The Lord’s Empire

Chapter 36 – Hunting

Chapter 36 – Hunting

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After returning to the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu once again gathered his exploration team and added 5 new people. There were both males and females, and their Intelligence stats were relatively high. Now, there were 35 soldiers in total.

Zhao Fu first gave the 10 Goblin Warriors and 10 Infantrymen the Holy Light Techniques. Since they were at the front, they could hide behind the shields while casting the Holy Light Technique.

Because Archers were usually quite far away from the fighting, Zhao Fu did not give them any of the skills. After the Archers received Refined Martial Souls, their archery became incredibly sharp and precise. If the Skeletons were unprepared, the Archers could pierce through their heads each time with almost complete certainty.

As for the 5 new people, Zhao Fu gave them the Holy Light Bullet to learn.

Now, it was time to test the effectiveness of these skills. They went to a passage that had not been sealed and slowly advanced in the darkness. Soon, 10 or so Skeletons came to life and raised their weapons as they rushed over.

The Goblin Warriors and Infantrymen did not panic. The Goblin Warriors raised their shields and then cast the Holy Light Technique. Rays of blinding white light fell on the Skeleton soldiers, and white smoke started to rise from their bodies as they howled and retreated.

The rays of white light continued to land on their bodies, instantly reducing their fighting strength by a third. As the rays of white light appeared, the incredibly dark passage seemed to be as bright as day, and it was even slightly blinding.

At this moment, 5 orbs of white light flew from behind the shield wall, falling within the group of retreating Skeletons.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The orbs of light exploded with blinding white light. More than half of the Skeletons howled before collapsing into a pile of bones, and the remaining Skeletons were barely still alive. The surviving Skeletons were easily killed by the Infantrymen with their iron hammers.

Now, the Skeleton soldiers didn’t pose a threat to Zhao Fu’s soldiers, and they suppressed whatever Skeletons they came across. As they continued onwards, they easily killed a few more waves. Even when they encountered Skeleton Captains, they were only slightly troublesome to deal with. Zhao Fu and his strongest subordinates did not even have to do anything.

Zhao Fu thought about it for a moment before leaving matters here to Li Wen. Zhao Fu told him to continue exploring and to notify him if he encountered any Skeleton Generals. Following this, Zhao Fu took Bai Qi and his other main subordinates aboveground to take care of other matters.

Zhao Fu now had an abundance of Refined Martial Souls, and he was not stingy with them. He gave them to his soldiers to use – after all, with the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, he didn’t have to worry about their grades.

After returning to the surface, Zhao Fu took Little Grey and some others to patrol around the area in the hopes of finding a village that he could annex. Right now, Zhao Fu’s forces numbered less than 500, and he definitely wouldn’t be able to defeat the Orc Village.

Zhao Fu left behind some soldiers to stand guard while he took 300 soldiers with him to patrol about. Now, with Little Grey, as long as there was even a hint of a human’s smell, Little Grey would be able to follow it to a village.

Right now, Little Grey was pressed against the ground and sniffing around. Despite being a Wolf King, doing this showed that it was completely loyal to Zhao Fu. As it did this, Zhao Fu followed by its side.

“Awooo…” Suddenly, Little Grey seemed to detect something and howled before looking up at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu nodded. In response, Little Grey rushed off, and Zhao Fu called out for everyone to follow closely.

Zhao Fu and his soldiers started to run behind Little Grey until they came to a hill. Beneath them was a Human Village.

The village seemed to be an Intermediate Village, and it had 600 or so people. However, the defenses were quite weak, and the management was quite poor. The houses were not built uniformly, and there were very few plots of farmland. It was evident that the Lord had very poor management skills.

How should he conquer this village? Zhao Fu frowned. The only weakness of this village was its weak defense. This was an ordinary village, so poison wouldn’t work because the villagers most likely cooked their own meals. The village also had some farmland, so not many villagers would go out to hunt. As such, it seemed that the only method available to them was to attack directly, but this would result in many casualties.

In the end, they could only wait for an opportunity. The sun was setting, and it was getting darker. Zhao Fu decided to find a hidden place to make camp, and he wanted to see what they could discover the next day.

Even though the moon did not come out, the sky was lit with countless stars, which was quite a beautiful sight.

However, Zhao Fu didn’t have the heart right now to marvel at the beautiful stars. Instead, he frowned as he asked, “Bai Qi, what are your thoughts about this situation?”

Bai Qi thought for a moment before replying, “If we simply can’t find any openings, we’ll have to wait until 3 to 4 AM when people are deep asleep or weary from standing guard. The village’s defenses are quite weak, so the chance of success is quite high.”

Zhao Fu nodded. If there was nothing else, they would have to make a direct attack.

It was early in the morning, and the sun rose slowly from the east. Zhao Fu got up early and looked down at the village.

After a while, a big, muscular, coarse-looking man, who held a saber and had a bow on his back, led 10 or so men with similar equipment out of the village. It seemed that they were going out to hunt.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu immediately went to gather his forces.

“Big brother Hu! We definitely have to catch a big wild boar today so that everyone can have some meat!” One of the youths said excitedly to the big man.

The big man candidly smiled as he replied, “Alright, let alone one wild boar, your big brother Hu will catch three wild boars for you.”

The youth looked at the man with respect as he said, “Okay! I believe in big brother Hu. Since you’re the strongest person in our village, if you can’t do it, then no one can.”

The big man laughed cheerfully. However, in the next second, his smile died as he looked around with a serious expression.

When the youth saw the sudden change in the big man, the youth asked curiously, “What is it, big brother Hu?”

The big man looked around and said in a low voice, “Enemies!”

Everyone else also heard what he said and became alert. The hunters grouped together and looked around them, but they could not spot anything. Everyone felt that the big man was wrong and looked towards him.

“Sirs, there’s no need to hide. I’ve already detected you!” The big man suddenly yelled.

Even though they had not been fully surrounded, Zhao Fu knew that it was impossible for them to escape, so he revealed himself with the rest of his soldiers.

The big man and the other people in his group saw the long grass in front of them shake as Infantry, Archers, and Gnome Crossbowmen rose up, causing their faces to pale.

“Who are you, sir? Why do you want to kill the Great Tiger Village’s people?”

The big man’s face was quite pale – even though he had sensed danger, he did not expect there to be so many people. When he saw the arrows and crossbows pointed at them, he knew that there was no chance of escaping.

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