The Nine Cauldrons

Chapter 610 - Qin Shiqi

Chapter 610: Qin Shiqi

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At this moment, Hongwu, who had arrived with Li Jun, shouted, “Her name is Jinxiu. Mom was the one who named her.”

“Jinxiu?” Teng Qingshan stretched his hands out and took the baby girl in his arms.

She was named according to the generation names of Teng Jia Village. The names of Teng Qingshan’s generation had the character “Qing.” The names of the generation after Teng Qingshan’s generation shared the character “Hong.” The names of the generation that succeeds Hongwu’s generation had the character “Jin.” And so, Hongwu’s daughter was named Jinxiu.

“Jinxiu? Xiuxiu?” Teng Qingshan stared at the baby girl. The baby girl has such big and lively eyes. She blinked as she stared back curiously. The baby appeared to be very fond of the aura emanated by this adult holding her. She felt very comfortable and began giggling happily.

“Qingshan, it is a pity you did not come back earlier. We have already celebrated her first month of life and her first hundred days of birth.” Li Jun said as she walked over.

Teng Qingshan and his family gathered together happily. They talked about the things that had happened during the past year. Teng Qingshan was the authority figure of this household. He was the support of this family. His return brought more laughter back into the East Flower Garden.

Teng Qingshan enjoyed his time home. He accompanied his parents, taught his children and played with Xiuxiu.

Soon, it was the 11th of December.

The weather was great. The sun shone nicely. Everyone in the Xing Yi Sect was talking about the duel that was going to happen tomorrow. The duel between Qin Shiqi of the Ying Family and the Heavenly God Palace Pei San was happening on the Green Dragon Hill in the Qinling Mountain Range. This was a fight between the two of the three strongest cultivators in the Land of the Nine Prefectures. How could anyone ignore this duel?

The duel between their sovereign and Pei San would occur after this duel.

“Lan. Lan.” Teng Yongfan whispered.

“What do you need?” Yuan Lan, who was wiping the table, turned and looked at Teng Yongfan.

“Lan, if Qingshan and Pei San of the Heavenly God Palace fought, who do you think will win?” Teng Yongfan said nervously. Yuan Lan glared and answered quickly, “Of course the winner will be Qingshan. Don’t think too much, Brother Fan.”

Teng Yongfan frowned and scolded softly, “Old woman, you know nothing! I want Qingshan to win as well, but I have asked around and even read The Duels of the Strongest. Pei San is not an easy opponent. He destroyed the Mani Temple and killed the most powerful cultivator of the Emperor Yu’s Hall. Even Qingshan himself told us that Pei San is the strongest. I am just so worried right now!”

Yuan Lan threw the cloth and sat on the chair. Her eyes reddened.

“Lan, what’s wrong?” Teng Yongfan hastily comforted.

“Brother Fan.” Yuan Lan took a deep breath and whispered, “Do you think if it is possible to stop Qingshan from fighting Pei San?”

“The whole world knows about the upcoming duel. This concerns his reputation.” Teng Yongfan said with hesitation in his voice.

“If he really can’t win, isn’t he going to die?” Yuan Lan said worriedly.

Teng Yongfan gritted his teeth.

“Lan, you are right.” Teng Yongfan clenched his fists and moved back and forth in the room. Suddenly, his eyes brightened and he said, “Lan, how’s this? Since the duel between Qin Shiqi and Pei San is happening tomorrow, we will tell Qingshan to bring us along to the Green Dragon Hill in the Qinling Mountain Range. We will watch the fight and see with our own eyes how strong Pei San is! Then, I will ask Qingshan what he thinks about the duel.” Teng Yongfan pondered as he said, “If Qingshan is confident, then I will not stop him. However, if he is not confident at all, I will stop him from participating in the upcoming duel with Pei San. I will stop him no matter what.”

“Mhm. I really hope Pei San can die tomorrow.” Yuan Lan blurted out.

