Super Soldier

Chapter 167 - Visit Mother Su

Chapter 167 Visit Mother Su

“What? Master Hou, what did you say? Xiao Bing eradicated Ghost Nest?” Mu Tingchuan was surprised when he heard the news from Master Hou.

“Yes, I didn’t expect Xiao Bing to be so strong. He has so many tricks up his sleeves. It’s far beyond my expectations.” Master Hou was holding a teacup in his hand and said emotionally, “I knew him from the beginning. I only knew that he was an opponent of Peony. At that time, I wanted to recruit him and resolve the grievances between him and Peony. He could also work for me. In that case, I will be much stronger.”

“But, I admire him for two reasons. On the one hand, I felt that he was a master at using concealing strength at this time. Masters, who are in the concealing strength stage are hard to come by. On the other hand, he had a good relationship with Ye Family and he was seeing Ye Family Second Missy. If he works for me, I will have a stable relationship with Ye Family.”

“Soon, the relationship between him and Peony was irreconcilable. I didn’t want to offend Ye Family so I pretended not to intervene. In fact, I know that no matter how strong he is, my North Heaven Queen will defeat him. However, things didn’t go the way I expected to be. He killed North Heaven Queen and destroyed North Heaven Queen’s Heavenly Palace!”

“I later learned that this person was extraordinary. He was not only alone, but he also had his own strength. He might have very few people, but all of them were elite. If Long Family isn’t around, I will definitely kill Xiao Bing and avenge for Peony. I dared not act rashly due to the existence of Long Family. Hence, I wanted to make use of him. I could only rope him in.”

“I valued him a lot. I didn’t expect that he could still surprise me…”

Mu Tingchuan frowned and appeared to be in doubt. He asked, “Master Hou, have you considered this question? He said that he was just an ordinary veteran, but how did he gather so many masters? All of them didn’t know one another and took the initiative to work for him? Do you think he is like the protagonist in a fairy tale and he has a protagonist’s aura?”

Master Hou asked, “Tingchuan, what are you trying to say?”

Mu Tingchuan said, “I want to say that we don’t know much about this person. It’s not as simple as it looks. He not only has masters, but he also has the support of Ye Family. He has become strong. We can destroy him now, after a few years… he will become a huge threat to us sooner or later.”

Master Hou said smilingly, “I can guess what you are going to say. Tingchuan, I have thought about this issue, but we must understand that we are relying on each other’s strengths, not to mention that I have been working in H Province for so many years. Don’t you know that others don’t know my capability and tricks? Ghost Nest is just an organization that I support secretly. Without my support, do you think they can survive in Jiang City until now?”

“Long Family does own two of the three northern districts. However, in H Province, even Long Family doesn’t know my secrets. If I want to destroy Ghost Nest, wouldn’t it be an easy feat although the two leaders are in the transforming strength stage? Haha. About eliminating Xiao Bing… it will be the same.”

“Xiao Bing has now destroyed Ghost Nest. There’s nothing we can do. Currently, their existence is a threat to me. In the past two years, they have gone overboard. They dared to take any kinds of deals. Luckily, they failed to assassinate Ye Tianming and Bi Tingting, otherwise, it would shock the entire nation. Furthermore, I secretly supported Ye Tianming at the beginning… unfortunately, he died…”

Mu Tingchuan thought for a moment and said smilingly, “I might have thought too much. It is an easy feat for Master Hou to kill Xiao Bing.”

“Well, it is necessary to be careful. Send a handful of people and observe Xiao Bing’s actions secretly. If he isn’t ambitious, I will keep my words and let him control one of the districts after this matter has been settled. If he is too ambitious, there is no need for him to live after destroying Long Family. Hey, the most important thing now is Long Family. Long Family is influential. It is like a big mountain, which is blocking our path.”

Throughout the entire conversation, Master Hou was smiling faintly. It was the most terrifying to have such a person to be your enemy. He could change his strategies without you knowing.

“Ding Dong. Ding Dong.”

Yezi held Xiao Bing’s arm. Both of them were standing the door of the Su Family. Soon, someone came to open the door. When Su Xiaoxiao opened the door and saw Xiao Bing and Ye Xiaoxi standing at the door and holding fruits, she appeared somewhat desolate. She regained her smile soon and said, “Brother Bing, Xiaoxi, you can treat this place as your home. Why bother bringing fruits? Come in.”

Ye Xiaoxi said smilingly, “It’s for Auntie. Xiaoxiao, I admire you. You could still go to school. I’m very bored these days. I miss my schooling days.”

Su Xiaoxiao took the fruit and took it to the kitchen. When she came out, Xiao Bing and Ye Xiaoxi were changing slippers. Su Xiaoxiao said smilingly, “What is there to be envious about? I envy you. You become the director of a company at such a young age. I have to find a job after I graduate.”

