Upgrade Specialist in Another World

Chapter 1159: Understanding Chaotic Energy in the Ninth Heaven!

Confused, Bai Yunfei gave the Frostfeather Saint a quizzical expression to which the Frostfeather Saint responded with a faint smile.

“You will come to understand after I take you there.”

“To where?”

The soulbeast glanced upward to the azure sky. “Up!”


He still didn’t understand. But before he could ask, a bubble of energy surrounded his entire person before he could even think of resisting and…soon the two of them were somewhere else!!

He couldn’t even see the strong rays of sunlight here. Everything was practically pitch dark as if light had no way of reaching this place!

Puzzled, Bai Yunfei glanced around the place for a while before noticing something. “This is…chaotic energy!”

Now that he knew that, Bai Yunfei began to pick up the pieces. “This place has…to be the Ninth Heaven!”

The Frostfeather Saint gave him a lauding smile. “Yes, the Ninth Heavens…almost. We are nearly two-hundred kilometers above ground level. This energy you feel is as you say. Chaotic energy.”

“Two-hundred kilometers!!”

Bai Yunfei gasped, what a height!

In a second the Frostfeather Saint was able to transport them to such a height!

The waves of chaotic energy exerted its pressure onto Bai Yunfei. He could feel the angry surge of energy flow everywhere. Every so often he could sense a strand of elemental energy before it was sucked into the maelstrom. The flux of power felt terrifying to the senses. So much that Bai Yunfei realized with horror that he would’ve been torn to shreds already if not for the protection of the Frostfeather Saint.

Any strand of chaotic energy around him would easily outstrip the wisp of chaotic energy he had inside his body.

“Xiao Qi has told me that you gained the ability to harness chaotic energy as a Soul King. Fate was kind to you in that regard. Kinder than to most. To my knowledge, none has ever been able to do such in recorded history. Today, I will allow you to borrow my strength to understand more about chaotic energy. Consider this a favor returned.”

The Frostfeather Saint’s voice spoke into Bai Yunfei’s mind. Verbal communication was not possible here.

“More insights about chaotic energy?!”

“That is correct. But we are pressed for time. Learn as much as you can…”

An with that, the Frostfeather Saint waved his right hand!


He felt the chaotic energy around him fluctuate a bit before slowing down to a crawl. As if being controlled by the Frostfeather Saint, the chaotic energy was now flowing into the body of the soulbeast!

He was absorbing chaotic energy!

Xiao Fang told Bai Yunfei once before that all elemental energy stemmed from chaotic energy. Since elemental energy no longer served a purpose for Saints, they had to rely on chaotic energy absorption to further their own progression. 

What the Frostfeather Saint was doing was demonstrating for Bai Yunfei how to absorb chaotic energy and refine it.

It was around this time that Bai Yunfei felt something soft, but familiar, pop up in his mind. Startled, Bai Yunfei realized what that feeling was right away—this was the result of a change in the Law of Chaos!

Like how the Charm Bracelet allowed him to link minds with people, the Frostfeather Saint was doing something similar to allow Bai Yunfei to sense things he’d normally not be able to.

Needless to say, Bai Yunfei wasn’t going to question how the Frostfeather Saint could do all this. It was best for him to simply simmer down and begin to train.

A chance like this was once in a lifetime. By sharing his own senses through the soul, it was possible for Bai Yunfei to learn better than by himself. The Frostfeather Saint was leaving himself completely vulnerable to aid Bai Yunfei in understanding chaotic energy. If by chance Bai Yunfei wanted to do something unkind to the Frostfeather Saint, there was a high chance that he’d succeed.

What the Frostfeather Saint was doing was something that required the utmost confidence in the other person.

Another advantage soulbeasts had over soul cultivators was their ability to understand the world and all that existed in it. Chaotic energy was something only Soul Saints or class nine soulbeasts had access to. Many hours would be needed for an Early-stage Soul Saint to even begin understanding the same amount a class nine soulbeast could learn in a short amount of time. The Frostfeather Saint, for example, was someone as adept in chaotic energy as a Mid-stage Soul Saint. His mastery over it could already be considered to be quite elevated.

So the fact that Bai Yunfei could receive the guidance of the Frostfeather Saint was a very rare blessing.

