The 99th Divorce

Chapter 28: Did You Do It?

Chapter 28: Did You Do It?

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Indeed, after she found herself a good husband, the bitch looked different.

However, Su Shanna was the legitimate child of the Su family, so it was unfair that this bastard daughter was married to him.

Ignoring Su Qianci, Su Zhengguo stood up and walked over to Li Sicheng with the best smile. "Li Sicheng, you are here. Come and sit. Have you eaten?"

"Not yet."

"Ha ha, that's good. We are eating late today anyway. Come and join us." Su Zhengguo was smiling, striving to please Li Sicheng.

"Okay." Li Sicheng never talked a lot, and simply answered.

However, Su Zhengguo felt a bit awkward and smiled dryly.

Su Shanna brought over a tray and said with a shy smile, "Mr. Li, coffee."

Mrs. Su also said, "Knowing that you like to drink coffee, Shanna went to learn coffee making. Please tell her if she did a good job."

Looking at him expectantly, Su Shanna was full of hope. Su Zhengguo and his wife also gazed at Li Sicheng. However, Li Sicheng glanced at Su Qianci and asked, "Why are you standing there? Come and sit down."

As Li Sicheng said that, the Su family then noticed that no one had paid Su Qianci any attention. Looking awkward, Su Zhengguo coughed and said, "Su Qianci, why are you acting like a stranger in your own family?"

"You are Mrs. Li now. Stop acting like a child and sit down," Mrs. Su said.

Su Qianci had expected this scene. She was always nothing to the Su family. Li Sicheng was always the honored guest. Without Li Sicheng, she was nothing.

She walked slowly over and deliberately sat down on a chair at least 3 feet away from Li Sicheng. Based on her knowledge of Su Shanna, she would not miss this opportunity.

Indeed, Su Shanna's eyes lit up when seeing the empty space between the couple. Holding the coffee cup on the table, Su Shanna walked over to Li Sicheng and said, "Mr. Li, please try to coffee I made. I have been learning for a while, let me know if I am any good."

As she said that, Su Shanna sat in the middle of the couple. Li Sicheng frowned as if he had touched some kind of virus, standing up abruptly the moment Su Shanna sat down.

Startled by this abrupt movement, Su Zhengguo was dazed.


"I will lead the way!" Su Shanna said immediately, standing up.

However, Su Zhengguo stopped her immediately, "That is rude."

Su Shanna paused. Su Zhengguo glanced at Su Qianci and said, "You go."

Su Qianci did not get up and pointed in one direction. "Go straight and turn right."

Li Sicheng soon walked around the corner. After the important one was gone, the Su family could not contain themselves.

"How was it being in the Li family? It is Mrs. Li's birthday today. Did you give the present I prepared to her?" Mrs. Su asked.

Su Qianci nodded.

Mrs. Su checked the direction of the restroom, making sure that Li Sicheng was not around, and then approached Su Qianci to ask, "However, I heard he did not like women all that much. Did you…"

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