Warrior’s Promise

Chapter 456 - Swollen with Arrogance!

Chapter 456: Swollen with Arrogance!

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Upon seeing Su Mo approach, Zheng Renjie unexpectedly retreated because he was scared.

“There is no way for you to withdraw!” Said an indifferent voice.

Su Mo thrust his sword at Zheng Renjie. A straw of sharp sword radiance spurt out toward his enemy and rapidly closed the space between them.


Zheng Renjie easily parried it away.


However, Su Mo had already arrived in front of him. Su Mo swung his sword again to cut Zheng Renjie with an incredibly long sword radiance.

“Fu*k off!” Zheng Renjie was infuriated because he could tell that Su Mo had discerned his fright. He swung out a wave of Purplemoon Sword Vitality that immediately met Su Mo’s sword radiance. The clash resulted in a destructive 3,000-meter blast wave in all directions.


Zheng Renjie pulled back and dodged the blast wave again.

However, Su Mo continued to rush toward him as he ignored the immense blast wave and quickly arrived next to him again.

“Maniac!” Zheng Renjie was now panicking. This dreadful shockwave was enough to slay a normal Lv 4 Enlightenment Realm martial artist so he dared not to resist it directly, but Su Mo came straight out of it like it was nothing.

“One more strike to defeat you!” Said Su Mo with a cold voice.

The Sky-crushing Sword was brought down at Zheng Renjie with all-out strength. This raised harsh wind noise and blew away the air instantly.

This stroke was not some powerful swordsmanship move and it didn’t have any immense aura. It was just a blow with extreme strength consisting of Lv 2 Enlightenment Realm Vital Spirit and physical strength that was equal to Lv 4 Enlightenment Realm.

After devouring a huge amount of Spiritual Stones, Su Mo reached Lv 2 Enlightenment Realm, and his physical strength was almost equal to a Lv 4 Enlightenment Realm martial artist.

Since Su Mo practiced Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill, his physical strength was way more potent among same-leveled martial artists.

For example, he had now practiced Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill to Early 11th-stage, and his physical strength was even stronger than a Peak Lv 4 Enlightenment Realm martial artist. However, under if he were at the same stage with the Elephant’s Strength Skill, his physical strength could only match an ordinary Lv 4 Enlightenment Realm martial artist.

The Imperial Divine Weapon, Sky-crushing Sword, seemed to be able to split heaven and earth and had arrived at Zheng Renjie’s head.

For an instant, Zheng Renjie felt cold throughout his body. He had felt his head cut open under the sharp sword will.


It was impossible to parry now. At this life-and-death moment, Zheng Renjie barked madly and held his sword above his head with both hands and surging Vital Spirit.

Under the eyes of everybody, Su Mo cut at Zheng Renjie’s Treasure Sword fiercely.


With a heaven-shaking metallic sound, Zheng Renjie’s sword cracked.

Following that, the Sky-crushing Sword only halted for a short moment before continuing to cut into Zheng Renjie’s head.

After the sword radiance flashed through his body, a line of blood stretched from the top of his head to the middle of his hip.

“You’re excellent indeed!” Su Mo sheathed his sword and looked at the dying Zheng Renjie.

“I… I don’t concede!”

Zheng Renjie’s eyes were filled with infinite horror and discontent as two pieces of his body fell heavily on the ground.

Zheng Renjie was discontent about the fact that Su Mo had an Imperial Divine Weapon, and he did not expect his sword could be broken in one blow. Otherwise, he would never have been defeated so easily.

Of course, this was only his thought. Would he die if his sword did not break? Who knew!

The place fell utterly silent. A huge number of disciples looked at the corpse with terrified eyes.

The talented disciple of Holy Sky Peak, Zheng Renjie, was killed by someone two levels lower than him!

The crowd changed their view on Su Mo. Towering Sky Peak didn’t recruit mediocre disciples! Su Mo was indeed a monstrous talent!

Hong Qingxuan was also shocked for a while, and then smiled like a blooming flower brimmed with girlish manner.

Su Mo landed slowly beside the corpse and stooped to take off the storage ring.

Upon seeing this, the crowd was speechless.

Su Mo killed a person and then took his belongings!

“Hahaha! Good!” Jun Wuxi, the fifth disciple, stepped toward Su Mo.

“11th Junior Brother, well done! To those who provoke us Towering Sky Peak, I have only one word for them. Kill!”

Jun Wuxi had a beaming face and continued. “But, you’re not tough enough. If I kill someone, I’ll kill’em into nothing. I don’t even leave a speck of dust!”


Su Mo was speechless after hearing the words. This was an odd feeling.

If Tian Chen said things like this, he would feel normal. However, under a graceful bearing and a handsome face, Jun Wuxi’s words did not match his appearance at all!

The crowd was also astounded. How could it he be “not tough enough” after cutting Zheng Renjie in half!

Some Holy Sky Peak disciples’ faces convulsed. This person killed their fellow in their own territory and his superior told him that he was “not tough enough.” What the heck!


With a rising wind noise, six outer elders flew in.

They looked at the corpse of Zheng Renjie with somber faces.

“Jun Wuxi, you Towering Sky Peak disciple killing our man in our place, isn’t this too much?” A strong and tall elder hurled discontent.

Jun Wuxi grinned and jeered, “Killing your man? Too much? You don’t accept this? Then we fight to the death!”

The overbearing words from Jun Wuxi left no respect for the elder. “A fight to the death” was straight to the point.

“You…!” The elder turned livid instantly. He was only at Lv 4 True Darkness Realm. How can he beat a high-ranked talent in the List of Top 1,000 Talents in East Continent?

Except for the inner elders, few outer elders could defeat Jun Wuxi!

Su Mo was also shocked, and figured out why everyone said that Towering Sky Peak people were all arrogant. This… this was overbearing indeed!

He had learned something today. Compared to this Fifth Senior Brother, he was way too low-profile!

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