The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1459 - Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena

Chapter 1459: Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena

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This unexpected change naturally attracted the attention of the audience and all contestants.

Pleasant music was heard indistinctly as a light beam descended from the sky and transformed into a gigantic three-dimensional light screen.

The Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena’s silhouette appeared on the three-dimensional light screen followed by loud and deafening cheering voices among the spectators.

It was still the same desert scene as before. The scenes were constantly changing as the scenes played out. The cheering voices arose to their climax in a split second when the scene finally ended with Gu Yuena leaping up to collide with the great catastrophe in the mountain valley as it exploded with bright light.

“Mingdu Coliseum.” A pleasant male voice was heard. At the same time, soul noise reduction equipment in the coliseum was turned and the noise inside the entire coliseum was reduced soon after.

“I believe that everyone is here for a single purpose and that is to return with the beauty in your arms. Next, we shall invite our leading lady of this Joust For A Spouse Festival, the Silver Dragon Princess Miss Gu Yuena for a speech.”

The cheering voices were heard once again. It was so loud that the noise reduction equipment was incapable of suppressing the noise.

The event had been sensationalized for such a long time. Was it not everyone’s purpose to come to the scene just to see the real her? There was no other festival that could gather such a high number of powerful soul masters in one room, but Spirit Pagoda had managed to do so this time.

A stream of silver radiance surged skyward from the main platform. The audience first saw as a pair of gigantic silver dragon wings appear. The dragon wings flapped to carry her figure as she leaped into the sky.

Light shadows flickered. A light beam descended from the sky and illuminated her body. Gu Yuena was dressed in a silver dress that complemented her long silver hair. She looked as attractive as a fairy maiden. Her purple eyes could clearly be seen on the huge display screens.

She was already very beautiful in the image earlier but when she appeared as her real person, it was an intense shock to everyone’s eyes.

She was the Silver Dragon Princess, she was the real Silver Dragon Princess!

For some unknown reason, the cheering voices suddenly halted. Everyone seemed to have an extremely good mutual understanding. They feared that their voices would affect them from hearing the Silver Dragon Princess’s words.

She had silver hair and purple eyes with unrivaled beauty blessed by heaven.

Her gaze that seemed to be able to pass through the entire world dropped downwards. Everyone seemed to be able to feel as if she was gazing at every single one of them. They could not help feeling their heartbeat racing and blood boiling upon sensing her attentive gaze despite the fact that she was a hundred meters in the sky.

Tang Wulin was also similarly raising his head to look at her from the crowd. His originally proud expression had already vanished at this moment. His gaze was calm but resolute.

‘Gu Yue, I’m going to take you away from this place no matter what. No one is capable of stopping me from doing so!’

“Hello, everyone. I’m Gu Yuena.” She had spoken. Her voice sounded calm and pleasant without any special emotional fluctuations. However, there was a special form of sympathetic response when her voice was heard in everyone’s ears such that everyone’s heart was involuntarily racing with an impulse to head over to her side.

“I welcome everyone to take part in this festival. I’ll be waiting for you in the finale.”

Upon saying that, Gu Yuena slightly bowed to salute the contestants in the competition arena below. Soon after that, silver light flashed as she disappeared into thin air.

Two simple phrases had ended her opening speech. There were no encouraging words nor affection-instigating phrases. Yet, it was precisely the simple stage pose of hers that seemed to elevate the temperate inside the entire coliseum. Everyone’s blood was boiling, it was boiling for her!

Some had the desire to conquer her while some wanted to worship her. However, they felt the impulse to dash over to her side to protect her and take care of her at the same time.

Silver radiance shimmered. Gu Yuena had once again returned to the main platform. The current Spirit Pagoda’s Pagoda Master, Qiangu Dongfeng was naturally seated right at the center of the main platform.

Qiangu Zhangting and Gu Yuena were separately seated by his sides.

Qiangu Zhangting stretched his body forward at once upon seeing Gu Yuena’s return. He spoke to Gu Yuena across from his grandfather, “Nana, you’re truly magnificent. Your aura is beautiful to behold and you’re simply like a queen.” At this exact moment, his eyes were filled with a fervent glow. He wished that he could swallow her in one gulp at present.

Gu Yuena looked towards him and smiled. “I’m not as good as you say.”

Qiangu Zhangting immediately said, “Of course you are. In fact, you’re even better than my words. The test is about to begin, I’m going to head down too. I’ll marry you right and proper for sure this time.”