Chaotic energy gathered in the heavens high above the world in large amounts. Fallen into a meditational trance within this small area of chaotic energy, the Frostfeather Saint and Bai Yunfei were both now completely silent. On top of Bai Yunfei’s shoulder was Xiao Qi, who glanced left and right at the area they were in. Since it was dangerous to venture beyond the safe zone the Frostfeather Saint set up, Xiao Qi was too afraid to do anything but comb his own feathers in boredom and wait for Bai Yunfei to finish.

Lost to the world, Bai Yunfei was deep in heavy thought as he tried to understand more about the chaotic energy around him.

Bai Yunfei could use chaotic energy in some of his attacks, but that was only after ‘bending’ what little of it he had to his will. From his previous attempts, Bai Yunfei knew that it was impossible to try and gather any more chaotic energy without any additional understanding about it.

The guidance of the Frostfeather Saint was granting Bai Yunfei a single strand of rope to hold on to. As long as he held onto this rope, Bai Yunfei could advance upward and deepen his own understanding of chaotic energy!

Practically every attempt he made to understand chaotic energy was rebuffed in the past. But today, Bai Yunfei was advancing step by step into a new world of comprehension!

Gradually, the waves of soulforce from within Bai Yunfei’s body started to pulsate. Two bright flames within his body began to spin around as if trying to enter a ‘fused’ state—this was ‘Berserk’ Mode!

The lightning companionseed flickered occasionally around the two fireseeds along with a gray wisp of energy!

Chaotic energy!

Due to being refined by him, the chaotic energy in his body was already something similar to a companionseed in some ways. Like the lightning companionseed, the chaotic energy in his body allowed Bai Yunfei to draw upon external chaotic energy to be used against his foes.

Bai Yunfei couldn’t use too much chaotic energy in his attacks. Even the small amount of chaotic energy he had was split into two strands in two different fireseeds. That way, the only time the two chaotic energy strands came together was when he went into Berserk Mode, which was to say only when Bai Yunfei was ready for battle. 

But right now, the two strands were already connected together and was flowing around Bai Yunfei’s body!

It was flowing exactly the same as elemental fire would flow in his body when Bai Yunfei used the Dual Flame Artes to train!

The space around Bai Yunfei was starting to flow differently as well. Chaotic energy revolved around Bai Yunfei before slowly entering his body!

He was starting to refine it!

He wasn’t just learning about chaotic energy now—he was beginning to do what the Frostfeather Saint was doing—he was absorbing it into his body!

This disturbance in the flow of chaotic energy forced the Frostfeather Saint to awake from his trance. Stunned, he watched as chaotic energy flowed into Bai Yunfei with bated breath. “He’s already figured it out? So soon?”

But to his greater shock…the chaotic energy flowing into Bai Yunfei’s body began to increase in volume over the next several seconds!

That was when he realized Bai Yunfei’s soulforce was pulsating more frequently than expected. It was propogating out from his body and affecting the flow of chaotic energy somehow…. 

“He…has mastered another concept of chaotic energy already?!”

The Frostfeather Saint was stunned. The ‘way’ Bai Yunfei was absorbing the chaotic energy was completely different than to the way he showed him!

He expected Bai Yunfei to learn from his own example. Instead, Bai Yunfei went off in a different direction and learned a concept not even he thought of!

The absorption of elemental energy differs in many ways. The world has plenty of ways of how a soulbeast or soul cultivator could take in and refine energy despite it all sharing the same purpose of strengthening the soul. All roads lead to the same destination, some roads were simply meant to be more efficient for some to take. Any person could find better success in one method than another.

If Bai Yunfei could gain even a glimpse of what chaotic energy was, the Frostfeather Saint would’ve been content with that. Having a solid foundation of knowledge would be vital for Bai Yunfei in the future. Actually learning how to absorb chaotic energy could come later.

But Bai Yunfei managed to do all that in no time at all!

That was when the Frostfeather Saint realized what Bai Yunfei was going through.

“Enlightenment! He’s being Enlightened!”

The realm of Enlightenment. A state of mind and soul which allowed one to learn more about a subject in a compact amount of time. A certain level of understanding needed to be reached before one could attain such a state of mind instead of luck. And right now…Bai Yunfei had reached that state of mind!

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