Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 478: Left Home Young and Came Back Old

Chapter 478: Left Home Young and Came Back Old

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Several days later, Xu Que had prepared a lot of delicacy materials, which he put into a Storage Ring. He then gave the ring to the Snow City soldiers to run their stores. After that, he said farewell to the Water Empress and left for the Fire Nation.

The Water Empress said she would leave for the South Continent one month later. Therefore, he decided to meet up with his old friends in the Fire Nation before the Water Empress’ arrival.

Of course, the most important thing for Xu Que to do was to act tough.

He had now reached level three of the Infant Transformation Stage successfully. Therefore, Xu Que was practically invincible within the Five Nations. In the Five Nations, he was always an awesome powerhouse. No one could threaten him.

As the Acting Tough King, his sensitive heart had already sensed numerous chances to act tough at the beginning of his visit. He was enjoying the feeling of returning home in glory. He was now acting tough again in the Newbie Village.

He put on his Act Tough Suit. He looked super awesome and majestic in his black robe which had “Exploding Heavens Faction” printed across the chest.

Before Xu Que left the Water Nation, Buttface shamelessly insisted on going with him. The reason for this was not because Buttface was reluctant to part with Xu Que. It was because he thought Xu Que was going to be searching for some treasuries in the Fire Nation, treasuries that might even be related to the Seal of the Five Nations.

Buttface was aware that the Dragon Vein of the Water Nation was the last Seal. The Dragon Veins of the Fire Nation and the Metal Nation were dug out by Xu Que, while the Dragon Veins of the Wood Nation and the Earth Nation were dug out by Duan Jiude.

Now the Dragon Vein of the Water Nation was broken and Xu Que had obtained the Genesis Water Herb. The five Seals of the Five Nations had already been removed.

“The five Seals have been broken,” Buttface said as they were traveling. “Once the sixth Seal is broken, I suppose that the legendary creature will return to this world.”

Buttface kept nagging about this issue every day.

“Buttface, stop nagging in front of me! Even if Sun Wu Kong is really under the Five Elements Mountain, it’s none of my business. Plus, I don’t know the whereabouts of the sixth Seal! So what’s the deal!?”

“Hmph! You are suffering from a guilty conscience. Why else would you decide to beat me up all the time? You are definitely going to the Fire Nation for the sixth Seal.”

Buttface continued to press hard and insisted on following Xu Que, for he wanted to see the creature that was suppressed by the Five Elements Mountain with his own eyes.

Xu Que was at the end of his rope. Xu Que couldn’t refuse Buttface anymore. In a way, the two were very compatible. Buttface’s boasting prevented Xu Que from getting bored, and Xu Que was in a bad mood, he could use Buttface as a punching bag.

After roving around by using several Teleportation Devices, one man and one dog arrived at the border of the Fire Nation two days later.

The Water Nation bordered the Fire Nation and the Metal Nation. When Xu Que crossed over and woke up after his rebirth, he was at the border of the Fire Nation. Later he was bullied by the Celestial Sect. Even the villagers of the Pan Shan Village got involved in this issue, which depressed him a lot.

The death of Xiao Rou and all the rest villagers reminded him that this was a world of getting better or getting beaten. People who deserved death should just be killed. Nothing and nobody could threaten him. If his enemy bullied him, he would destroy his enemy as well as his enemy’s family.

In other places, this behavior would be considered too cruel. However, in the World of Cultivators, one must abide by this rule to survive.

He was still searching for the five Genesis Herbs so that he could revive Xiao Rou. This was not only to fulfill his promise, but also to remind him to keep acting tough and become even more of a powerhouse.

Circumstances had changed with the passage of time. Now that Xu Que had returned to this place, his heart was filled with regrets. Looking at the familiar flowers and plants that had now grown strange, Xu Que couldn’t help but exclaim his feelings.

“Alas, this situation is perfectly described by a line of poetry that I heard once: left home young and came back old.”

“What is the meaning of this line?” Buttface asked.

Xu Que said, “It means I left here when I was young, and now that I have come back, I am already a big brother!”

“You are at most a general. How could you pretend to be a big brother?” Buttface said in a recalcitrant manner.

Xu Que smiled by squinting his eyes. “I am the big brother of the Exploding Heavens Faction. I am not pretending to be one!”

