The Great Ruler

Chapter 294 – Eliminate

Chapter 294 – Eliminate


Just when the group charged towards the sea of spiritual lights, the massive Spiritual Pawn army sensed their undulated Spiritual Energies as some buzzing and cries resounded. Those Spiritual Pawns light figures also burst out at this moment, and headed towards the direction of Mu Chen and the group.

Although all those Spiritual Pawns don’t have any intellect, they possessed keen perception for Spiritual Energies. The instant there was any Spiritual Energy ripples that appeared from their perceptive range, they would instantly start their assault.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he faced the huge army of Spiritual Pawns. The amount of that army surpassed hundreds and as the Spiritual Energies resounded, the fluctuations that were emitting from them could not be belittled.

“Let’s go!”

Mu Chen issued a faint bark as his pitch black Spiritual Energy became similar to smoke that swept out. He threw a punch that was infused with his blazing black Spiritual Energy flames. The instant they came into contact with the Spiritual Pawns, the flames had instantly broke their way through.

As those Spiritual Pawns broke down, faint scarlet spiritual lights were formed from them and were seized by Mu Chen. This harvest made an uncontrollable joy surface from his eyes. Prior to this, they had worked so hard to just obtain a few dozen Spiritual Lights. But once they reached here, their harvest was already so huge after a short moment.

Searching for gathering points was, indeed, the best way to harvest Spiritual Lights in the Hunting War.

Furthermore, Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy had merged with the Nine Netherflames, which would even set alight Spiritual Energy. Henceforth, it was simply the best weapon to deal with the Spiritual Pawns, which were formed from Spiritual Energy.

At the rear, when An Ran and her group saw the violently charging Spiritual Pawns being wrecked by Mu Chen, they had astonishment surfacing in their eyes. Although the strength of those Spiritual Pawns was comparable to Heavenly Fusion Stage experts and were also considered easy to deal with, it was simply impossible for them, if they wanted to have such destructive effects like Mu Chen.

They took a glance at Mu Chen, before shifting their eyes to Luo Li. That girl closely followed beside Mu Chen as she held onto her longsword. Her sword wasn’t drawn but a powerful and sharp sword aura had already charged towards those Spiritual Pawns, instantly destroying them. Her speed of eliminating those Spiritual Pawns wasn’t any inferior to Mu Chen.

“How formidable…”

An Ran and her group looked at each other. Their speeds were way too inferior to Mu Chen, which made them to shake their heads as they bitterly smiled uncontrollably. Those two freshmen were simply too frightening.

At this point, there was already a disturbance caused by Mu Chen’s big group in the crater with ocean-like Spiritual Energy. Aside from Mu Chen’s side, the other three groups were also like ferocious tigers that had descended from the mountains. Furthermore, the charge of those three parties broke up the massive amount of Spiritual Pawns.

Due to the fact that they had more numbers, their efficiency wasn’t too bad, but compared to Mu Chen and Luo Li’s group of five, they were slightly weaker.

Everyone was doing all they could as they charged into the depths of the spiritual light ocean. As they’re well aware of the existence of the Spiritual Knights. As long as you killed a Spiritual Knight, the amount of Spiritual Lights that they would obtain would be comparable to thousands of Spiritual Pawns.

As they gradually advanced deeper, they started to feel some pressure as an endless amount of Spiritual Pawns would continuously charge towards them. As Spiritual Energies clashed, this also meant a huge exhaustion for them.

The other three groups seemed to have experience in such battles as they formed an arrowhead formation, which they would constantly take turns to withstand the largest impacts. As for those that backed down, they would make some adjustments before going up again.

However, even with their teamwork, their speeds of eliminating those Spiritual Pawns could not be comparable to Mu Chen and Luo Li.

As time passed, the speed of Mu Chen and the rest suddenly slowed down as they realised that even those Spiritual Pawns had sensed that the greatest threat came from them. Henceforth, more Spiritual Pawns started to gather towards them.

“They’re loosening the pressure to let us attract those Spiritual Pawns.” Luo Li’s eyes flickered as she said softly.

She could sense that the other three groups had slowed down their speed in dealing with Spiritual Pawns and as their speed slowed down, the Spiritual Pawns would naturally gather in their direction, who were the greatest threat to them.

“Those fellows are despicable!” An Ran and the other two girls said in anger. They had never thought that those fellows would actually play such a method secretly.

Mu Chen however, lightly smiled in reply. They were originally in a competition. Their so-called ‘cooperation relationship’ was extremely frail. The instant the rest saw their powerful strength, they would naturally play some tactics.

“Since they want to head to the depths so quickly, then let them be. We just have to eliminate all the Spiritual Pawns here.” Mu Chen said calmly.

In fact, he wasn’t in a rush to get to the Spiritual Knight as he could sense powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from the depths. Clearly, those Spiritual Knights weren’t ordinary existences, either. If those three other groups intended on abandoning them to take down those Spiritual Knights, it would definitely not be an easy task.

When An Ran saw that Mu Chen still maintained his calmness, she nodded as she spoke no more and closely followed his lead. Thereafter, she started to store the Spiritual Lights that were formed from Spiritual Pawns that were killed by Mu Chen and Luo Li.

When Mu Chen’s group attracted the greatest pressure, the other three groups were, indeed, searching for an opportunity and burst forth, directly ripping apart those layers of Spiritual Pawns before quickly charging towards the depths.

