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Chapter 214 - Blood Will Run Like a River within Three Days

Chapter 214 Blood Will Run Like a River within Three Days

The next morning, Xiao Bing, once again, walked into Poisonous Fox’s mansion, but he found Poisonous Fox alone, in the villa. Curious, Xiao Bing asked, “Where’s your servant? And… Where is that Ms. Zhizi?”

Xiao Bing had knocked the servants and Zhizi, unconscious yesterday, but they should have woken up by now.

“I dismissed the servants, and I asked Zhizi to go to Shangyang City.”

Xiao Bing grinned and reached out his hand, “Mr. Poisonous Fox, it’s a pleasure to meet you. We are allies from now on. I surmise that Master Hou will be greatly pleased to have you on his side.”

Poisonous Fox stared at Xiao Bing sternly, “Mr. Xiao, you must be the wisest man alive.”

Xiao Bing grinned, “Where did Zhizi go? If my guess is right, her destination is supposed to be Jiang City, isn’t it?”

“It is. Let’s talk about our alignment.”

Xiao Bing grinned, “I will ask Master Hou to call you soon after. You will be his right hand man, from now on. Though there is already a Mu Tingchuan by Master Hou’s side, your role is different. He’s good at strategy, while you’re adept in schemes, like Zhang Liang and Chen Ping, who once served Liu Bang. You’re no less important than him.”

Poisonous Fox shook his head, “No. Mr. Xiao, it seems that you still don’t understand what I meant.”

“Really? So is there something obvious that I’m missing?”

“I don’t plan to serve Master Hou. Instead, I wish to be at your service.”

Xiao Bing frowned, “To be honest, I appreciate your aptitude very much. However, I don’t care about the underground world. I merely want to be a normal veteran, who runs a small business.”

Poisonous Fox suddenly raised his hand, and pointed at Zhan Hongyan and Dumbass. Then he asked in a calm voice, “I don’t believe that these superior talents are willing to serve an ordinary veteran or a businessman. Mr. Xiao, a good sense of discernment is an important quality for advisers. From what I have discovered, I believe that you are not a man who wants to live an ordinary life.”

“Compared with the ambitious Master Hou, I’m merely more excited about what will happen, if I follow you.”

This was an unexpected gain for Xiao Bing. Poisonous Fox would indeed be exceptionally important to Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing now, did not lack powerful martial artists, even if Lil, who was borrowed from the Dragon Gate, was excluded. Gao Fei’s power was unfathomable and Xiao Bing was quite qualified to be a top master. Even Zhang Hongyan and Dumbass were now really powerful.

It was a man of wisdom that Xiao Bing needed most, at the moment. Xiao Bing was once a leader of the Dragon Teeth and Dragon Gate, which enabled him to view the world, in an overall way. But as the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Xiao Bing never considered himself superior to others, in all aspects.

Xiao Bing did not hesitate for long, since now, there was an exceptional adviser who wished to follow him. “I’ll let you be by my side then. But I need tell you that now, we are helping Master Hou to defeat Lord Long. If Lord Long loses, the three provinces in the north will belong to Master Hou. Hence, I can promise you nothing, if you choose to follow me.”

“I know,” Poinonous Fox said earnestly. “I have been thinking all night. I found you to be a very mysterious man, when I first saw you, and my Master even had the same feeling. So I decided to stay by your side, to see what your future will be. I think it will far more interesting than serving Master Hou.

Xiao Bing nodded his head, “You can call me Brother Bing, from now on!”

Master Hou suddenly got a call from Xiao Bing, in his mansion. He sounded delighted when he was told that Poisonous Fox had deserted the Long Family. It seemed that his plan was one step closer to success.

His chance of winning has increased from 30 percent to 40 percent.

Though the percentage was still small, Master Hou deemed it still worth risking. After all, if nothing is ventured, nothing will be gained!

Since Poisonous Fox had been by Zhuge Jiangnan’s side before, he knew quite well about Lord Long’s distribution of his forces, and the powerful martial artists under his leadership. According to his analysis, Master Hou was doomed, even if his Master stopped counselling Lord Long.

This was because there was a huge gap between the forces they have. However, Poisonous Fox also thought that only challenges would bring about treasures. If Poisonous Fox chose to remain with Zhuge Jiangnan and Lord Long, he might never get the chance to prove himself. No one on earth was willing to see his talent go to waste.

According to the tips Poisonous Fox provided, Xiao Bing began making his plan. His current priority was to make Lord Long keep losing his trust in Zhuge Jiangnan, because only when Lord Long no longer trusted this old man, would this plan work. Zhuge Jiangnan was Lord Long’s most intelligent adviser, so Xiao Bing had to make Lord Long ignore his advice.

