The Legend of the Dragon King

Chapter 1125 - Emergence of a Warning Alert

Chapter 1125: Emergence of a Warning Alert

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‘No wonder he doesn’t fancy me. His lover is so beautiful and even more powerful.’

She witnessed with her own eyes when the purple-haired silhouette crossed over and arrived at Tang Wulin’s side. She fused with him as one during his most dangerous moment.

Even though they stood side by side for such a short moment, Long Yuxue could clearly see that their eyes only saw each other. She had never seen such a look in Tang Wulin’s gaze before.

Even though his face showed more shock than anything else, it was also flooded with emotion.

‘I bet that he can only hold no other in his heart. She is so outstanding and powerful. But why did she leave? She went in such baffling manner that I didn’t even learn her name.’

‘Yes! I supposed only a girl like that deserves him.’

Even Long Yuxue did not understand why she insisted on joining Tang Wulin’s departing unit when they were engaged in internal selection. The original reason she gave her father was that she wished to take a look at the world outside. In reality, what was she hoping to do?

Of course, she was aware of Jiang Wuyue’s feelings for her, but the person who one falls for at first sight will remain as the first choice in one’s heart for eternity! Even though she understood that it was impossible, the stubborn young maiden was still overly absorbed in her ideology.

‘Tang Wulin is the general, the captain of the Blood Dragon Unit. I’m his subordinate, so I guess it’s good for me to take a look at his life too.’

A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi’s feelings were completely different from everybody else’s. As they impatiently flew out of the great snowy mountains, following Tang Wulin, the first thing they felt was freedom. These were two strong, valiant men, but they thought they might just burst into tears at that moment.

They were finally free! They were almost shot to death for no reason! To them, the Blood God Army was simply hell on earth, so they did not wish to have any more contact with the place.

Their hearts were filled with gratitude as they watched Tang Wulin flying forefront. If Tang Wulin had not managed to get there in time, they were afraid that they would truly have been in danger.

Though they all had their own individual feelings, most of the Blood God Army’s soldiers that joined the Blood Dragon Unit with Tang Wulin were around thirty years old and they were all the elites of the elites. The majority were feeling even more fascinated upon leaving the Blood God Army. It had been so long since they left the great mountains. They had almost forgotten what the outside world looked like.

In reality, the soldiers that chose to enter the Blood Dragon Unit came from across the entire army. Many willingly joined after the hero, the Blood Dragon, was crucial in that perilous situation, but even more importantly, the soldiers wished to go outside to take a look too! This was especially true for those who were slightly younger.

In the past, they carried a heavy burden on their shoulders. Who would not wish to take a look at the outside world?! They had finally walked out of the place, so how could they not feel eager to explore?

Tang Wulin was flying forward when he suddenly sensed something and he slowed down slightly.

In order to gauge his Spirit Domain spiritual power cultivation base during his flight, he unleashed his spiritual aura to allow himself to sense even further. This was one of the methods of cultivating spiritual power passed down by Cao Dezhi. The best cultivation method was to reach for one’s limits continuously until one’s spiritual power had achieved a certain level.

Just like a moment ago, Tang Wulin suddenly sensed a blood essence fluctuation soaring to the sky within his spiritual consciousness.

What was that?

This blood essence fluctuation was even more powerful than his own! This was simply unimaginable.

Tang Wulin frowned deeply as he gazed into the distance.

The strength of this blood essence fluctuation far exceeded his own. If his spiritual power had not been great enough, he would not have even been able to sense that. Who was this powerhouse?

Why had such a powerful creature appeared in the distant western frontier of the continent? From a human standpoint, such powerful blood essence fluctuation was completely beyond mankind’s capabilities. Both Tang Wulin and his senior disciple brother A Ruheng’s blood essence fluctuation had already reached the maximum level for a human, but even both of them combined was still no match for the aura he had just sensed.

Tang Wulin raised his hand. The group flying behind reduced their speed immediately.

A Ruheng arrived by Tang Wulin’s side in a flash. “Junior brother, what happened?”