“What a heartless comment!” Teng Yongfan glared at Yuan Lan. But he then nodded and agreed, “However, it would be good if Pei San died tomorrow.”

“They all said that Pei San is a demon.” Yuan Lan remarked.

Soon, it was noon.

“Father. Mother. Are you sure you two want to go tomorrow?” Teng Qingshan was surprised that his parents actually asked to go watch the duel. They have lived in Teng Jia Village for many years and have previously shown no interest in the duel of the strongest cultivators in the Land of the Nine Prefectures.

“Of course! We have heard about the duel between Pei San and Qin Shiqi for a long time and we are sick of just hearing about it. These two cultivators are placed on a par with my son… I want to know how powerful these two cultivators are!” Teng Yongfan said excitedly. Yuan Lan, who stood at the side, nodded, appearing as though she really wanted to watch the duel.

When Teng Qingshan saw this, he could only nod and say, “Okay. We will go tomorrow.”

It was very foggy on the morning of the 12th of December. At this time, sounds of people practicing martial art could be heard throughout the entire Xing Yi Sect.

“Father, you didn’t go when Pei San and Huang Tianqin fought. You won’t be going this time, right?” Honglin teased. Teng Qingshan stared at the Undying Phoenix, who was flying over from the Great Yan Mountain. At the same time, Teng Qingshan laughed and answered, “Linlin, the disparity of power between Huang Tianqin and Pei San was far too great. However, Qin Shiqi is different. Thus, how can I miss out on this upcoming duel?”

Will Pei San win or will Qin Shiqi win? Even Teng Qingshan himself had no idea what would happen. After all, these two cultivators were extremely strong. If one of them achieved a breakthrough during the fight, the fight might turn out differently.

Qin Shiqi might achieve a breakthrough during the fight and become powerful enough to kill Pei San.

“Little Blue has arrived. Let us leave.”

Teng Qingshan asked his parents, Honglin, Hongwu, and Lei Xiaoru to sit on the back of the Undying Phoenix. He then held Li Jun’s hand and flew up into the sky through the control of the Power of his World.


The beam of light pierced through the fog and headed towards the Qinling Mountain Range in Yongzhou.

The Qinling Mountain Range has a three thousand Li. It functioned as the natural barrier, guarding the Ying Family. The Qinling Mountain Range made it difficult for armies to attack the Ying Family.

“Qingshan, this must be the Qinling Mountain Range. Look how far these mountains go… I heard this mountain range has a length of three thousand Li.” Teng Yongfan sat on the Undying Phoenix and looked down from the sky curiously. It was not foggy in Yongzhou, and so, he could see the grand Qinling Mountain Range that stretched beyond the ken of mortal eyes.

“Grandfather.” Hongwu, who sat beside Yongfan, laughed and said, “The Heavenly Emperor of the Qin Mountains started his cultivation here.”

“I know that.” Teng Yongfan burst out in laughter.

Teng Qingshan pointed ahead and said, “The Green Mountain Hill is in front! This fight will be happening on the Green Dragon Hill. However, as we are only watching, we cannot go to the Green Dragon Hill. After all, the Green Dragon Hill is the fighting zone. Many people had already gathered on top of the mountains and canyons around the Green Dragon Hill.

It was extremely crowded!

“There’s no space.” Teng Qingshan said as he tried to find the best place to watch the fight.

“Qingshan, let’s just watch the fight in the sky.” Li Jun looked down and smiled helplessly, “There are too many people. There is no space.”

“Good idea,” answered Teng Qingshan.

A white stream of air immediately formed beneath Teng Qingshan’s feet. Soon, this stream of air became a white cloud that had the width of ten Zhang. “Father. Mother. Hongwu. Honglin, come sit and rest. We are half-a-Li away from the Green Dragon Hill. We should be close enough to watch the fight clearly.”

“Father, is this a cloud?” Honglin was very excited. She jumped and landed on the cloud created with the Power of Life.

Considering how well Teng Qingshan could control the Power of his World, he naturally would not hurt his family.

