Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 2236 - Anything To Satisfy My Master

Chapter 2236: Anything To Satisfy My Master

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“Hmmph! If he returned to the city, I would know it! Even if he hides in those broken houses with the poor, my blood butterfly will still be able to sense him!”

The boy bowed. “True enough. Perhaps this blood butterfly is faulty. Let me condense a new one for you, and we can try again.”

The black-robed man did not speak. Apparently, he had agreed with him. The teenager bit his mouth slightly. He retrieved a sharp long needle out of nowhere. There was empty space inside the long needle, and it shone strangely under the moonlight.

He pinched a spell and inserted the long needle into his heart. After that, he slowly twisted and twirled so that the long needle entered into the heart, inch by inch. A few seconds later, he stopped, and there was blood coming out from the long needle. The blood was dense and glowed in gold. It dripped in the palm of the teenager and spun like blood beads.

This process was obviously extremely painful. The teenager’s face went pale almost instantly. There was cold sweat from the forehead of the man, and it rolled down his cheek. His pinkish lips also slowly turned pale.

After about ten drops of blood emerged from the long needle, the teenager pulled out the long needle from his heart and held the blood droplets in his palm. He lifted his hand and said, “Master, please drop your blood here.”

The black-robed man stretched out his clean fingertips and exercised his spiritual power to force out a drop of blood to mix into the drops of blood in the teenager’s palm. The teenager then looked down and performed some spells. A pale blue light emerged from his fingertips and surrounded his palm with drops of blood.

After a moment, a red light emerged from his palm and slowly covered it. The teenager seemed to be burnt by fire. In fact, his face had just slowly looked better earlier, but it suddenly turned pale again; his fingertips were trembling.

After the red light dissipated, a bloody red pupa appeared in his palm. He handed this pupa respectfully to the man in the black robe, and the man retrieved it. He slightly performed some spells on the cocoon on his palm, and the pupa broke out from its shell in just a second. After that, a blood-colored butterfly climbed out from inside and opened its bloody red wings in his palm. It was an extremely beautiful sight.

The butterfly recognized him as its master; the tentacles on its head frequently swayed to him as if it was showing respect to him. The man in the black robe was satisfied. His fingertips touched the blood butterfly’s tentacles gently. His sounded happy, “Die er, this blood butterfly is good.”

The boy sighed with relief. “Anything to satisfy my master!” The teenager had exhausted a large extent of his spiritual power to create the butterfly. He could not even stand properly.

The black-robed man gave him a light-colored pill. “This is your reward.”

“Thank you.” The teenager, Die Er, swallowed the pill. After a while, his face looked better.

The black-robed man threw the newborn blood butterfly into the air and said, “Send more people to find Di Fuyi! We must not let him leave Shura World alive!”

“Yes, master!” The teenager answered, then he whistled. The whistle was in low tune but could travel quite some distance. After a while, there was a similar sound coming from a pack of wolves in the distance. Apparently, it was to answer the whistle of the teenager.

“Master, the wolf slaves have received instructions; they will search the jungle within a hundred-mile radius. Even if Mr. Fuyi has hidden in a mouse hole, they will be able to find him!” The teenager confidently reported.

The black-robed man nodded. “Tell them to try to catch him alive. This person has a unique physique. It is ideal if we keep him alive.”

The teenager assured his master and sent out the instruction in a sound very much similar to a dolphin.

“I didn’t expect Mr. Fuyi to come to our site accidentally. It is a really good opportunity for us. We must catch him this time to seek revenge for our Tree Palace!”

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