Mu Chen glanced at their back figures from a distance, before retracting his sight. Not paying the slightest attention at them trying to eat those huge “cakes” as he set his mind on going all out with Luo Li to slaughter those Spiritual Pawns.

As time passed, more and more Spiritual Pawns were being wrecked under their hands. Turning into Spiritual Lights that were formed from majestic Spiritual Energies. Those Spiritual Light lingered around them before being quickly kept away by the An Ran trio.

“Mu Chen, we’ve already accumulated more than 800 Spiritual Lights!” As more and more Spiritual Lights were being taken by them, dense joy started to surface on their faces. More than 800 Spiritual Lights, this could already be considered as an ample harvest.

When Mu Chen heard her words, he also lightly smiled as he swept his sight. The Spiritual Pawns in their region had clearly become thinner and thinner. From the looks of it, a majority of them were slaughtered by them.

Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, there was abrupt bursts of Spiritual Energy fluctuations at the depths of this region. A ring of Spiritual Energy fluctuations that were visible to the naked eye rippled out and even caused cracks to appear on the ground.


A shriek resounded from the location of the Spiritual Energy ripples, along with waves of violent Spiritual Energy ripples rippling out. Clearly, there was a bitter confrontation.

“Let’s head to the deepest parts.” When Mu Chen saw the situation, he waved his hand and changed his direction as he flew towards the depths. From the looks of it, the three other groups had already started their battle with the Spiritual Knight.

After experiencing the massacre, the amount of Spiritual Pawns in this region had decreased by a lot. Henceforth, Mu Chen and his lot could easily pass through and, very quickly, the scene at the depths appeared before their eyes.

The deepest region was a leveled ground and, at this moment, the three other teams were encircled by the majestic spiritual lights. Within the spiritual lights, there were seven to eight tall, yet fuzzy, light figures.

Those light figures were several feet in height, being several folds more robust compared to ordinary Spiritual Pawns. The Spiritual Energy fluctuations within their bodies were comparable to Heavenly Transformation Stage experts. Especially one of the light figures amongst them, as it had a more condensed figure. The Spiritual Energy fluctuation coming from it had already reached Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase.

“Seven Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase and one Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase.”

Even Mu Chen couldn’t help narrowing his eyes upon this sight. No wonder the three other teams were forced to such sorry states, so it turned out that their opponents had such powerful formations.

An Ran and the other two also sensed how fearsome those Spiritual Knights were, and their faces also changed, before An Ran spoke with a low voice, “What should we do?”

“We’ll wait.” Mu Chen’s face was calm, without any sign of helping them out. Since the three other parties liked to be first, then they can be the cannon fodder. In any case, it would even be troublesome for them, if they were to deal with the formation of the seven Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase and one Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase Spiritual Knights. So why not let those teams exhaust those Spiritual Knights?

Originally, he had planned on cooperating together and mutually share the harvest. Since the other party had intended on using them as bait, then he would, naturally, not be polite to them as well.

The three other teams saw the arrival of Mu Chen’s team and they felt happy. However, when they saw that Mu Chen had no signs of helping them, their faces became unnatural. They understood that Mu Chen was disgusted with their actions earlier on.

“Mu Chen, didn’t we come to an agreement of cooperating? Why aren’t you helping?” Chen Peng clenched his teeth as he barked, thickening the skin of his face.

The people in the two other parties had their face slightly flushed. After all, they did not have such thick skin like Chen Peng and could only brace themselves to deal with the Spiritual Knights without speaking a word.

“Tsk, you guys were the ones that dump us earlier and had us attract all the firepower.” An Ran rebuked.

Chen Peng clenched his teeth and he could not say anything else. After all, he was also prideful and since his intentions were seen though, he naturally did not have any face to bed Mu Chen, but could only rebuke her words, “If we lose, you guys can deal with those Spiritual Knights, instead.”

Mu Chen smiled, but he wasn’t bothered by his words and continued to wait quietly for their defeat.

Boom! Boom!

The Spiritual Energy fluctuations in the field turned even more violent as the Spiritual Knights started their violent offense. As Spiritual Energy swept about, the three groups constantly had people flying out.

Their original battle formation also started to crumble.


The Spiritual Knight whose strength had reached Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase burst out as it ferociously clashed against Chen Peng with a lump of violent Spiritual Energy. The ground cracked and the latter’s face turned pale as he spurted a mouthful of blood.


Chen Peng finally could not endure it anymore as he barked while climbing up in a sorry state.

Hearing his bark, his team started to rapidly retreat. They understood that it was probably impossible for them to take down those Spiritual Knights.

As they retreated, the two other teams also immediately withdrew. However, once they got out of the Spiritual Knights’ attack range, they stopped. Clearly, they were unwilling to leave this place.

“Mu Chen, it was our fault earlier on. However, it’s impossible for you to take down those Spiritual Knights and can only join hands with us in order for us to benefit mutually.” Chen Peng unwillingly said to Mu Chen. However, his tone of voice this time around was a lot more softer.

Although the two other groups did not voice their opinions, they clearly had the same thoughts.

Mu Chen indifferently glanced at them and, shortly after, he smiled. However, there wasn’t any warmth in his smile.

“Who says that we’re incapable of taking them down?”

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