The Devil’s Cage

Chapter 49: All Out

Chapter 49: All Out

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Bang! Bang! Bang!

As Kieran came out of his cover, gunshots were fired from the roof once again.

In the darkness of the night, Kieran moved like a cat, all swift hands and fast legs.

The bullets missed him and hit the ground, splattering waves of dirt and sand. They looked like animals trailing behind Kieran, unable to catch him.

His E- Rank Agility, Master Level [Evading] and special effect [Master of Swift Steps] were more than effective against a bunch of thugs with poor shooting skills. Kieran avoided the incoming bullets as if he was dancing a waltz.

Everyone was in awe of him. He quickly pulled the fallen policeman up and rolled away. Soon he was back behind the cover, where Leschuder was.

"He needs a medic!"

Kieran delivered the wounded policeman to his comrades. The man looked at Kieran with grateful eyes and smiled.

Kieran would save anyone on the team if it was within his power.

"Tha.. Thank you!" Leschuder said with a stutter.

Before Kieran could reply, Leschuder turned around and looked viciously at Shuberg, who was on the second floor of the building across the street.

If it was not for those explosives, he would not have embarrassed himself and stooped so low as to thank an amateur.

Although Leschuder had been sincere in thanking Kieran, that still did not diminish his hate for Shuberg.

As a matter of fact, if were not for those unexpected explosives, Leschuder could have taken Shuberg by himself and would not have had to ask for backup.

Even after Chief Officer John’s backup had arrived, Leschuder still had not been confident that he could bring down Shuberg.

After all, Shuberg had too much firepower.

"Do we really need to call in the army?"

The dilemma had formed in Leschuder’s mind. Unconsciously, he rejected the idea, but his senses told him that it was the only solution.

"If we do, it will bring disgrace to the police force!"

Leschuder’s eyes became darker. He could already imagine the headlines in the newspapers the next day calling the police force useless.

"Goddamn it!"

Leschuder punched the ground hard. Just the thought of it made him upset.

"It’s not over until we give up!" Kieran told Leschuder, who raised his head and looked at him. "Deputy, if I may, I would like to know what the situation on the other side is. Perhaps I could come up with something." Kieran words sounded modest, but his tone carried a sense of strong confidence.


Leschuder felt like mocking the amateur’s overconfidence, but he held himself back as he remembered that Kieran had saved both him and one of his men.

However, he still did not think that Kieran would have any kind of plan, despite the fact that he had displayed some exceptional gun skills earlier.

The situation at hand could not be solved just by having good gun skills.

Kieran could guess what Leschuder was thinking.

The Deputy Chief Officer was not good at hiding his emotions.

It was easy to find a way to deal with this kind of person.

"Don’t tell me that you don’t even have the courage to try?" Kieran said with a smile.

The light mockery infuriated Leschuder even more. His face turned red and he took a deep breath before he said straightforwardly, "You think you can solve this, when me and dozens of my men could not? There are at least twenty men on Shuberg’s side, and every single one of them is armed! They have an unknown amount of explosives. It has to be over a hundred, by the looks of it. Those bastards have blocked the windows on the first and second floor. Anyone wanting to go in has to go through the roof! Goddamn it! If I find out who gave them those guns, I’ll squeeze their balls out of them!" Leschuder released his anger, punching the floor angrily.

"So there’s at least twenty men, everyone’s armed, and there’s an unknown numbers of explosives?"

Kieran squinted his eyes as he listened to the Deputy. His mind was calculating, assessing the situation across the street.

The darkness of the night did not pose a problem for Kieran. The moonlight allowed him to see clearly what was going on the other side. The thugs who had fired had gone back inside to reload, but three more thugs had appeared on the rooftop with fully-loaded guns.

One of them held an unlit homemade explosive in his hand.

Suddenly, an idea popped into Kieran’s mind.

"Deputy, can you take out one of the guys up there?" he asked.

"Of course, but there’s two more!"

"Leave the remaining two to me. I have a plan! It looks like they have lots of explosives. With that many explosives, all we need is a spark and they’ll go boom and fly straight into hell!" Kieran explained his plan.