Gu Yuena’s charming face blushed. She lowered her head in shyness. Qiangu Zhangting felt his chest turn blazing hot as he looked at her shy face. He immediately stood up and addressed his grandfather before he descended from the platform. Even Qiangu Zhangting had to follow the rules this time so no one could say that the Spirit Pagoda had manipulated the system in secret.

What a waste that both Qiangu Zhangting and Qiangu Dongfeng did not notice the dash of crystal clear coldness in Gu Yuena’s beautiful eyes when she lowered her head.

Qiangu Dongfeng had a smile on his face. “Nana, are you satisfied with this event?”

Gu Yuena nodded. “It’s good.”

Qiangu Dongfeng asked, “Do you really want to use your newest research finding as the reward? If that’s the case, the portion divided for you will be reduced! Do ponder on that first.”

Gu Yuena smiled. “Pagoda Master, why is there a necessity for me to gain so many benefits? Could it be that I’m still lacking in anything at the Spirit Pagoda? There are so many young talents that participate in this festival so it’s precisely the best advertising opportunity for this new product of ours. They certainly can’t stop themselves after using our product. Its biggest characteristic is its sustainability. Moreover, this will result in an elevation of the entire soul masters’ world. Once they’ve gotten used to our spirit ascension liquid, they’ll be even more dependent on Spirit Pagoda in the future. Even though the development of soul devices is affecting the status of soul masters, they still remain as the main pillar of the entire federation. If we don’t release some of the benefits first, how can we achieve better gains?”

“Hahaha!” Qiangu Dongfeng laughed aloud. “Well-said, Nana. You’re growing much faster than I imagined. You’re right. We shall do things according to your wish then. Moreover, I’m going to tell you that all the expenditures for the rewards will be counted on the headquarters. Your portion won’t be diluted. At the same time, I’ll be personally paying a visit to the Blacksmith’s Association and request for Divine Craftsmen Zhen Hua to forge a customized four-word battle armor for both of you regardless of the cost.”

Gu Yuena hastily said, “Thank you for the help, Pagoda Master.

Qiangu Dongfeng burst out laughing aloud. “You’re going to address me as ‘grandfather’ when we’re done with this Joust For A Spouse Festival. By then, I hope to conclude your marriage with Zhangting too. With you assisting by his side while he governs the organization, I can be at ease to gradually pass down the entire Spirit Pagoda to both of you.”

He was overly satisfied with Gu Yuena’s performance. This future granddaughter-in-law of his was not only powerful in her abilities, but she was blessed with special natural endowment in her spirit soul research. Ever since she was young and had just entered the Spirit Pagoda’s hierarchy system, she proposed one topic after another that could resolve many of Spirit Pagoda’s unsolvable issues for many years. Afterward, she had even created man-made black spirit souls such that Spirit Pagoda could truly possess sufficient inner secret to become the number one organization in today’s continent.

She kept up her good work during this recent period of time by similarly developing an epoch-making product for the Spirit Pagoda. Spirit Pagoda was going to announce this information later to shock the entire soul masters’ world in this Joust For A Spouse Festival.

Qiangu Dongfeng was most satisfied in Gu Yuena’s change of research direction actually. This way, she would not be threatening Qiangu Zhangting’s inherited position as the Pagoda Master in the future. Of course, it did not matter anymore when Gu Yuena married him and became a member of the Qiangu clan. Spirit Pagoda would be advancing by leaps and bounds with outstanding talents like his grandson and granddaughter-in-law inheriting it. As the current Pagoda Master, Qiangu Zhangting could finally devote all his spirit, attention, and energy on pursuing the other world.

On the other hand, the test had already officially begun in Mingdu Coliseum at present.

Under the staff’s guidance, the soul masters participating in today’s test arranged themselves into a neat contingent before they began entering the arena from one side. They arrived before a large-scale soul device one by one.

The staff guided them through the loudspeaker. “May I have your attention. The electronic card given to all of you earlier will be used to record the tests. Upon completion of each test, your corresponding score will be recorded in the card. Contestants whose total score exceeds sixty will be allowed to enter the elimination match. A total of ten tests will be administered. The first round is a test of soul power.”

Soul power tester was commonly seen but it was very rare to see a soul power tester of this scale. The benefit of using a large-scale soul power tester was that it could complete the test in the most precise manner at the fastest speed.

The first soul master had already stood on the tester as a layer of white light film covered his body. It took about three seconds for the light film to disappear. Then, he was requested to get down from the tester.

The electronic card in his hand would automatically record his soul power without announcing it to the outsiders.

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