Upgrade Specialist in Another World

Chapter 1139: Seven Days

“The ‘end’ of the Beast Taming School?”

Bai Yunfei wasn’t quite sure if Li Chengfeng was joking with him or not, speaking so cryptically. “What’s so special about seven days from now?”

“It’s not the date that’s special, it’s just that that day will be the most optimal time to strike.”

“And why is that?”

“No idea.”

“Er…” Bai Yunfei felt a sweatdrop start to form on his head, “What do you mean you have ‘no idea’?!”

“That’s what I’m getting from my ‘prediction’....You should already know that’s how the Fate School works. Our techniques can divine fate to a certain degree. We might not be able to ‘see the future’, but we can at the very least learn something about the future. It’s because of our techniques that I decided to come here to Beast Taming City without knowing the reason why. I can’t tell you the reason why seven days from now is the best time to attack, but…I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.”

“I see…” Bai Yunfei scratched his chin in wonder. It was still a little cryptic to him, but he believed Li Chengfeng. If Li Chengfeng said to wait seven days, then there wasn’t any harm in waiting seven days.

“Fine, I’ll listen to you. We’ll attack the Beast Taming School in seven days! I’ll discuss it with the others first, come with me…”

Taking Li Chengfeng with him, Bai Yunfei teleported through the Core World to where the other soulbeasts were to talk about the change in their plans.

In another area of the real world… 

To the north of Beast Taming City. In a place in the mountains.

On top of one of these mountains stood countless buildings. It was the Beast Taming School.

Like Beast Taming City, the largest building stood at the center on top of the largest mountain. This was the ‘main hall’ of the Beast Taming School.

The mountain that had the main hall was separated twice into the front peak and the back peak. The front peak had a giant black shrine that housed the headmaster of the Beast Taming School and several other core members. The back peak was the ‘forbidden area’ of the school. Just like the Crafting School’s northern peak, this back peak was the area where many elders secluded themselves to train in peace.

There was a giant cave to the north of the back peak. This cave was clearly man-made and had two gray-robed elders at the entrance. They both sat on the opposite of one another and were as still as statues. Though still, the aura that radiated off from them flowed gently—these two people were Soul Kings!

In front of these two Soul Kings stood a giant elephant and wolf. They were both soulbeast puppets of the class seven level!

Two Soul Kings and two class seven soulbeast puppets…they were clearly on gate duty!

If a single cave had four Soul King leveled beings guarding it…what in the world was inside?!


The cave echoed with a muffled explosion of something deep within and shook the entire mountain!

The eyes of both Soul Kings flew open the moment they felt the vibration. 

“Failed again? That makes the fifth time now…” The left Soul King sighed in disappointment to his companion. “It’s proving quite difficult to turn ‘that’ into a soulbeast puppet, isn’t it? Aren’t we being a bit too impatient with the headmaster and ancestor making such a decision?”

“There’s no helping it…” The Soul King on the right replied, “It’s very likely that our school will suffer a disaster like none other. It’s absolutely imperative that we make use of ‘that’ strength to avoid such a fate…”

Meanwhile, in the depths of the same mountain… 

A giant hall had somehow been constructed in the belly of this mountain. Multiple stones illuminated the cave so that it was almost as bright as the outside world. Over ten figures were gathered in this place, some of them were soulbeasts and some of them were soul cultivators. 

They were all in a strange formation. A soul cultivator and soulbeast pair could be seen at the four cardinal directions with the soulbeasts standing straight behind the soul cultivator. Large waves of energy were being transmitted from them into their soul cultivators while the latter performed multiple strange hand seals. Waves of transparent energy were in turn flowing from them to the center of the formation.

And at the center stood two people!

One of these persons was a figure that was dressed entirely in white. He was cross-legged and entirely still. If not for the soulforce radiating from him, it wouldn’t have been wrong for someone to think this person was an actual statue.

In front of him was a rather withered-looking elder. His eyes were sunken into his head and his body constantly trembled as if he was in some sort of pain. A gray type of energy was leaking from him into the other person in front of him, but some sort of invisible barrier was preventing the energy from making contact with the white-robed man.

Three of the four soul cultivators standing at each of the cardinal points were elderly men in their seventies or eighties. Only the fourth—the soul cultivator standing at the southern point—looked to be a middle-aged man in his forties. This man was dressed in gold and looked extremely stern. His soulforce was dormant inside his body and seemed almost as deep as an ocean. 

Bai Yunfei would’ve recognized the aura of this person right away since…this person was the headmaster of the Beast Taming School, Lin Xiangtian!

Lin Xiangtian was staring at the two figures seated in the middle of the formation with fatigued eyes. There was a flash of light before he immediately began to send in some more of his soulforce.

Despite the failure of their attempts, Lin Xiangtian still had hope for their success.

“It’ll…it’ll definitely work!! We just need a little more…our next attempt will definitely work!”

“Seven days! Seven days is all we need for master to turn it into a soulbeast puppet!!”

“Bai Yunfei…I don’t know if teacher Duan’s death was related to you or not, but…there’s no mercy for you for as long as you go against us!!”


Bai Yunfei was finishing up the introductions between Li Chengfeng and his ‘comrades’ by now. Everyone agreed on waiting seven days after Li Chengfeng’s identity was made known to everyone. Hardly anyone could find an objection about his plan—their revenge was already thousands of years old, seven days wouldn’t kill them.

And so seven days passed by quickly.

The day of reckoning for the Beast Taming School was finally here!!

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