The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage

Chapter 31 - Why Are You Eating This Junk Food?

Chapter 31: Why Are You Eating This Junk Food?

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Gu Jingze smiled as he looked at her, but he knew that he would break out in a rash if he touched her. This was why he never had the desire to touch her when he saw her. But right at this moment, he still felt uncomfortable all over as if he was about to break out in a rash soon.

His brow furrowed as he looked towards her. “Did you do something to the room? Why do I feel a little uncomfortable?”

Mo Huiling paused before saying, “I… I sprayed a bit of perfume here.”

Gu Jingze sighed and looked at her. “Huiling, you could’ve told me directly that you wanted me to come and see you. But how can you say that you’ve fallen ill?”

Gu Jingze asked in a calm voice because he had known from the moment he entered that she was feigning illness.

Mo Huiling was shocked, never expecting him to see through her plans. Currently, she was still biting her lip as she said, “I just thought that you didn’t want to come and see me, so I…”

Gu Jingze lowered his head only to see that he had indeed broken out in a rash.

When Mo Huiling saw that Gu Jingze was looking around the room with a slight expression of dislike showing on his face, she quickly said, “Let’s go out and sit instead.”

Luckily, she had chosen a very beautiful nightgown. She got up and adjusted herself gracefully. Gu Jingze looked down her body, finding her dressing overly skimpy, but he made no comment and kept the thought to himself. He smiled at her and walked out.

Gu Jingze knew that Mo Huiling looked very sexy dressed like this. However, perhaps because he knew that he would break out in a rash upon touching her, he still felt no attraction at all despite her being so beautiful.

Seeing as Gu Jingze did not even look at her, Mo Huiling felt slightly disappointed for a moment. However, she got used to it gradually and thought to herself that this was just the way he was anyway. Ever since he fell ill, he could not get aroused from women.

He had no interest in her and he would have no interest in Lin Che either.

She said to Gu Jingze, “Eat something with me before you go back.”

Gu Jingze said, “Okay, I didn’t eat anything before coming over either.”

Upon hearing that Gu Jingze was so anxious when he heard she was ill, Mo Huiling smiled happily. “Alright, I’ll get someone to make some steak. You must compensate me at home here with my candlelight dinner.”

However, the maid came over and said, “Miss, the power at home has been cut. There’s no way to cook anything.”

Mo Huiling yelled angrily, “How can this be? Make a call and ask about this. Settle this for me immediately!”

The maid said in a troubled tone, “Miss, this half of the city has no power. They said that it got cut while maintenance works were being conducted on the circuit. They’re still rushing to fix it.”

Mo Huiling was insufferably angry. How could such an unfortunate thing happen? It was so rare for Gu Jingze to come. They could have eaten dinner together, drank some wine, and if he felt too tired, he could have stayed overnight.

When Mo Huiling thought of how he had a wife living in that house with him, she simply felt uncomfortable letting him go home now.

Gu Jingze said, “Forget it, Huiling. Don’t trouble them.” He had indeed not eaten and was hungry. After thinking for some time, he said to the maid without further ado, “If there’s a solid-fuel stove, just buy some cup noodles for us to eat.”

Upon hearing this, the maid stared with widened eyes for quite some time. Mo Huiling did the same. Surprised, she said, “You want to eat cup noodles?”

Gu Jingze said, “Yes, Huiling. If you eat cup noodles once in a while, it still tastes pretty good.” Thereafter, he said firmly to the maid, “Just go buy some cup noodles for us.”

Not daring to neglect his instructions, the maid hurried out.

Mo Huiling looked at Gu Jingze with hesitation. “Why did you suddenly think of eating this?”

Gu Jingze said, “It’s really quite nice. Try eating it and you’ll know.”

Of course, Mo Huiling did not want to eat it. How could people of their status casually eat that kind of junk food?

However, it was difficult for her to reject since Gu Jingze had suggested it.