"Are you crazy? Do you even know what you’re talking about?" Leschuder shook his head as he heard Kieran’s plan.

To him, the mission was impossible.

The broad street and the two-storey-high building were problematic enough, but if anyone somehow did manage to climb up to the roof, they would still be showered by bullets.

"Of course I do! Why won’t you let me try? Do you have a better plan? Or have you resigned yourself to being everyone’s tea-time joke?" Kieran said with a smile.

"Fine! But you’ll be acting alone! This has nothing to do with us!" Leschuder clenched his teeth in anger.

"My pleasure!"

Kieran was not surprised by Leschuder’s acceptance.

Although they had only spend a little time together, Leschuder was very bad at hiding his emotions. Kieran already knew what kind of man he was.

"So, shall we?" Kieran said as he rolled out.

He got out of cover, the [M1905] and [Viper-M1] in his hands firing simultaneously.

Bang! Bang!


Two shots were fired, followed by a third one.

Kieran was fast, but Leschuder was not slow either.

Two men, three shots, all of them finding their target.

Leschuder was amazed by Kieran’s gun skills and how he could fire almost at the same time.

As a matter of fact, Kieran had not fired together.

However, the difference was not noticeable and his speed was extremely fast. To Leschuder, it had almost looked like he had fired both shots at once.

"Cover me!" Kieran asked Leschuder.

Then he placed the [Viper-M1] down on the floor, and dashed out towards the enemy’s building.

The next moment, Leschuder witnessed a scene that had his jaw dropping and his gun hand shaking.

He clearly saw Kieran dash swiftly across the street at an abnormally fast speed, jump high into the air like a monkey, and grab onto the balcony on the second floor.

The whole process did not even take three seconds.

Suddenly, two of Shuberg’s men appeared on the roof again.

The men did not startle Leschuder, who was focused on his mission.

The moment they appeared, he fired his gun.

"Cover him!" Leschuder shouted. Instead of reloading his gun, he took another fully-loaded gun from one of the men beside him and aimed to fire.

The other policemen had also seen Kieran’s courageous ascend to the building, and at the Deputy’s shout, they all provided Kieran cover without any further delay.

With a series of gunshots, they took down Shuberg’s men, who had just appeared on the roof.

While all this was happening, Kieran climbed higher and higher up until he reached the rooftop and checked out the situation there.

A big piece of the roof had broken off, creating a giant hole. Shuberg’s men came in and out of the building using two wooden ladders.

Kieran could see Shuberg’s men inside the building through the hole in the roof. The thugs had also noticed Kieran’s presence.

"Get that son of a bitch!"

The voice had come out of the inside the building, and the thugs obeyed it by picking up their guns and firing at the spot where Kieran was standing.

Before they could fire though, Kieran had already rolled out of the way.

He already had a plan in his mind. Without a second thought, he pulled out the [U-II] grenade, released the pin and threw it inside the hole.

Then he quickly stood up and dashed away from the grenade. He ran along the roof and leapt up towards another rooftop about eight meters away.

Other than Shuberg’s men, Kieran had also seen an open box of homemade explosives in the roof hole.

The grenade would definitely detonate the explosives, so if Kieran remained in the area, he would be caught in the explosion.


Just as Kieran landed on the nearby rooftop and rolled away, the building behind him exploded with a bang. Kieran was unable to withstand the explosive force. In an instant, it had sent him rolling even further away.

While he rolled, Kieran could clearly see Shuberg and his men on the second floor of the burning building. They were lit up like human torches.

The bright explosives illuminated half the night sky.

The brightness also shed light on Leschuder and his men, and their stunned expressions.

They could not believe what they were seeing.

Kieran had done this?

Kieran had done it!

One of the police officers screamed out loud, soon followed by the applause of the remaining men.

Even Leschuder could not mask the happiness on his face.

The police officers thought of the person who had pulled off this miracle. While Kieran was still struggling to get to his feet, the others started cheering and heading towards the roof he had landed on.

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