The Legendary Master’s Wife

Chapter 40

Four days.

You XiaoMo doesn’t know who he is so he just nods his head.

That person also doesn’t beat around the bush, “Lin Xiao asked me to get a message to you. These few days he is out on assignment. He will look for you when he gets back. So you don’t have to worry!”

You XiaoMo blushes. He understands the first part but what does the last part mean? What not to worry? When did he worry about that fellow? Simply making something out of nothing.

Not waiting for him to speak, that person continues speaking.

“And also, he wants you to prepare the quantity for these five days. When the time comes, he will come to collect them altogether. So you should not be lazy.”

So this is the important point ba! You XiaoMo can’t help but roll his eyes. He doesn’t need to be told that. Especially since he has never been lazy. On top of that, he is now Kong Wen’s disciple. If he were to make his Master lose face, it wouldn’t be good for him.

“I understand. Thank you for coming over.” Inwardly cursing over and over, You XiaoMo still politely thanks him.

That person gives him a look. A handsome face that is as cold as ice. He says flatly: “You don’t have to thank me. Elder brother asked me to come. I did not come here especially for you. Furthermore, even though I don’t know what kind of agreement you have with Elder brother, I hope you will stay far away from Elder brother. Being together with him will bring you no good.”

Soulmate na. You XiaoMo almost rushes over to grasp his hand. Ling Xiao that scum. Getting involved with him not only does him no good, he also gets bossed around. Not even a bit of personal freedom.

It’s too bad he can’t tell this young man that Ling Xiao is already not the Elder brother you know. He is only an imitation, nothing more. So the one that will not benefit from being together with Ling Xiao includes him as well. But this is the first time someone so kindly warns him about getting near to Ling Xiao. It’s also the first time someone looks at him without judgement. You XiaoMo can tell that this person is simply warning him. There is no sign of contempt or disdain unlike the others.

Thinking of this, You XiaoMo smiles at him, saying earnestly: “Thank you for your sincere advice!”

That person clearly did not expect that he would thank him so sincerely, so he is momentarily stunned. Normally wouldn’t someone get angry when they hear this? But he doesn’t plan to ask him this. He just looks at him carefully for a moment before leaving. This person seems to be different from those who have approached him or Elder brother before!

After closing the door, You XiaoMo jumps in excitement. Thinking of how he won’t have to see Ling Xiao for some time, he feels especially good. Furthermore he is full of enthusiasm from listening to Master Kong Wen for two hours so he is full of energy. Taking out the cauldron, and with the remaining magic herbs from yesterday, You XiaoMo starts to refine magic pills in high spirits.

Since he doesn’t know how long Ling Xiao will be away, You XiaoMo decides to store up two days worth. This will save him from trouble if Ling Xiao suddenly comes back.

Maybe it’s due to his good mood, or maybe because good things have been happening to him in a row, You XiaoMo’s speed in refining magic pills is faster than yesterday. Before, he could only refine ten relatively good quality level one magic pills in two hours. Now he can refine fifteen.

Furthermore, You XiaoMo discovers that his soul force is stronger than yesterday. Even though it is not very obvious, it is still noticeable. Looks like this is the difference between having and not having alchemical techniques.

Previously, he refined magic pills non-stop, at least a hundred pills every day, and yet there seems to be no change in the strength of his soul force. Or maybe the change was too negligible. But now with just one day practicing the alchemical technique, there is significant advancement in his soul force. No wonder TianXin sect keeps its alchemical techniques under wraps. It turns out that alchemical techniques have this much power.

But what You XiaoMo doesn’t know, is that if [Heavenly Soul Scroll] is only a common alchemical technique, his advancement wouldn’t be so obvious. For example, the alchemical technique that TianXin sect has. Even though it is so closely guarded, it is actually only a low level alchemical technique. Simply not on the same level as [Heavenly Soul Scroll] whatsoever. If You XiaoMo could compare them, only then would he know how incredible his advancement is.

But the reason why the progress is so obvious only after one day is because each alchemical technique is not too difficult in the beginning. But it gets harder as one progresses, so the following advancement may not be so obvious for You XiaoMo.

Due to the increase in his soul force, his speed also increases. So You XiaoMo quickly uses up the remaining magic herbs. All of it was for Ling Xiao’s share. He then goes to the Hall of Enchanted Herbs to take one thousand and two hundred stalks of magic herbs.

At this time, the fact that he has been accepted as the seventh disciple by Kong Wen has already spread throughout Earth peak, and actually throughout the whole Mage division.

