Super Gene

Chapter 1667 - Battling Ancient Devil

Chapter 1667 Battling Ancient Devil

Han Sen’s mind was like steel. He focused and did not allow the Sea of Soul’s discord to affect him. He punched towards Ancient Devil’s hand.

This was an opening for Ancient Devil, but Han Sen also thought that it was an opportunity. His Dongxuan Aura was not maxed out yet, and because of that, he was unable to place one finger on the donkey. It was best to end these proceedings than continue with a stalemate.

Fists and hands swung through the air, but there were no collisions to be seen. Han Sen felt as if he was powerless, like he had been sucked into an infinite hole. His power was being drawn, but nothing else happened. This drain sapped his power and nothing else.

Han Sen used some of his power and realized he could not escape Ancient Devil’s hand. His power kept on getting sucked into Ancient Devil’s body.

The rumbling inside Han Sen’s Sea of Soul was getting stronger, as well. Eventually, he noticed that the activity was coming from Destiny’s Tower. But it wasn’t the tower itself making the fuss; it was the Armored Man that had been trapped inside it. He was casting ice and fire spells, thrashing around his prison inside Destiny’s Tower. He couldn’t break the trappings, but it made the tower shiver and shake, all the same.

Han Sen was surprised. When Armored Man was first captured, he tried to break out to no avail. And in that process, he had ended up hurting himself.

But ever since then, there had been no further activity from him.

If he was causing a commotion at this moment, perhaps he knew Han Sen was in the midst of a fight and that there’d be no chance of containing him if he managed to break free.

But Han Sen did not think this was the case, either. Armored Man was trapped inside Destiny’s Tower. He could not see what was outside that prison, so there shouldn’t have been a way for him to know Han Sen was in the middle of a fight.

Han Sen did not have to think right now, though. His power was like a river, all going into Ancient Devil’s hands. If this were to continue, he’d eventually dry up his reserve.

Han Sen summoned Bulwark Umbrella and used it to take stabs at Ancient Devil’s hands.

Ancient Devil tried to grab the umbrella, and just like earlier, he wished to take it.

The Bulwark Umbrella then opened up. Ancient Devil’s hand made contact with it and yet, there was no shockwave. None of the geno core’s power was absorbed.

A light appeared, separating Han Sen from Ancient Devil. Ancient Devil’s hand was unable to absorb Han Sen’s power now, which meant his hands were free.

Ancient Devil looked at Han Sen’s Bulwark Umbrella in immense shock. Then he changed his momentum, and when he did, a burst of air came out from him. His hands were collapsing onto Han Sen next

Han Sen frowned, and he saw a red light appeared around Ancient Devil. It was the power of Han Sen’s God geno core.

Now Han Sen knew Ancient Devil could absorb the power of his enemies, and even make use of it. It wasn’t just that, either. Ancient Devil’s own power was stronger than what Han Sen was losing.

When he absorbed the powers of his enemies, he could put his own power into the element of what the enemy had been using. It was practically cheating.

Now Han Sen knew why Gu Qingcheng had said Ancient Devil could make use of any element. It was too easy for him to make use of other elements.


Ancient Devil threw his palm forward at the umbrella. The umbrella curved like a broken drum.

But after that, the surface bounced back into a correct position. It hadn’t been broken.

Ancient Devil continued to slap the umbrella, as a red light doused the entire area. The umbrella was repeatedly curved, expelling thunderous noises. But no matter how strong Ancient Devil’s powers were, he could not break a gemstone class umbrella.

The situation had been changed. Han Sen had initially been attacking, but now Ancient Devil was on the offensive. Han Sen used Bulwark Umbrella to block each and every attack.

“The umbrella is strong; where did it come from?” Ghost Eagle Emperor looked at the Bulwark Umbrella in shock.

Ancient Devil’s palm was strong, and every strike was like a red sky falling. Each blow deformed Han Sen’s defenses, but the umbrella still bounced back every time.

“Skysword has good sword skills and a good geno core,” Elder Yin grumbled. He actually looked greedy when he looked at the Bulwark Umbrella.

Ancient Devil was suppressing Han Sen like a demon. Every palm was a shocking spectacle, but none of them could harm Han Sen. Everyone knew it was because of the umbrella.

It was such a powerful defense geno core, and many elites thought it was keeping him alive.

“I wonder what Skysword’s self geno core is.” Sacred’s leader frowned as he watched the umbrella.

Han Sen had used a few different geno cores, and each one was powerful. They couldn’t tell which one had actually come from Han Sen.

No one thought it was actually the Bulwark Umbrella. It was famous, but it was only gemstone class. They didn’t think something like that could break Ancient Devil’s powers.

Sacred’s leader thought Bulwark Umbrella was a super geno core.

Han Sen did not expect the umbrella to be so strong, either, Ancient Devil had taken Han Sen’s God geno core power, and so his strikes were stronger than anything that Six Paths could deliver. And yet, a gemstone class Bulwark Umbrella was able to block it. Han Sen was shocked to see that it had not been damaged.

“It is no wonder it is Dongxuan Sutra’s geno core. It is so strong!” Han Sen complimented his own blade.

Han Sen used the defense of the umbrella to wait for the right time to fight back.

So far, Ancient Devil hadn’t used his geno cores. It had been a while since Han Sen went up against a strong enemy such as that, though. If he was unable to win, he’d use super king spirit and summon Destiny’s Tower to suppress Ancient Devil.

Speaking of that, Han Sen turned his attention to the Armored Man who was in the tower. He was still shouting. The ice and fire powers were gunning like active volcanos.

His body kept slamming against the barriers, but he could only shake the tower. That was bad, as his body kept getting cut by the vortex whenever he slammed into it

The hard armor was unable to withstand the powers of space. He kept on getting cut even now. His blood was flowing like streams of white lava, seeping through the gaps of the armor, even. It went everywhere.

Armored Man would not stop, though. It was like he had completely lost his mind.

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