The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 956: Chaotic Battle

Chapter 956: Chaotic Battle

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Fate was actually a gentle-looking man. He had soft eyes hidden behind a pair of gold rimmed glasses, as well as a calm demeanor. He looked somewhat similar to Steve Jobs in his forties. At this moment, he turned around to face Sheyan and solemnly exclaimed:

"No one can fight against fate. No one!"

With the help of the collision's impact, Sheyan had flown to within 30 meters of Fate. As soon as he landed, he could immediately activate 'Hornrage' to catch up to Fate, and then destroy him with punches and kicks!

Contestants might not be insta-killed by Sheyan as soon as he got close to them, but they would find it extremely difficult to shake him off! Don't forget that Sheyan was a dual attribute Growth Hunter in Strength and Physique.

The force from the impact began to weaken. Although Sheyan could not keep his balance in the air, his body had responded instinctively. He would put his hand on the ground to flip himself upright before he landed, then activate 'Hornrage' right away. The whole series of actions would be executed smoothly without any delay in between.

If it was an ordinary person performing those actions, the only outcome would be a broken arm. But for Sheyan, they would present no difficulty.

Sheyan folded his belly in the air, stooped, reached out, and pressed his hand on the sidewalk ahead. Everything was going according to his script. But the moment Sheyan touched the sidewalk, he immediately felt something was wrong.

Because the seemingly solid sidewalk did not feel solid at all.

As soon as Sheyan pressed down on it, a crack appeared on the surface, and as Sheyan exerted more strength, several square meters of area around the spot simply collapsed with a rumble!

"F*cking hell, this power of misfortune is way too strong!" Sheyan couldn't help swearing as he fell. "A sinkhole in the city? Are you kidding me?"

One could occasionally read reports of sinkholes on the Internet, sometimes even involving cars falling into them, but those events were very rare after all. Sheyan never thought he would bump into such a bizarre thing.

Even a mighty Growth Hunter could not go against the law of physics. Sheyan could not just grab his own hair and fling himself up like in an anime. Hence, Sheyan fell to the bottom of the sinkhole. Although the sinkhole was not that wide, it was at least 5 meters deep. There was some murky water at the bottom. Sheyan fell straight into the soft mud and struggled to shift himself upright.

By the time Sheyan climbed out of the sinkhole with much difficulty, Fate was already over 100 meters away from him. More importantly, the man had found another motorcycle and, to Sheyan's surprise, he seemed to be wearing a thick grey scarf because he realised that he'd caught a cold. He started the motorcycle and accelerated away.

Sheyan stared at Fate's back, but there was no frustration in his eyes. Instead, he said coldly:

"You might have temporarily changed my fate, but you can't change the fate of other people, and you definitely can't change.....your own destiny! "

Right when Sheyan's speech ended, the motorcycle Fate was riding on suddenly exploded and caught on fire!

The situation on the battlefield had gone completely out of control.

Sheyan's previous judgment was quite accurate. The strongest person around here was probably the Cardinal. He would probably attack anyone indiscriminately once they entered his range of control. Aziz and Sheyan may be able to sneak up to the Cardinal, but once they were attacked by the Cardinal, they were surely exposed to the rest of the Bloody World participants!

After such a long and fierce battle, those participants that intruded into this world must have definitely sensed something. Otherwise, they would not have been qualified to enter the Bloody World.

Fate was unimaginably powerful, yes, but the biggest mistake he made was to underestimate Sheyan, causing him to fall into Sheyan's trap. But even so, he was able to turn the tables and get rid of Sheyan's pursuit.

His strength was evident.

Unfortunately, the mysterious and powerful monster had a fragile body. Those lurking in the dark easily made their decision!

Sheyan was 70% sure that there were intruders observing him, and they should be very clear that he was as hard as nails with a plethora of debuffs in his arsenal. If he fought while running away, keeping himself alive for as long as half an hour would be a piece of cake.