He could be mistaken but You XiaoMo feels that Uncle Zhao is looking at him with a friendlier smile. As if he had become family overnight. Furthermore, he doesn’t hesitate at all when he asks for one thousand and two hundred stalks of magic herbs.

He could basically figure out the reason. Because his son, Zhao DaZhou and him are now disciples under the same Master, much like sitting on the same boat. So a change in attitude is only to be expected. But the change in attitude is not only with Uncle Zhao alone. There are also other disciples, the few he met along the way. Those few people will smile and greet him as if their shunning attitude before yesterday was all an illusion.

Of course, status is just like how boats rises with a surge in the tides. Other people will start to treat you better. Such is the cruel reality of humankind! Luckily You XiaoMo is not someone who cares about these things. If not, he would be really depressed. They are all clearly disciples of the same group. It’s bad enough that they are not committed to refining magic pills to surpass Heaven and Flying peak. On top of that, they scheme and plot against each other.

On the way back there were a few disciples that wanted to talk to him but You XiaoMo pretends that he doesn’t notice them. He hugs the big pile of magic herbs and rushes back to his room. He then starts the dry and dull process of refining magic pills. During that time, no one came to disturb him, including Fang ChenLe that had originally planned on coming over to find him. But he found out from Uncle Zhao that he had asked for such a large amount of magic herbs so he just dismisses the idea while laughing. Such a hardworking little brother. Looks like the Master has good judgement.

Four days later, You XiaoMo finally comes out of the room sporting two black eyebags. The sun that has not been seen for so long, wu, too dazzling. Four days earlier, his surging spirits resulted in him not taking one step out of his room.

But it is worth it because he refined a heap of magic pills. Especially one of them, called the Fasting magic pill. Like its name, with this pill, you can stop worrying about feeling hungry or thirsty, but only for a short period of time. For example, the Fasting magic pill that he refined is only effective for not more than ten days.

Fasting magic pill is a level one magic pill, so its effect cannot be too great. There is no risk in taking the fasting magic pill, but the higher the grade, the longer the effect. So You XiaoMo continually improves the distillation of the magic herbs and finally refines a highly effective Fasting magic pill. It lasts for half a month, and could be considered to be the best among low grade Fasting magic pills. It must be said that ordinary low grade Fasting magic pill would only last for five days. For longer periods one has to look to mid or high grade magic pills. It is said that the best mid-level magic pill can last for half a year and the best top level magic pill can last for ten years although it’s not clear if that’s the truth.

Be that as it may, You XiaoMo only refined twenty Fasting magic pills. First of all, he is an earthling. Used to eating three times a day. If he doesn’t eat, it would feel a little strange. Secondly, he is not familiar with the Fasting magic pill. Furthermore he doesn’t need to frequently go into seclusion. After thinking it over, he decides to only refine twenty.

In addition, he also refined a huge pile of other magic pills. Other than those for Ling Xiao and the Hall of Enchanted Herbs, he refined one hundred pills for himself. So he decides that he would go down the mountain once more. This time it is again to exchange magic pills for money. He wants to buy more magic herb seeds, especially level one magic herb seeds. If nothing unexpected happens, he would be needing much more magic herb seeds in the future.

“Little brother, finally willing to come out after four days of seclusion?”

At the Hall of Enchanted Herbs, just when You XiaoMo is about the take out the magic pills from his magic bag to hand over to Uncle Zhao, he hears a somewhat joking gentle voice from behind him. You XiaoMo turns around and sees that it is Elder brother Fang ChenLe. He also just came out from inside, coincidentally catching sight of him so he comes over. Since they now share the same Master, their conversation manner also becomes more familiar. You XiaoMo has always had a good impression of this Elder brother. Other than Ling Xiao, he is more at ease with Fang ChenLe than with Kong Wen.

“Elder brother.” You XiaoMo hands over the magic pills to Uncle Zhao and then walks up to him.

“Seclusion for four days and your condition seems to be better than ever.”

Fang ChenLe sees that he is full of energy with a rosy complexion so he can’t help but feel a little surprised. Not at all like someone who has been seclusion for four days. How could he know that during those four days in seclusion, You XiaoMo had drank quite a lot of lake water.

You XiaoMo also can’t tell him that, so he can only rub his own head and laugh stupidly.

Just at this time, a somewhat cold voice calls out behind him.

“You XiaoMo, looks like you’re having a fine time when I’m not around ma!”

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