It was not hard to alienate the two. Poisonous Fox was a magnanimous man. Xiao Bing promised him that if they truly defeated Lord Long, he would never make things difficult for Zhuge Jiangnan. He said that he would ensure that this old man would live a peaceful life. Poisonous Fox felt relieved, after he heard it.

After he left Poisonous Fox’s mansion, Xiao Bing pulled over at the roadside, with a seemingly stern face.

To gain Poisonous Fox’s confidence and loyalty, Xiao Bing did not want to appear as being worried, before. After all, this man was very discerning. Xiao Bing did not want the Fox to find him lacking in confidence.

Though he had some knowledge of Lord Long’s forces, he found this man to be much more powerful, after Poisonous Fox offered him information, about the mighty Lord Long.

According to Poisonous Fox, Lord Long’s might was unfathomable, which was something Xiao Bing already knew. Xiao Bing was sure that Lord Long was at the Gang-strength Stage, except he did not know which level he was at.

A long time ago Lord Long left home, to find a master from whom he could study the most powerful martial arts. Then he returned with three sworn brothers, who shared mounting notoriety for the vicious deeds they had done in the cities near Yangzi River. Even the government could not bring them to justice. But they encountered Lord Long, who then beat the crap out of the three. Finally, these three villains bowed to his might. The four of them were known as the Four Vicious Dragons in the Yangzi River.

After that, Lord Long returned home with three of his brothers, and his intention was to bring glory back to his family. Except for Lord Long, the strongest martial artists in this family, were his three sworn brothers.

As the leader of the Four Vicious Dragon of Yangzi River, Lord Long had reached the Gang-strength Stage, which made him almost invincible, on this planet.

The second-in-command of the Four Vicious Dragons, was called Zhangyu, the Fish in the Waves. He had reached the early stage of Elixir-strength, which was the beginning of the level of the innate. However, if the battlefield was under water, even the masters of Gang-strength could not do him much harm. He grew up by a river, and he was better in the water.

Li Tianling, the “Mountain” ranked third among the four. He was shaped like a tower and it was said that he was born with great might, which made him resemble Dumbass, in this aspect. He had reached the early stage of Gang-strength, as well.

The last one was a toxic woman who was called “the Femme Fatale”. She was a martial artist of the pinnacle of Transforming Strength, yet she was no less terrifying than the others. She cultivated martial arts relating to poison. Even an innate master could be wounded, if he underestimated this woman.

These three powerful martial artists shared intimate relationships, since they had sworn to be brothers. Lord Long was even closer to them than his real brothers.

Xiao Bing sighed, “If I could turn those three sworn brothers of his against him, things would be much easier. But they are only loyal to Lord Long. There is nothing I can do except to kill them.”

Dumbass thought that killing them was not bad idea, because Xiao Bing always appeared invincible, in his eyes.

But Zhan Hongyan thought beyond that. “Putting aside the fact that Lord Long has unfathomable might, the three sworn brothers can be quite an ordeal for us.”

“I know.” There was a hint of cold sharpness in Xiao Bing’s eyes. “They are either near or above the level of the innate. Indeed it is hard for us to kill them. If Lil Bei or Gao Fei joins us, we will stand a better chance.”

Dumbass patted his chest and complained, “Brother Bing, I can crush one of them, just by using the mounting weight of my body.”

Xiao Bing took a look at Dumbass and sniggered, “Perhaps you can kill Femme Fatale with it.”

“Okay. Where is that woman? I’ll go kill her now,” replied the boy, who was deadly earnest.

Xiao Bing pondered for a while and deemed Femme Fatale the easiest for them to kill, and the most dangerous. The number of people an innate master could kill was limited. But that was not the same for a master of poison. A powerful master of poison could kill thousands of people, in merely one night.

Xiao Bing said, “As you wish. We will kill Femme Fatale first!”

Zhan Hongyan glanced at Xiao Bing and asked, “You will start with a woman?”

Xiao Bing grinned, “There’s no division of genders, when it comes to dealing with your enemy. Let’s go. Time is running out. I want to cause a great chaos in the Long family within three days, and I want Lord Long to be furious!”

Though there was a hint of a smile on Xiao Bing’s face, the intention of killing in his eyes grew stronger and stronger. Zhan Hongyan had wanted to laugh before, but she could not help shivering, when she spotted this killing look. It was as if she was looking at a very horrible scene.

Blood would be flowing like rivers within three days!

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