On the other hand, Fate was a mage-type contestant - and he was already in a rather sorry state.

Even an idiot would choose to finish the mage-type contestant first before turning back to deal with Sheyan.

If they dared to deal with Sheyan first, who could guarantee that Fate wouldn't turn back later and pick them off? They wouldn't even know what hit them!

The enemies' attacks were swift and endless. After Fate's motorcycle exploded, seven or eight missiles were launched from a distance. They indiscriminately bombarded Fate's landing spot from all directions. Hundreds of square meters of area were completely shrouded in flames after the series of bombardments.

This kind of large area of effect attack was not that great a threat for Sheyan because since the attack was dispersed over a large area, the attack intensity would not be that great. With his HP of over 4,000, it was not a big deal.

Seeing the explosion, the passers-by naturally screamed and ran away. A lot of people in the buildings nearby also looked out the windows to check what happened. Sheyan was just about to move forward, but a man suddenly ran over and was about to bump into him; Sheyan could smell the strong smell of alcohol on him before Sheyan even saw him. Sheyan of course couldn't let anyone get close to him right now, so he kicked at the man. He did not expect the drunkard to be just an ordinary person. The man was instantly sent flying. His crashed head first into a wall and bleed profusely.

This kind of occurrence immediately drew the attention of a police officer. He pointed his gun at Sheyan and requested Sheyan to return with him to the police station. Sheyan was not afraid of his gun, but at this time of misfortune, he was fed up with being entangled in all kinds of unlucky things. He felt like he had fallen into a swamp with his hands bound, struggling to free himself!

The fire had subsided slightly in the distance, and Fate could be seen stumbling out of the flames. He was a mess. At this moment, a javelin with a metal chain attached to it shot out from a building quite a distance away. Fate barely managed to dodge it. The javelin pierced deep into the road until only a small part of it was left on the surface. The chain behind it stretched taut.

A figure slid down the chain from the top of a building. He held the chain in one hand and fired violently with a submachine gun in the other. The tongue of flame at the muzzle was half a meter long. He looked exactly like Rambo in First Blood.

Destiny rolled and dodged with all his might in the midst of the storm of machine-gun bullets, but was still hit by more than half of them. The blue glow from administering an honorary dosage lit up on his body, and he returned to full health.

The next second, a blue protective layer appeared from the surface of his body. It looked like the magic barrier that most mage contestants had, but it was actually a little different upon closer scrutiny.

Sheyan could clearly see the interior of the translucent blue barrier. It seemed like a glass exterior wall with a steel frame structure inside. The barrier was elliptical in shape, but a closer inspection would reveal that it was composed of multiple tough-looking blue squares, giving the barrier a very solid feel.

Less than a third of "Rambo's" bullets were able to penetrate the barrier. The rest of the bullets bounced off as if they had hit a hard steel surface. A few passers-by could not escape in time and were wounded by the stray bullets. The stray bullets even accidentally injured "Rambo" himself.

Sheyan was lost in thought looking at the scene unfolding in the distance. Meanwhile, the policeman was still pointing his gun at Sheyan. He shouted:

"Put up your hands, turn around, and face the wall! This is an order!"

Sheyan naturally did not oblige him. He used just enough force in a slap to knock the policeman out cold without harming his life. But after that slight delay, the situation in the battleground on the other side had changed again.

The reason why the intruder ("Rambo") dared to initiate the assault on Fate was because he was confident in his explosiveness and was sure that he could kill Fate in seconds. When the guy saw that he had forced Fate to use his trump card - the honorary dosage, he immediately rushed at Fate at an extraordinary speed and hugged him with both arms.

At that moment, Sheyan saw a portal open up behind them and swallowed them inside!

'Is this the legendary Duel ability? The ability to forcibly drag the enemy into one's own battlefield?' thought Sheyan. His trip to the Bloody World was truly eye-opening. He had witnessed a lot of top level combat powers and skills of the nightmare realm at this stage.

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