The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Chapter 1.2 - Reader: I am a black fan

Chapter 1.2 – Reader: I am a black fan

Du Ze read and re-read the announcement. The new novel is titled “Mixed Blood.” Looking at the title and summary, the reader can know the outline of the story. It’s mainly about a mixed blood protagonist with the power of all eight races (the golden finger) who must awaken his blood to gain more power, before finally become the supreme God. It was the standard YY novel plot. It’s really…too cute!1 Come on!2

Du Ze was already giddy with excitement because this kind of setting poked his Moe point. Du Ze has always insisted that the looks of the protagonist should be outstanding. He likes the protagonist to be as kinky and experienced as possible. The more seductive, the better…even if it makes the protagonist a bit too perfect and fake. Watching the main character abusing people is particularly cool ah ~

Younger brothers (allies) and cute sisters (harem members) will be plentiful. Playing the pig then eating the tiger3, how delightful! A world unified under the protagonist’s domination, this really is a big possibility…

Thus, Du Ze was already in a worshipful state of mind when he opened “Mixed Blood” after reading the update. Looking at the author’s “I have something to say,” Du Ze coughed up blood4 – ah it’s not enough, not nearly enough! This fan has deliberately kept himself from reading for several days before starting on the novel. Author! Where is the author! Du Ze mentally let out a string of expletives.5

Du Ze focused once more on “Mixed Blood” and, as he started reading from the beginning, the wolf blood within him seethed with excitement. It seems like the plot of the story is heading somewhere good as a group of future little brothers and harem members are participating in a magic school trial and thus need to go to an abandoned tower to retrieve a Codex. Due to the protagonist’s halo, even the supposedly safe trial location can become dangerous. Therefore the group triggered an inactive spell array, everyone was trapped, and the invincible hero saved the beauty’s little brother. Finally, the protagonist’s group left after capturing the hearts of a bunch of boys and a beautiful girl, plus a piece of metal. Du Ze, knowing how YY novels work, immediately guessed that the bit of metal is an important magical artifact that’s absolutely essential to the story.

Character satisfaction rating: four stars. Golden finger satisfaction rating: five hearts. Adventure satisfaction rating: four and a half stars. Hero’s domination satisfaction level: five stars. To stand high above everyone and to dominate the world, it’s so great, ah…

Du Ze was buzzing with excitement and accidentally glimpsed the last paragraph “I have to help two boys look for partners, next week I will post more, haha”… ha-ha, ha-ha, ha, ha, …

The words “F**k your mom!” 6 roared through Du Ze’s mind.

He sat in front of his computer staring blankly for a while. The white light of the screen was reflected in his glasses. He’s a pleb7, but if one only looks at Du Ze’s face, a person might be deceived by his superficial resemblance to the social elite. Du Ze narrowed his eyes. The expression on his face was a little tense. Since the author is not online during the weekend, then…


In the magic tower test of “Mixed Blood” the trapped characters are not just the protagonist’s group but also another group that they are at odds with. However, the protagonist treated everyone the same and saved them all. Based on other YY novels, the saved people will either become good friends whose friendship won’t waver even in a hundred years, or they will think of the rescue as a shameful matter and from then on antagonize the protagonist repeatedly for months until the author makes them into cannon fodder.

Du Ze’s glasses reflected the light. With his four years of harem novel experience, this is definitely the first case. That’s because the group the protagonist is in conflict with is headed by a very beautiful sister. She’s not an ordinary sister but a princess who was rescued by the handsome protagonist. Since then her heart will soften towards the hero and love will blossom…that’s how it is in harem novels.

Du Ze silently put down the hand that was covering his nose and turned all of the words in his head into antonyms. Clicking on the mouse to start a review, he started to gush. (TN: The text is what he actually wrote in the review while the parenthesis is what he really thinks.)

[Username: Duzi8, comment: “Mixed Blood” score: 1, the review section: 17

Rubbish story (cute style)9. Author stupid c*nt10 (great writer!)

The protagonist is too much of a selfless Holy Saint (the protagonist is all kinds of cute and adorable ~). In this case, he saved the cheap tramp? (Good save!) The protagonist’s brain is filled with shi*11, is he thinking with his lower body, not with his brain??? (Hurry up and capture the princess!)

This reader is looking forward to him being abused by the cheap tramp. (Please more romance !)12 ]

He clicked “ok” and watched the small chrysanthemum icon slowly turn. Du Ze minimized the window and played a bit of Dungeon Fighter Online.



“Xiu! Why save them?”

Amid the ruins, Rose pouted angrily and looked at his right hand. It was pale because of blood loss. Her eyes were teary: “They obviously do not care for you but you still used so much of your own blood to disarm the trap, it’s not worth it.”

Rose’s voice is not too loud or too soft but not too far away, the princess’ group heard it. Princess Kelly bit her lips, the look in her eyes was extremely complex.

The blood flow soon stopped due to the effect of Daniel’s healing spell. Hearing Rose’s angry words, Xiu looked up and replied: “Compared to a person’s life, this bit of blood is nothing.”

Edie patted him on the shoulder and silently expressed his admiration for Xiu.

“Why are you so good to everyone?” asked Dorothy, sobbing.

“I just did what I had to do.”

His smile was like the sun that threw everything else into shadow, a soft, bright light. Nearby, Princess Kelly made a soft sound. Her face had an arrogant and disdainful expression but her flushed cheeks betrayed her little girl’s mind.

— excerpt from “Mixed Blood”



The author (Tui) has something to say:

Du Ze: I am a black fan ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Author: …Oh.

Protagonist: (has not yet appeared, calmly watching)

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