Moreover, Teng Qingshan took precautionary measures and chose to use the Power of Life. The Power of Life was good for the health of ordinary people, and so, even if he released some of this power accidentally, there was nothing to worry about.

Immediately, the whole family moved to the cloud. While hovering in mid-air, they gazed at the top of the Green Dragon Hill. The Undying Phoenix was on the white cloud as well, and because of the contrast between its bright colors and the white cloud, it was very noticeable.

“Look! What’s on top of that cloud!”

“Someone’s on the cloud!”

“Someone drove a cloud? That’s the Undying Phoenix!!! I saw it! It is the Undying Phoenix!”

“If the Undying Phoenix is there, then Teng Qingshan must be on the cloud! Teng Qingshan is here!” Numerous cultivators, who came early for a good spot, and the numerous ordinary people were extremely excited. Teng Qingshan was looking down from a cloud! This was something many cultivators dreamt of doing!

Teng Qingshan and his family stayed on the cloud and chatted happily with each other

“Qingshan, the dark masses below are all people.” Yuan Lan looked down and commented, “There are so many…”

“Qingshan, is Pei San or Qin Shiqi here?” Teng Yongfan asked as he stared at the top of the Green Dragon Hill.

There was no one on the hill.

“Don’t worry, Father. They will be here soon.” Teng Qingshan stood on the cloud and gazed at the Green Dragon Hill as he waited.

A swordlight flashed in the sky above the Qinling Mountain Range and headed towards the Green Dragon Hill.

Qin Shiqi, who wore plain cotton clothing and carried a purple sword on his back, Ying Haitong, who was an Emptiness Realm Expert of the Ying Family, and a green-cloaked young man could be seen enclosed by the light.

“The Green Dragon Hill is ahead.”

Qin Shiqi showed no emotions.

“Teacher.” The young man, dressed in green-cloak, looked slightly worried as he said, “Please be careful.”

Qin Shiqi glanced at the young man and said emotionlessly, “As long as I don’t reach the Omnipotent Realm, I will always be restrained. I will forever be suppressed by the Land of the Nine Prefectures and I will still die when my time comes. Dying now would be the same as dying later. It would just be a slightly earlier death. If so, why not fight as hard as I can!”

“I must resist the suppression of heaven and earth and destroy any form of obstruction!”

“Haiyang, if Teng Qingshan did not exist, you would be the most gifted cultivator in the Land of the Nine Prefectures.” Qin Shiqi voice still sounded very cold, “However, if you wish to reach the Omnipotent Realm, you must endure loneliness! You must bear pain and suffering! Teng Qingshan had to escape all over the world as he was pursued and wanted. Later on, he reached the Emptiness Realm and created the Xing Yi Sect. Then, he stayed in the Xing Yi Sect and focused on cultivating. He never allowed himself to relax.”

“Not only must a truly powerful cultivator be gifted, but he must also have a powerful heart! He must stand firm as a rock!”

Qin Shiqi stared at the young man before his eyes.

The young man took a deep breath and responded with a nod, “Teacher, I won’t disappoint you.”

“Yes.” Qin Shiqi nodded slightly.

“Martial Brother, as long as you are alive, there is hope.” Ying Haitong interrupted.

Qin Shiqi shook his head and said, “I devote my entire life to the Dao of Sword.”

“This is my chance. It is rare to fight an opponent like Pei San.”

“This is a fight of life and death! I will find that tiny opportunity either in life or death. If I gained enlightenment and achieved a breakthrough, I will reach the Omnipotent Realm and achieve greatness. If I fail, I will die!”

Qin Shiqi looked very determined.

His heart was filled with determination as well.

If he lives, it would mean that he had reached the Omnipotent Realm. Otherwise, he would willingly choose death!

A black and white light flew towards the top of the Green Dragon Hill in the distance, leaving behind Ying Haitong and Qin Shiqi’s disciple, who both looked very worried.

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