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Chapter 739 - It's A Trap

Chapter 739: 739、It’s A Trap

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Sadly, the next moment, he fell onto the ground like a broken kite.

As he crashed against the ground, pain surged across his body.

“Xiang Jinxi…”

That cup of tea!

It was spiked!

A pair of black leather shoes appeared before his eyes, and Huo Zhenning struggled to lift his head up, only to see the icy look on his son’s face.

With much effort, he stuttered, “You…lured me here on purpose!”

All of this, was a trap, a trap for him to hand himself in!

Clap clap clap.

Xiang Jinxi clapped, as he looked on mockingly.

“Seems you still have some intelligence left.”

He squatted down, grabbed Huo Zhenning by the hair and tugged. Seeing his suffering face, Xiang Jinxi smiled, but the glint in his eyes was as menacing as ever.

“It hurts doesn’t it? The pain my mother suffered was a thousand times more than this! Since you had owed her so much in life, and could not repay her before her death, enjoy paying everything back slowly down there!”

“No! No, no…I know I was wrong, and I really want to make amends, please give me a chance!”

Huo Zhenning finally broke and begged for his life.

“Amends? You think that’s what I care about?”

Xiang Jinxi increased the strength of his grip, “You think I’m a fool like you? If I’m not wrong, you came here wanting to talk me out of revenge and let Huo Family Corp grow once again to its former glory. Since the beginning, you were all about yourself, Huo Zhenning, you disgust me!”


Huo Zhenning wanted to retort.

“Tai An.”

But Xiang Jinxi interrupted him, and held his hand out.

Tai An immediately pulled out a pistol and placed it into his hand.

He gripped the pistol hard, and pressed the black gun barrel against Huo Zhenning’s forehead. As the latter looked back at him fearfully, he quipped whimsically, “Alright, time to send you to meet mum.”

Huo Zhenning only felt like his heart was about to burst, as cold sweat drenched his forehead. He snarled, “Xiang Jinxi, I’m your father!”

“Don’t worry, I have never forgotten that fact.”

Xiang Jinxi smiled, it was beguiling as it was terrifying.

He released the safety, and placed his finger on the trigger, as he slowly pulls it.

Seeing his, Huo Zhenning was immediately overcame by fear.

With the pall of death now upon him, he struggled one last time without care, “Xiang Jinxi, you dare to kill your own father! You’re not afraid of retribution and going to hell?!”


He was already in hell.

Xiang Jinxi stared down at Huo Zhenning’s fearful face.

This man, was not only his father, he also his enemy!

And today, he will have his revenge!

And yet, no matter how hard he tried, his finger on the trigger would not budge.


He had hated him so much, hated him to the point that he dreamt of killing him.

And yet, why could he not pull the trigger now?

Was it just because his blood flowed within him?

Hesitation appeared on Xiang Jinxi’s face, and maintained that posture for a while without taking the next step.

A shred of hope appeared for Huo Zhenning who had thought he was a dead man earlier, and forced a smile onto his face.

“Jinxi, look, I’m your father, and you will not have the heart to harm me, put the gun down, we can talk…”

Before he could utter the word ‘talk’, he saw Xiang Jinxi suddenly tossing the pistol.

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