Ye Xiaoxi said smilingly, “Why bother? Why don’t you come over and help me? You are so academically inclined. You top your cohort. You will be our best employee sooner or later when you work at our company. Our company is lucky to have you.”

At this time, Su Xiaoxiao’s mother, Li Chunlan, walked out of the kitchen. When she saw Xiao Bing and Yezi, she immediately greeted them warmly. She said, “Why are the two of you standing there? Come in and talk. I know that the two of you are coming over, so I deliberately get Xiaoxiao to buy two bottles of red wine. I haven’t had any wine for a long time. I can drink with you today.”

Xiao Bing said smilingly, “Auntie, does the doctor let you drink?”

“It’s OK, it’s OK. The doctor said that it’s fine to drink a bit occasionally. It will promote blood circulation. It is not a big deal. Oh, yes, Xiaoxi, it will be hard to say when our Xiaoxiao graduates. She can intern at your company and learn from you during her last year of study. The salary is not important. The main thing is to increase her work experience. I am also relieved that someone will take care of her when she works in your company.”

Ye Xiaoxi said smilingly, “Our company is honored to have her. Auntie, don’t you know that Xiaoxiao is famous in school for her intelligence and independence. If she can work in our company after her graduation, she can become my able assistant.”

“That’s a good relationship.” Li Chunlan smiled even more happily. “All of you can watch TV for a while. I will be done with the food soon. Xiaoxiao, don’t help me in the kitchen. Go accompany and have a talk with Brother Bing and Xiaoxi.”

“OK.” Ye Xiaoxi ran to the kitchen to wash her hands. After she came out, she sat down on the sofa with Xiao Bing and chatted. Su Xiaoxiao was next to them. Ye Xiaoxi began to neglect Xiao Bing and sat beside Su Xiaoxiao. They whispered from time to time and behaved playfully.

“Hey, you two. I feel very lonely sitting here alone. Can you not whisper?”

Ye Xiaoxi and Su Xiaoxiao said together, “Shut up.”

Xiao Bing lowered his head, but he seemed happy. Ye Xiaoxi’s mood became better recently after accompanying her. However, after all, there are some things that he can’t replace. For example, at Ye Xiaoxi’s age, she should be in school and learning and playing with girls of the same age every day. These things couldn’t be replaced by just a boyfriend. Although Xiao Bing was complaining, he was happy to see Yezi in such a great mood as it was rare to see her act so bubbly.

“It’s time to eating, it’s time to eat.” When Li Chunlan came out and saw her daughter and Ye Xiaoxi talking so happily, she was also very happy. It seemed that she and Xiao Bing had the same thought.

“Oh, OK. Auntie, let me help you serve the rice.” Ye Xiaoxi grabbed Su Xiaoxiao’s hand and walked into the kitchen. Xiao Bing was following behind them.

Although Ye Xiaoxi was a missy who was showered with love, she wasn’t spoiled. She was very sensible and set the table before sitting down. Li Chunlan was very happy. She couldn’t stop praising Ye Xiaoxi.

They were eating happily. As Li Chunlan had recuperated in the hospital, she had regained her vitality. She might have thought that she had recovered completely, so she and Su Xiaoxiao were in a good mood.

After eating dinner, Xiao Bing and Ye Xiaoxi went home. Xiao Bing drove and Ye Xiaoxi was sitting at the co-driver’s seat. Ye Xiaoxi said smilingly, “Auntie seems nice. I can see that Xiaoxiao’s mood improves after Auntie is discharged. Do you know that Xiaoxiao has a nickname in our school? Haha. She is nicknamed the Cold Beauty…”

“The colder she is, the more the boys want to get close to her. There is a goddess list in our school, but Xiaoxiao is second. Haha.”

“Hey, why aren’t you talking? What are you thinking about? Don’t you want to know who is first?”

“Isn’t it you!” Xiao Bing suddenly sighed.

Ye Xiaoxi looked at Xiao Bing and asked, “What’s wrong? Feeling down?”

Xiao Bing shook his head and said smilingly, “It’s nothing. It’s great to see that they are smiling heartfully tonight. However, I’m not sure how long will this smile lasts.”

Knowing that Mother Su could at most live for two more years, Ye Xiaoxi appeared slightly dejected. She said sadly, “The most terrible thing in this world is to lose our loved ones one after another. I don’t know about this in the past. I finally understand this when Father, Elder brother and Elder Sister pass away.”

“I used to hate Father and my stepmother. However, I then realized that as compared to kinship, these feelings didn’t mean much. My sister hated me for such a long time. However, in my opinion, she hated me because she cared about this kinship too much. Her love begets hate. Isn’t Elder brother like this as well?”

Xiao Bing looked at Ye Xiaoxi and said, “I’m sorry. I made you recall your sad memories.”

“It’s OK,” Ye Xiaoxi said smilingly, “Brother Bing, can you accompany and walk along the river with me?”


“Accompany me to soar freely again…”


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