“You are kidding, right? Don’t you think I know that you are the only member of the Exploding Heavens Faction?” Buttface laughed in disdain.

Suddenly, Buttface saw a fist in front of his face that was growing bigger by the millisecond.

“Ouch!” Buttface yelled.

Xu Que gave Buttface a few more punches. After this, Buttface, whose heart was full of grief and indignation, hid in a corner.

“If the wolf went down to level land, he would be insulted by Xu Que!” [1]

“Buttface, let’s go! The Great Change Sect is not far from here. We can stay there while we’re in town,” Xu Que said, patting Buttface’s dog head.

Buttface was shocked a bit. He held head high and his chest out before speaking.

“I’ve never heard of that Great Change Sect. It must be a small sect. I am used to living in Imperial Palaces. I will not live in those small sects!”


The next moment, Buttface was kicked. Once again, Xu Que took the opportunity to beat him. Soon, Buttface agreed to stay in the Great Change Sect. Thus, one person and one dog arrived at Wind City where the Great Change Sect was located.

Xu Que had left this place for almost one year. When he returned, he found a lot of things had changed.

Before, Wind City was very small and the city wall was quite shabby. Also, the city had a tiny population then.

Now, Wind City was full of brand new buildings. The city wall had been rebuilt. The streets in the city were also paved with new flagstones. The number of passing pedestrians was dozens of times more than the year before. A lot of businessmen were attracted to this city as well, which caused the city to be full of hustle and bustle.

Xu Que was quite surprised. Only one year had passed. How could this city have changed in such a remarkable way?

“Ladies and gentlemen!” a peddler called. “Come and have a look at the freshly roasted Xiao Yan’s Roasted Chicken Wing of the Exploding Heavens Faction! It is absolutely authentic and delicious!” The peddler’s cries were strong even though he was a good distance away.

What the hell is this? Xu Que thought. Xiao Yan’s Roasted Chicken Wing of the Exploding Heavens Faction? Are you kidding me?

“What’s going on? Aren’t you the only member of the Exploding Heavens Faction? Where does this Xiao Yan come from?” Buttface was also confused.

The corner of Xu Que’s lips twitched. A year earlier, he used the name of Xiao Yan of the Exploding Heavens Faction to evade the pursuit of Zhang Danshan of the Celestial Sect. This was also the first time he roasted chicken wings in the area. He didn’t expect it to become the brand of someone’s business.

“Answer me! Who is Xiao Yan?” Buttface urged.

“I am Xiao Yan!” Xu Que replied.

His words were heard by some passers-by, who started to laugh at him.

“Come on, young man. Numerous people pretend to be Xiao Yan every day, but you are definitely one of the worst ones among them,” said an old man who smiled while shaking his head.

People started to logically criticize Xu Que one after another.

“Right! A black robe and handsome face won’t make you Xiao Yan!”

“Xiao Yan of the Exploding Heavens Faction is not only handsome, but also majestic. You don’t even have a Dark Heavy Buster Sword. How could you even think of pretending to be Xiao Yan?”

“Also, the ends of your hair are forked. The hair of Xiao Yan of the Exploding Heavens Faction is black and smooth!”

“The most obvious thing is that your black robe is not right. Xiao Yan doesn’t have ‘Exploding Heavens Faction’ written on his black robe.”

“You are clearly an imposter!”

Xu Que was totally dumbfounded.

How could I be a fake? I was the one pretending to be Xiao Yan at the very beginning! Forget it! For the sake of the compliment on my handsome face, I will not argue.

“Buttface, let’s go! Just ignore these ordinary people who can only judge others by appearance. I make a living with my talents, not my face,” he said, waving his hand.

Suddenly, they heard an uproar from the crowds in front of them. A lot of people were shouting excitedly.

“Look, here comes a disciple of the Great Change Sect!”

“Thank God, finally they are starting to sell more tickets again. It’s been so difficult to get a ticket recently.”

“No need to tell me! The reason why so many people are coming here from afar is to have a look at ‘The Place Where Xiao Yan of the Exploding Heavens Faction Fired his Cannon.’ Plus, the cannon itself is still intact. Hurry up, let’s go and buy tickets; otherwise, there will be no tickets left for us.”

After the exclamation, a swarm of people left hurriedly. Only Xu Que was standing on the windy street.

[1] This is similar to a Chinese idiom – if a tiger goes down to level land, he will be insulted by dogs.

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