The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 1732 - Internal Strife Among the Dragon Race (2)

Chapter 1732 – Internal Strife Among the Dragon Race (2)

“When His Little Highness came out of the egg, he was very weak. The devil energy in Her Highness Long Miao’s

body had been passed to His Little Highness. When His Little Highness was born, he was only one-third of the size

of a normal young dragon. Her Highness used all her strength to stabilize his life. But at that time, Long Yan

suddenly led his dragon troops and the undead to attack us! Her Highness Long Miao had just consumed a lot of

strength and couldn’t fight at all. Over ten six-winged silver dragon soldiers in the territory were able to resist them

for some time, but Long Yan actually got the skeleton of an eight-winged golden dragon to be resurrected by the

undead. Once the eight-winged bone dragon appeared, along with Long Yan, it slaughtered all the silver dragons,

and the only surviving one was Long Shi.”

The red dragon’s eyes were full of tears. It was as if the scenes of the day their clan suffered the disaster of

annihilation were playing right before his eyes. In order to protect their Dragon Queen and Dragon Prince, countless

companions charged to the enemy successively and the blood of the dragons constantly stained the earth outside the


“Her Highness Long Miao knew that we couldn’t resist the attack of Long Yan, so she asked us to flee with His

Little Highness who was just born, while she herself, together with Long Shi, fought against the eight-winged bone

dragon and Long Yan. Finally, in order to let us successfully flee with His Little Highness, she chose to explode

herself; it was also so that her body would not fall into the hands of the undead.”

The red dragon was already sobbing. As they fled with their Little Highness at that time, they watched Long Miao

above the sky choosing to self-explode while she was glued to the eight-winged bone dragon. Although Long Miao

was seriously injured, the eight-winged golden dragon’s self-explosion could not be a low-grade explosion for

anyone. She destroyed the only eight-winged bone dragon under Long Yan with her own life and bought the red

dragons time to escape.

To this day, the red dragons still vaguely remembered the scene when their Dragon Queen was entangled with the

bone dragon at high altitude, the scene of her self-explosion, the scene of the whole valley trembling with the

tremendous sound of explosions, and the strong impact that swept all the enemy troops nearby, causing flowers of

blood to dance in the sky.

Long Miao’s blood dyed the whole sky red.

“Long Shi ultimately hindered Long Yan and we were able to escape successfully. At the beginning, there were

more than three thousand dragons protecting His Little highness together. But in the past thousand years, Long Yan

never stopped pursuing us. No matter where we fled, he could always find us in a very short time. Wave after wave

of attacks have killed our companions… Now they are all dead… Only the two of us are left…” The red dragon

eventually burst into uncontrollable crying.

His peers who grew up together with them died in front of their own eyes, and their most respected Dragon Queen

destroyed herself in order to let them escape.

Never before had they felt extreme hatred like that. They hated the viciousness of Long Yan, they hated the

cunningness of the undead, and they hated their own lack of power.

The description of the red dragon silenced all the people present; Qian Yuan and the two dragons on the side were

already crying in sorrow.

Taotie and Vermillion Bird stood beside Shen Yanxiao, firmly grabbing each of Shen Yanxiao’s sleeves.

The destruction of Long Huang’s clan was so shocking that they could almost imagine how tragic the battle of their

annihilation was.

Shen Yanxiao’s mouth was somewhat dry. She admired Long Miao’s heroism. Facing the life and death of their

whole clan, she did not choose to escape. Instead, she stepped forward at the first instant and bought some time for

the other dragons to escape.

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