Tang Wulin pointed in the direction detected by his spiritual power. “It seems like there is an extremely powerful creature over there. Should we avoid it or…”

“Avoid it for what? Let’s go take a look.” A Ruheng’s eyes began to glow and he flew toward the location indicated by Tang Wulin without the slightest hesitation.

He was looking to spar with a powerhouse in an attempt to vent the pent-up anger he had gathered while in the Blood God Army. He had planned to have a match with Tang Wulin, but he was feeling slightly embarrassed after Tang Wulin had just saved him and Sima Jinchi. In addition, he had yet to recover from his mood earlier. Suddenly bumping into a worthy opponent was like a wish come true for him!

“Senior brother, slow down.” Tang Wulin hastily flapped the wings on his back as he followed behind. “This blood essence fluctuation was truly extraordinary!”

The rest of the people followed behind hastily. Just then, a roar suddenly came from the distance, precisely where Tang Wulin had said the blood essence fluctuation was coming from.

When the roar was heard, it was as if a giant, primitive beast was stretching its body. In the distance, they saw a golden light which made even the daylight seem dim.

Long Yuxue could not help covering her rosy lips as she sat in the control cabin. Oh my god! What sort of creature was that? It was actually capable of unleashing such terrifying aura.

Flying at the front, A Ruheng hastily came to a halt in the sky while his expression turned slightly grim.

It had only taken one single roar to unleash an aura that could even leave the heavens in awe. Just how powerful would a creature need to be in order to achieve that?

Tang Wulin stopped next to A Ruheng. For some reason, he felt a slight sense of familiarity toward the roar and aura.

Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi stopped at Tang Wulin’s other side. He muttered to himself, “Is it charging at us?”

Uncertainty rippled through Tang Wulin’s eyes. They had just left the Blood God Army, and it had been so well-concealed besides. Why did this powerhouse appear here for no reason?

Firstly, he was certain that it did not have an abyssal aura. Such a powerful abyssal creature could not exist without the abyssal passage.

Secondly, he was sure that it was not an evil soul master. The exuberance of that gush of blood essence fluctuation was almost solid. It was like a small sun, bursting with masculinity, so this was not something an evil soul master could possess.

So, it was neither an evil soul master nor a powerhouse from the abyssal plane. Tang Wulin had not provoked anyone! It was even less possible that someone could time it to such perfection. Could it be that a powerhouse had been engaged in closed-door cultivation here and had just finished?

Tang Wulin shook his head. “Let’s go around it.”

He recognized the great responsibility on himself. The unknown powerhouse’s ability was truly awe-inspiring, so it was better for them to avoid trouble whenever possible. It was best that they bypass it.

Nevertheless, there are some things that are unavoidable, no matter how hard you try.

Just as Tang Wulin was planning to have the group to circle around the other direction, the source of the incredible blood essence fluctuation seemed to have noticed them. In only a fraction of a second, the thick blood essence fluctuation was coming toward them at lightning speed. From a bird’s-eye view, One could even see a ball of dense duskgold radiance shooting toward them.

“Is it truly heading toward us?” A Ruheng raised an eyebrow.

Tang Wulin frowned. “Everyone, stay alert.”

There was no need for him to give orders as the Blood God Army’s soldiers were all very experienced in actual combat. Twenty-four black mecha dispersed rapidly as they arranged themselves battle formation best suited to each person’s skills. They formed a semi-circular barrier in front of Tang Wulin’s group of three people.

Instinctively, Jiang Wuyue made his black mecha shield Long Yuxue, while Long Yuxue pulled the gigantic soul firearm from her back and placed it on her shoulder.

The enormous firearm was glowing with dashes of blue light on its surface as it gave out a soft humming sound.

Ma Shan stood in front of Ling Wuyue with a pair of war hammers in his black mecha’s hands. They were even larger than those he had used against Ma Shan previously. Faint green light shimmered on the war hammers which was not just for aesthetics. The surface was equipped with high-frequency oscillatory wave. Even a black mecha’s protective shield could not withstand many strikes coming from the combined might of his monstrous strength and high-frequency tremors.

A slight smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s face. He drew a circle with his hands as his entire body emitted a brilliant light. Faint golden radiance emerged as his two-word battle armor attached to his body.

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