The Lord’s Empire

Chapter 31 – Command Seal - Undead

Chapter 31 – Command Seal - Undead

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After the Skeleton General died, it dropped 5 items. Zhao Fu slowly walked over and picked up its double-handed sword. Normal Skeletons already had good items, so what would the Skeleton General’s weapon be like?

[Star Slashing Sword]: Grade: Gold, Stats: Strength +8, Constitution +4, Agility +2, Description: A Half-Legendary grade weapon that has become rusty due to the passage of time, becoming an ordinary Gold grade weapon.

Zhao Fu was not let down – it was actually a Gold grade weapon. Zhao Fu handed the Star Slashing Sword to Bai Qi.

Not only did a hint of joy appear on Bai Qi’s cold and handsome face, but he also cupped his hands respectfully as he said, “Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Zhao Fu nodded and looked over at the Skeleton General’s armor.

[White Soldier Armor]: Grade: Silver, Stats: Strength +2, Constitution +4, Description: An exquisite Gold grade armor that has become rusty due to the passage of time, becoming an ordinary Silver grade armor.

Zhao Fu decided to give the armor to Bai Qi as well. Now that Bai Qi had suddenly received 2 pieces of powerful equipment, his stats were given a big boost, increasing his strength. After all, each time one increased a Step in cultivation, all of their stats would only increase by one, while the Star Slashing Sword gave the user 8 points of Strength.

Zhao Fu continued looking through the items. There was something that looked like a Soldier Soul, and it seemed to have the figure of a General within it.

[General Soul]: Description: A powerful soul left behind by a general that can be fused into a City Heart, becoming a guardian spirit. It can also be fused into a weapon to strengthen it (Note: 10 General Souls can fuse into a General Armament).

It seemed that a single General Soul was worth 10 Soldier Souls – not bad! Zhao Fu felt quite happy because he was one big step closer to obtaining a General Armament. Who knew what sort of effects a General Armament would have?

The fourth item was a grey-white, smooth, rectangular stone.

[Skeleton General – Profession Change Stone]: Description: Allows a soldier to change his or her profession to Skeleton General. Can be used by living people but will have side-effects.

Zhao Fu felt quite uneasy about this. Normally, one would only be able to change profession to General after his or her Village became a Town. Normal grade Towns could only have one General, Blue grade Towns could have two Generals, and Legendary grade Towns could have five Generals.

[General]: C- grade Military. Description: A General that can lead soldiers. Effect: Can hold 2 different military professions.

A General was a C- grade Military unit because he or she could choose 2 military professions and receive the stat bonuses of both professions. There were no limits on the professions, so one could choose two F grade professions or even two SSS grade professions.

As such, a General profession was quite valuable. However, the Skeleton General Profession Change Stone had side-effects, and it might even change the one who used it into a Skeleton.

Zhao Fu considered changing his profession to Skeleton General because he did not care about his looks. Even if he became a Skeleton, he would get used to it. However, when Zhao Fu tried to use it, he was notified by a system announcement that Lords could not change their profession to General.

In the end, Zhao Fu told Bai Qi and the others about the Profession Change Stone. Bai Qi was already a General, so Zhao Fu looked to Liu Mei – she was S grade and had good potential.

Facing Zhao Fu’s gaze, Liu Mei looked incredibly unwilling. However, if Zhao Fu ordered her to use it, she would not be able to refuse. As such, Liu Mei thought for a moment before going over to Zhao Fu, hugging his arm, and rubbing her large chest against him as she said coyly, “Your Majesty! Look how pretty I am; you can use me as a bed-warmer.”

Liu Mei knew that Zhao Fu was not very interested in her and would not lay his hands on her, so she was able to act so daringly.

When everyone saw her acting so coyly, everybody felt a disgusted chill – every single one of them knew how ferocious and savage she was deep down.

Zhao Fu threw away the idea of getting Liu Mei to use the Profession Change Stone. It wasn’t because he was moved by her actions but because he didn’t want to force his subordinates to do things that they didn’t want to do.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to put the Profession Change Stone away, Li Wen, who had been in deep thought this entire time, suddenly said, “Your Majesty! Let me use it.”

Zhao Fu looked over in surprise and reminded him, “There will be side-effects, and you might even turn into a Skeleton.”

Li Wen had a serious look as he earnestly nodded and replied, “I know, Your Majesty, but this subordinate’s grade is limited and cannot compare to General Bai Qi’s. In the future, I might not be able to help Your Majesty much, so I want to use the Profession Change Stone.”

When Zhao Fu saw how sincere Li Wen looked, he sighed and handed the Profession Change Stone to Li Wen.

Li Wen took the Profession Change Stone and chose to use it. A grey aura came out from the Profession Change Stone and swept towards Li Wen’s body. Li Wen’s entire body was enwrapped by the grey aura, but the grey aura disappeared after a while.

There were some obvious changes to Li Wen’s body: he was much skinnier than before, and his skin lost its rosy glow, making him look incredibly pale. His pupils also became a grey-white color. Apart from those, however, there was not much change. After recovering for a few moments, he respectfully saluted Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief – it seemed that the side-effects were not too great. He nodded and looked at Li Wen’s stats.

Name: Li Wen

Grade: A

Title: None

Profession: Skeleton General

Achievement Points: Commoner (0/200)

Race: Human (Half Undead)

Age: 22 (100)

Loyalty: 90

Stats: Strength: 9, Intelligence: 7, Constitution: 8, Agility: 6

Special Power: [Weak – Undead’s Power]

Cultivation: Stage 0-1

Cultivation Technique: Great Qin Mantra

Skills: Fireball, Basic Sword Technique, Rock Crushing Arrow…

Equipment: Plate Armor, Iron Sword…

There were 2 changes to Li Wen’s stats: the first was his race, which was now Half Undead, and the second was that he gained the Undead’s Power.

The Undead’s Power was like Zhao Fu’s Demon’s Power, and it belonged to non-human powers. After Zhao Fu obtained the Demon’s Power, not only did he receive stat increases, but the normal Fireballs he cast also had traces of blood-color in them and were more powerful than normal Fireballs.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the last item that the Skeleton General had dropped. It was a bronze command medallion with traces of rust on it, and it had an icy feel to it.

[Command Seal – Undead]: Description: A command seal that has been contaminated by Undead aura for a long period of time. Allows one to command 10 normal Skeleton soldiers, and the Skeleton soldiers can be stored within the command seal.

A smile appeared on Zhao Fu’s face. Even though it could only allow him to command 10 normal Skeletons, that was already quite good. As such, Zhao Fu decided to use it on some Skeleton Cavalry.

After looking at the Goblin Warriors’ shields, he decided that they could continue for a bit longer. They would go back after conquering 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen.


The passage gradually became wider, and tongues of blue fire lit up ahead of them. This time, there were 14 Skeletons, and 4 of them were Skeleton Cavalrymen.

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