid swordsmanship.

With the aid of the Heavenly Demonic Power, the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique was faster than he had imagined. There was no way anyone could avoid his attack. Its power was much more formidable than what Chu Li had originally thought.

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