The Invincible Dragon Emperor

Chapter 1052 - Obliteration

Chapter 1052: Obliteration

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The nine universes had quite a number of warriors that had ascended to the Divinity but Emperor Heng was the only one to make it back. Soon after his return, he died. He left behind a Forbidden Ground of Elder God and a grand gift.

Sending Relics back from the Divinity could only be done at great cost. Not even God of Sorcerer and God of Barbarian could bear such a cost. Even so, it was not entirely impossible.

Yan Tiangang had sent back some items!

He was the only warrior that sent back Relics to the nine universes and that was also why the Yan Family could become the most powerful family in the nine universes.

Yan Gu had a Relic in his hand and that was sent back by Yan Tiangang for sure. The Divine Resources Yan Gu mentioned was also an item in the Divinity. Divine Resources might be nothing in the Divinity, but it was highly valuable in the mortal world.

For those items, the warriors at the peak of the Semi-God Realm were exerting their best efforts. Yan Gu took the lead. He also mentioned that the others only needed to pretend to attack and he would take care of the rest, which emboldened others.

The warriors did not swarm over together. Even though they were going to make-believe, they should make it real, nonetheless. The warriors fanned out. For one thing, this could buy them an extra second so Yan Gu could go first and for another, the attack range could be enlarged so they could have an easier way of retreat.

“Swish, swish~”

All Semi-God Realm warriors took actions, filling the air with varied attacks. The warriors maintained their distance. They all targeted at the plaza. They might not be able to shatter the statue but at the very least, they should act like they could. It was the grandeur and fright that mattered.

Someone was frightened. Zi Lian screamed and dashed out from the yard. Looking at the scene, she suddenly shouted, “Lu Li, help me—”

Emperor of Heaven Reverse’s shadow did not show any emotions. He did not mock how overconfident those warriors were. Instead, Emperor of Heaven Reverse seemed quite confused—why those warriors were being so desperate? The closer they were to the statue, the more likely they would die.


The Semi-God Realm warriors had arrived at the city and were striking at the statue. Emperor of Heaven Reverse took immediate actions. In the shadow, the book shone brightly as many golden characters flew out, from a wall that shielded most of the strikes.

“Boom, boom, boom~”

That being said, some attacks landed on the castles nearby, one of which was the yard Zi Lian was at. She tried to run at once but was smashed away by the blast. Her dress was ripped apart, exposing her skin and there were traces of blood there.

“Lu Li, help me—”

Zi Lian’s voice echoed in the spacious city. In the distance, Lu Li was about to attack at Li Family Patriarch who was entangled by the golden characters. Lu Li heard her voice and threw a glance. It just so happened that he saw Zi Lian being smashed away. He flew toward the statue at once.

“Whoosh, whoosh~”

As the warriors attacked from the distance, Emperor of Heaven Reverse’s shadow gained momentum. Divine energy was surging. Obviously, Emperor of Heaven Reverse was about to resort to more powerful skills to kill the Semi-God Realm warriors one by one.

“This isn’t right!”

Lu Li’s heart skipped a beat. Why did Yan Gu and the others take the initiative to fly to the statue? God of Sorcerer and God of Barbarian’s avatars had just come not long ago, and those Semi-God Realm warriors were afraid to come close. Death would be inevitable if they came to Emperor of Heaven Reverse who was a mighty warrior in the Divinity.

This was abnormal!

Lu Li checked the city with psychic power and finally, saw Zi Lian who was smashed to the location of the statue. When Lu Li noticed the cold glare in her eyes, he suddenly came to his senses. “Emperor, be careful of Zi Lian!” Lu Li shouted.

“Ha, ha, ha, it is too late!”

As Lu Li shouted, the traces of fright vanished from Zi Lian’s face and in its place was a sneer that indicated an evil plan had been executed. She was only dozens of feet away from the statue of Emperor of Heaven Reverse.


From Zi Lian’s body rose a stream of horrifying energy that appeared to have turned her from a vulnerable girl to a dragon in an instant. Yan Gu and the others were familiar with this energy. It was… the might of an immortal!


Even Yan Gu was stunned at this moment. How could this human girl be so strong? She should be a weak girl that could be easily crushed. Now, she had become that one that could easily crush others to death.


Zi Lian poured out cyan-colored energy toward the statue. Her move was quick and strong, bearing down with the momentum that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

“Method of Enslaved Spirit?”

Emperor of Heaven Reverse’s shadow frowned. His face looked solemn. The book glowed as more characters came out to form a wall in front of the statue.

He shouted coldly, “Who are you? I am Venerable Heaven Reverse of the Sword Sect. May we have a word?”


The sharp cyan-colored attack swarmed over, crushing the wall of runes formed by Emperor of Heaven Reverse. Zi Lian laughed. “Venerable Heaven Reverse, I know you. But… we cannot talk. The Wicked Bead must be mine!


The cyan-colored attack whooshed into the statue which fell into dust. The golden characters disappeared, including those around Lu Li.

Everyone fell silent at the moment. Many stared at the ripped statue, the dust, frozen on the ground.


Lu Li was shocked as well. But he reacted fast. The moment the golden characters vanished, he dashed into the Wicked Bead. Or else, the next second, he would be stabbed to death by Li Family Patriarch.

Yan Gu and the others were frozen in the air. Emperor of Heaven Reverse’s statue crushed, but it did not make them more delightful at all. It was because what Zi Lian said and… her powers!

“Method of Enslaved Spirit?”

Yan Gu recalled Emperor of Heaven Reverse’s words. The former curled his lips. He had heard of such method and he had realized that Zi Lian had tricked him to use him.

Method of Enslaved Spirit was not a high level one in the Divinity. Many immortals knew this, and Yan Tiangang had mentioned it before. To put it simply, Method of Enslaved Spirit was an immortal using an avatar to control a mortal’s soul to turn the mortal into a slave or puppet.

In other words—

Zi Lian was not the old Zi Lian. Her body was being controlled by another soul, an avatar of an immortal.

This immortal must have taken control of Zi Lian long ago and had been lying in waiting. She ruined the statue of Emperor of Heaven Reverse by making the most of the chance, so as to have complete control of the situation.

Even though this was also an avatar, but the Method of Enslaved Spirit clearly had more powers. Statues could not move. Without statues and altars, an immortal would lose media of communication and could not manifest in the world.

Method of Enslaved Spirit was different. By controlling a puppet, the immortal’s avatar could move at will.

More importantly—Zi Lian had good abilities. Her body must be firmer than the statue, which meant this immortal could use much stronger skills.

Immortals had powerful skills. However, statues were too weak to bear that kind of power. Naturally, the more intimidating skills could not be used.

Now, this immortal had controlled Zi Lian, possessing a powerful body. The strength and skill the immortal could leverage were stronger. To kill Yan Gu and the others were just a piece of cake.

“This is very good!”

A man suddenly bellowed in wrath, which broke the silence in the Demon-slaying City. “God of Wings, how nice! I, Lu Li, swear that if I go to the Divinity, I will make sure that I obliterate you!” Lu Li said, with hatred.

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