Soon, she saw the maid return with cup noodles. The maid brought it to the kitchen to prepare it and shortly, its aroma wafted out. It was very pungent and even masked the scent of the expensive perfume on her body. It made her feel even more repulsed.

Frowning, she looked on as the cup noodles were served. Although it was garnished and presented properly, looking at it still made her feel disgusted.

Looking at it, Gu Jingze thought that it looked very similar to what Lin Che had made the other day. In an instant, it worked up his appetite.

He sat down and slowly began eating.

Upon seeing him actually eat it with such relish, Mo Huiling was shocked. When she herself looked at it, she still found it difficult to swallow.

With their status, it was not right for them to eat cup noodles. It could not compare to pasta.

After finishing half the bowl, Gu Jingze noticed that Mo Huiling had managed to eat only two mouthfuls. He raised his head and said, “Why? Is it not good?”

Mo Huiling could not hide the condescending look on her face. “Jingze, this is junk food. You shouldn’t eat it either. It’s not good for your body. And it’s so dirty too.”

Gu Jingze’s appetite immediately vanished because of her words. He looked at Mo Huiling. Even though he knew that she was referring to the cup noodles, he just felt as if she was calling Lin Che dirty.

Unknowingly, he had associated cup noodles with Lin Che.

He felt slightly unhappy but did not show it.

He knew that he could not force Mo Huiling to like what she did not like. However, he was a little disappointed. He did not expect her to dislike it. So he simply said, “Don’t eat it if you don’t like it. I know that this isn’t too healthy.”

He could understand; after all, Mo Huiling was like him. From a young age, both of them had received a distinguished and refined education. It was a given that they would not be used to things like cup noodles.

Seeing that Mo Huiling was fine, he stood up and said, “I’m full. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first.”

Lin Che was still in the hospital. It was fine for him to leave temporarily in the day but at night, she simply moved too much in her sleep. He could not be at ease letting someone else watch over her. In the event that she tore open her wound, the scar would only become larger.

That would be too ugly for a girl.

Furthermore, her skin was so beautiful. It was softer and whiter than snow. He could not bear for it to have a single blemish.

“Are you that busy?” Mo Huiling felt slightly reluctant to part with him as she looked longingly at Gu Jingze.

As Gu Jingze looked at her pitiful expression, he felt a tinge of hesitation. But when he thought of Lin Che, he steeled his heart on his decision to return.

“Huiling, I’ll keep you company again when I’m no longer busy.”

Seeing that he was so certain, Mo Huiling could only purse her lips and walk him out. She also knew that it was likely impossible to change his mind once he had decided on something.

After Gu Jingze left, Mo Huiling turned back to look at the two bowls of noodles. She said fiercely to the maid, “Who bought these cup noodles? Throw all of them out. Buying such dirty things and bringing them home… it smells horrible. Clean up the room thoroughly. I don’t want to smell even a hint of this odor.”

With nothing to do in the hospital, Lin Che surfed through the television channels and watched the entertainment news. She saw Gu Jingyu’s interview during which he said that filming for the drama was still ongoing. Because of her injury, she had taken a few days off. Unexpectedly, the production team had immediately allowed her time off and did not trouble her at all.

She saw that filming for the series was still proceeding like wildfire. She felt very anxious as well and wanted to quickly go back to participate in the filming. After all, this was a crucial opportunity for her, so she had no intention to easily give it up.

As Lin Che pondered over the matter, Gu Jingze returned and saw her watching the television. Walking in, he asked, “Have you eaten dinner?”

Lin Che replied with an “oh”. Seeing as he looked refreshed, she figured that he must have returned from visiting Mo Huiling. However, she did not point this out. “I’ve eaten. I’ve taken my medicine too.”

“That’s good.”

“The doctor said that I can be discharged tomorrow and rest at home,” she said.

Gu Jingze frowned, “Really? I think you should still stay under their care for a few days.”

The doctor had said so too, but Lin Che wanted to get back to filming quickly.

She could only be Madam Gu for a few years. Sooner or later they would divorce, so she had to be able to hold her own.

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