Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 1454 - River bed hollow immortal

Chapter 1454: River bed hollow immortal

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Ye Mo had been through so much that these sudden attacks weren’t very strange to him. The instant Blue Moon touched the river surface, Ye Mo hacked over with spirit sense blades.

At the same time, he felt Blue Moon been relieved and stabilized at the top of the huge wave.

Suddenly, the river calmed down, he almost would’ve thought he was hallucinating if he didn’t see the ripples in the water.

Ye Mo put away Blue Moon and released Zi Xu. He didn’t suffer from the ambush but it made him extremely unhappy.

His spirit sense couldn’t scan into the river but Ye Mo used Illusion Cloud formation kill strike.

A huge purple sword rays sliced out a sword veil that was 300 meter long and 100 meter wide that shot into the river.


There was a terrifying explosion above the river. It seemed the river just lost a box of water. The water splashed out and Ye Mo realized that the water wasn’t black, it was dark grey.

Because Ye Mo hacked so fast, water didn’t have time to refill back into the river and thus the river appeared to have a huge ditch in its surface.


The water splashed back.

Ye Mo stood above in the air and didn’t keep attacking.

Just then, he clearly saw a huge stone platform below the river. It seemed ancient as though it had been through countless ages but Ye Mo could only see one corner of that platform.

Ye Mo stood for a moment and then took out formation flags setting up a formation here. That stone platform was eerie. Ye Mo really wanted to know what it was for. Plus, the power that ambushed him came from the stone platform.

A day later, a level nine water separation formation was set up. As Ye Mo threw out the main formation flag, the calm surface suddenly split in the middle as though being cut in half. This time, the water didn’t come back and quickly retreated to the two sides.

The rumbling continued for 15 minutes until the river was forcefully parted by Ye Mo.

Some evil spirits wanted to interfere but were instantly vaporized by Heaven Flame Nine Suns.

After the rumbling sound, the abyssal river was separated of an area, 10 km long and 1km wide. This section of the abyssal river completely exposed in front of Ye Mo.

There was the familiar sense of chaos that Ye Mo felt. Ye Mo had the golden page world and it was a chaos object. Ye Mo had an instinctive feeling that there was a chaos item here.

An ancient stone platform that was 100 meters in radius was completely exposed before Ye Mo. In the middle was a huge 8 trigram disk.

“seal flag disk?” Ye Mo called out in shock.

“you know quite a lot, this is indeed a seal flag…” a sound suddenly appeared by Ye Mo’s ear.

Ye Mo was shook and octagonal cauldron appeared above his head. He asked heavily “who is it?”

Ye Mo looked calm but he was actually extremely shook. With his power and spirit sense, he couldn’t find where this person was.

His spirit sense scanned out but before he could completely search this place, a figure suddenly appeared before Ye Mo.

It was an extremely skinny middle aged man. He stared coldly at Ye Mo.

He said coldly again “breaking the West Extreme State and South Peace State seal flag making the chi of Luo Yue continent spill and you even took one of my 8 trigram seal flag disk. On top of that, you killed countless sand soul beasts and setting up a level nine water separation formation to reveal the platform.”

He grunted and said again “you’re a prodigy I’ve never seen before. even in the countless magnificent cultivators in the immortal realm, I’ve never seen one who can match you. I believe you must have a lot of secrets on you. Otherwise, you wouldn’t reach such absurd extent.”

Ye Mo didn’t speak, he was still in shock. He could see the power level of this cultivator, he was far beyond truth realisation state peak stage. Meaning that he was a level higher than truth realisation state peak stage.

There were countless questions in his head. Those sand soul beasts were kept by this person? In that case, why didn’t he stop him when he killed them.

Judging by his words, he was also responsible for suppressing immortal ascension from Luo Yue continent. Why did he do this? since he did, why was he still at the bottom of this river? He also seemed to know everything he did, just what power level was he?

“you’re not truth realisation state cultivator.” Ye Mo suddenly said.

The skinny man looked at Ye Mo in shock “you can see my power level?”

“you’re indeed not truth realisation state cultivator.” Ye Mo panted. It was probably this guy who ambushed him.

Seeing that this man had no intentions of attacking, Ye Mo asked again “your power is beyond truth realisation state, why can you still stay in the cultivation realm?”

Ye Mo knew that truth realisation state cultivators can’t stay in the cultivation realm for long after reaching immortal ascension state. this was the law of the universe. When your power was beyond what was permitted by this law, you wouldn’t be able to stay under the law unless you controlled the law.

But controlling the laws of the heavens and earth, that was a joke, at least to Ye Mo it was.

However, this man replied calmly “when you’re at my power level and at my place, you will know that you can’t immortal ascension as well.”

“there’s something wrong with this dimension?” Ye Mo immediately asked.

The skinny man said calmly “no, the laws of the heavens and earth has been changed. Anyone below hollow immortal can’t immortal ascension. Not only can you not immortal ascension but you also can’t leave through abyssal river, you will know in the future.”

“you’re hollow immortal power indeed. This means you’ve been to the immortal realm right?” Ye Mo asked in shock. He actually encountered an immortal who couldn’t leave at the bottom of the Abyssal river.

“that’s right, I’ve been to the immortal realm, in a few hundred years, I would be able to return there but because of you, I might never be able to return. Tell me, how should I repay you…” the middle aged man stared coldly at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo regained his composure. This was too eerie, but it also seemed that this man didn’t stay here of his own accord. He was probably bound here by someone else. Who did it? what was the purpose of binding a hollow immortal here?

“when I was passing by, you purposely attacked and drew me down here, right?” Ye Mo asked.

The man said expressionlessly “that’s right, since you destroyed my path, I’m going to keep you here to make up for your sins. I’m going to mark your soul and you will do things for me and then come back.”

Ye Mo suddenly thought of the ancient chaos chi. He could still feel it now.

“you’re guarding something here right?” Ye Mo said and suddenly realized. Chaos items were more precious than the ten great spirit items.

The reason he locked the immortal ascension tunnel here was because he didn’t want to spill the chaos chi bringing over powerful beings in the immortal realm.

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