Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 572 - Passing is the Kingly way!

Chapter 572: Passing is the Kingly way!

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The three people from the Earthworm Federation completed their examination very quickly. Andre’s score was one point higher than Eisen’s: 80. This result made the cold Instructor Ai take another look at him. He even nodded his head slightly, signalling that he was satisfied.

Following which, one after another, each participant went up. When they went up, they were looking at others with the side of the eyes while behaving arrogantly. However, when their score was out, they seemed uncomfortable about it. There was even someone with a low score of 72!

Instructor Ai smiled warmly and consoled the crowd, “Don’t be discouraged. A score of 70 and above is proof of your potential. As to how the future will be, it will depend on your hard work.”

The in-depth examination was more holistic and strict. If there was a clear weakness, the score would definitely plunge. The possibility for error was even smaller.

“Instructor, this in-depth examination was too difficult. Over 10 people have gone through it and only Andre alone has a score of 80 and above!”

More than half of them had a score lower than that. For the geniuses who were used to a score of above 90, this was a slap to their face. It was natural for them to feel unhappy about it. The fact that they didn’t doubt the authenticity of the examinations was already a display of their good qualities.

“Yeah, Instructor. Would there be meaning if the scores of this examination were all so low? With these types of indicators, there wouldn’t be anyone who would score 90 and above.”

Instructor Gao’s gaze turned cold and he ignored these screams. He only called for the next examinee.

Instructor Ai shook his head and corrected the crowd, “There will always be someone more talented than you in this world. Nothing is impossible in this world. It is indeed hard to score above 90. However, this so-called perfection is only a concept, a benchmark. Coincidentally, we had a new freshman in this batch with a genetic score of 96.”

Wahhh. Everyone’s eyes widened. Was this still a human? To be able to score above 90 under such strict examinations was equivalent to going against god’s will!

Lia’s eyes flickered and asked, “Instructor, may I ask who this person is?”

The two instructors looked at each other and smiled. “You all might probably have heard of this person’s name previously. He is Olivios from Arbiter.”

Instructor Ai smiled and did not say another word. The examination would resume.

It came as a revelation to everyone and everyone revealed a “that’s natural” expression. Honestly speaking, performances in IG would only be used as a reference in Elite Academy. Those who had entered the Elite Academy would not be able to participate in IG anymore. This was because if anyone from Elite Academy was to participate in IG, he/she would bring great change to it. However, the fame of Olivios was truly too far spread.

When he heard about it, Wang Zheng was filled with a little anticipation. He felt that this examination would be more suitable for him. Zhang Shan who was beside him was also full of confidence for Wang Zheng. Who was Olivios? If it wasn’t because Wang Zheng was injured, the final champion might not definitely be Arbiter.

It was finally Zhang Shan’s turn. Student Zhang took a deep breath and took huge strides into the examination machine.

Wang Zheng also made a “all the best” hand signal to Zhang Shan. The truth was that he was trying to encourage himself too. It would be his turn after Zhang Shan. He didn’t know why he got a bad feeling about it. However, when he used a different way of thinking, he felt that the in-depth examination was so magical and would definitely prove his innocence. He had been made the scapegoat of a genetic score of 28 over the past few years. Even Charcoal and Bonehead had said that he was a genius. Coupled with the fact that he had attained a certain level of mastery in Primordial Regression Technique, his body condition was clearly different!

Zhang Shan was prepared to exert his utmost effort and was going to roar. It was then that he saw the mechanical arm, which was supposed to draw blood samples, hesitated for a moment and was going to change the syringe used. Zhang Shan instantly relaxed his whole body down. With lessons drawn from the previous examinees, even a silly person wouldn’t want to be pierced by the large syringe.

Beep beep…

Zhang Shan’s result was out quickly. Genetic score: 78.

Zhang Shan was stunned and said, “How could it be so low?”

He felt that he should at least have scored 80. Even Andre had scored 80.

The student who had just scored 72 immediately stared over. What was the meaning of this? He still thought that 78 was low? I didn’t even say anything about 72! It was also clear that some students who scored below 75 were unhappy. This Zhang Shan sure knew how to trigger resentment in other people.

Zhang Shan clearly wouldn’t care about the resentment of these small fires. Looking at the score of 78, he really wasn’t convinced and asked, “Instructor, will the genetic score be fixed forever? Will it increase with the improvement of our abilities?”

“Genetic score represents one’s potential and won’t have obvious changes because of increments in strength. Any changes would usually be between the range of plus or minus one. Obviously this is under normal circumstances. Currently there are a few genetic modification experiments. That might have a greater effect and would probably increase the score by 5-10 points. Would you be interested in it?” Instructor Ai looked at Zhang Shan with a face full of smiles. This had caused Zhang Shan to experience goosebumps. He wouldn’t want to be a white mouse or something related. It was pretty good to just be human!

“Solar System Federation, Wang Zheng.”

Wang Zheng took a deep breath. It was finally his turn.

At the last moment, he was not anxious anymore.

When Wang Zheng entered the examination machine, others weren’t paying much attention. However, Instructor Ai was following Wang Zheng with his gaze and exchanged a gaze with Instructor Ai.

Both of them were looking forward to it. As instructors, both of them had seen Wang Zheng’s file. The lockdown by Aslan clearly had no effect on Elite Academy X. All the documents and videos were unsealed in this place. Wang Zheng performance throughout IG was enough to be on par with Olivios. Although the results of IG weren’t emphasised in this place, the talents that Wang Zheng and Olivios had demonstrated were still recognised.

Zhang Shan waved his fists, making Lia at a loss of whether to laugh or cry. “What is the matter? You seem to be really looking forward to it.”

“That is because my brother is a real pro. It might be difficult to get 99, but 97 would still be possible!” said Zhang Shan. Olivios had scored 96, and Wang Zheng should be at least better than him by one point.

Lia and the other two people laughed. This person really knew how to make a joke. The Solar System Federation was definitely the weakest power in Elite Academy. Even students from those strong, powerful countries would usually keep a low profile and observed the environment for a while before shooting their mouths off. This person was just the opposite and seemed to have arrived in his own backyard. However, his silly look wouldn’t make others hate him.

Zhang Shan could tell that the three of them couldn’t believe him. He also didn’t want to explain. The truth would be the hardest counterattack. He was already looking forward to the shocked expressions from the three of them!

Wang Zheng was very relaxed and his emotions were very calm.

He was at tip top condition. Drawing blood samples, analysis…

Beep beep…

The reminder sound for the results had sounded.

On the screen, the result was shown quickly…

Everyone was shocked! Zhang Shan… was also shocked…

“Oh my God!”

“Oh my God, it couldn’t be!”

“This is… a genius!”

The two instructors who had paid much attention to Wang Zheng were also dumbfounded as their jaws dropped. This was a miracle!

This was definitely a miracle that wasn’t inferior to Olivios’ 96!

Genetic score: 60

Wang Zheng raised his head. Initially he was a little embarrassed. However, with a different way of thinking, the score of 60 still hit the passing mark. It was truly giving him face.

The two instructors were speechless. If one’s Ability X hadn’t reached C-rank, he/she would definitely fail if he/she were to participate in the in-depth examination. However, to get only a score of 60 with C-grade Ability X, this was still the first case of this ever happening.

Could this be alright too?

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