Star Rank Hunter

Star Rank Hunter

Chapter 259: Meeting Fleka Again [Part 2]

Naimi took a look at his friends before reexamining Cillin once more, finding it difficult to understand why the princes and princess were treating Cillin so well. It wasn’t easy to impress the gang, and Cillin was obviously not member of royalty. He couldn’t remember the last time his three friends had acted so courteously towards a non-royal.

Cillin pondered for a moment before answering Gen Xingming, “If he isn’t free to come over, then we’ll visit him directly.”

“Sure, it’s not like we have anything else to do anyway. It’ll be nice to check out the pre-race preparations of “The Winds of Freedom”!” Bel strongly agreed with Cillin. The young man was rubbing his hands with glittering eyes planning god knows what.

No one had an objection to offer, so a clap later they went straight to Fleka’s place.

Fleka happened to be at home today. For the past couple of days, he had run himself ragged outside doing inspection work for “The Winds of Freedom” and so on, so he planned to enjoy a nice rest in his own home after everything was temporarily settled.

He ordered his guards to turn down all visitors no matter who they were, because he had had just about enough of noble youngsters pretending to know the industry for appearance’s sake when they were actually completely idiots who knew nothing at all. Thankfully, he was now in his family’s territory, and he had all the excuses and power in the world to keep those nuisances outside. Even the family had sent over a team to ensure that he gets his peace and quiet. It didn’t matter what family they belonged to, who they were related to or how much they were willing to pay to get in: no one was to get in no matter what. Trying to bribe your way in? Feel free to check if the Sizer Family cares about your chump change!

A lot of people were standing in front of the Fleka manor’s front gates while looking left and right. Most of these people were here to feel out Fleka’s status and report to their masters the moment they spotted him. The security detail standing guard outside the Sizer Family manor wanted very much to shoot these sneaky-looking bastards in the head, but of course that wasn’t a viable option. Very gloomy and annoyed, they watched the unwelcomed personnel closely as if they would kill all trespassers without mercy.

The day wasn’t going to improve for them, however. When an all-too-familiar vehicle flew over and stopped right in front of the gates, the guards’ feelings immediately took a turn for the worse. This little ancestor had caused them quite a lot of trouble as of late. They didn’t open the gates, but everyone’s backs started sweating as they got ready for the upcoming verbal battle against Naimi.

Unexpectedly, Naimi’s car window opened to reveal a couple of new faces. When the guards standing in front of the gates got a good look of the passengers Naimi had brought with him, their misery immediately turned up a notch.

How… how do you stop a motherfucking party like this!?

If Naimi was alone, they could keep him at bay. But the people sitting in his car were royal members from all three royal families! God knows what kind of malicious rumors would spread if they stopped them here!

Naimi knew that he was putting the guards between a rock and a hard place, so he shot a glance at their miserable expressions and said, “If anything happens, you can put the blame on me.”

That’s exactly what we want to hear!

The guards quickly opened the gates and let Naimi in after they heard his promise. Curious about the flying car passengers’ identity, the people loitering outside the walls tried to look into the car. Unfortunately for them, the window had already been rolled back up.

Fleka had just fallen asleep when his beloved nephew opened the door and shouted.

“Uncle! Uncle! Your smart and cute and handsome and infinitely charming nephew is here to see you, my beloved Uncle Fleka!”

Fleka felt like dumping his “smart and cute and handsome and infinitely charming nephew” into the toilet.

“You trying to wake a soul or something!” Fleka covered his ears and rolled on his bed once. Unfortunately for him, Naimi was way too familiar with this place, and his servants hadn’t tried to stop his nephew from barging in. His dream of having a nice rest died there and then.

Wearing pyjamas, Fleka dazedly made his way to his bedroom door and opened it. He was immediately greeted by a couple of faces. Fleka blinked once, blinked twice, and then he shouted and jumped on his feet, causing the fat on his cheeks to ripple outward.

“It’s you!”

“Hello. We meet again,” Cillin said.

Fleka shoved Naimi, standing closest to the door out of the way and walked straight towards Cillin, ignoring the four princes and princesses standing beside the young man completely. He then gave Cillin a slap on the shoulder and squeezed his elbow once, grinning, “Heh, I guess I’m not dreaming after all!”

Meanwhile, Naimi was having trouble controlling his facial muscles. I thought I’m your beloved nephew, uncle! How can you ignore your smart and cute and handsome and infinitely charming nephew like this!

His uncle’s reaction made Naimi feel even more curious about Cillin, however. Although his uncle treated most people well, he wasn’t the type to show his true feelings on his face. He could see that his uncle was truly overjoyed to meet Cillin though, so much so that he pushed even his beloved nephew away!

“Uncle, do you… know each other?” Naimi shot a glance at Fleka and Cillin before turning to look at his friends.

“Of course! We’re old buds already! Hehe, it’s not easy for us to meet like this, Cillin! You and I have a lot to talk with each other. Speaking of which, there are a bunch of stuff that I need help with, and I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am to see you here! You’ve shown up just at the perfect time!” Fleka grabbed Cillin and started running towards his workshop.

Right now Naimi was gripped by a sense of horror for two reasons: One, he didn’t have time to digest Fleka’s words. Two, Fleka was running towards his workshop while still dressed in his pyjamas. Normally, Fleka would put on his work clothes before he entered his workshop because it was dirty and it had some high radiation producing equipment, but the man had obviously forgotten these safety measures.

“Uncle, wait! You’re still in your pyjamas!” Naimi ran forward to stop his uncle before it was too late.

In the end, Fleka didn’t put on his work clothes or enter his workshop. He wasn’t alone, and his guests today came from the royal family. He had neither the reason nor the excuse to leave them behind.

After settling Gen Xingming and everyone else, Fleka inquired about their reason to visit.

“I see…” Fleka paused for a second to gather his thoughts, “I can custom make a flying car according to your preferences, sure, but I don’t have the time to do that right now. You should know how busy I am from Naimi already, right?”

Everyone nodded to show their understanding.

“Your flying cars will have to wait until after “The Winds of Freedom” is over. In fact, it’ll have to sit a while until I’m done with certain tasks. When a grand race is over, we are required to perform a statistical analysis of the car models based on their performances in the race. Then, we’ll absorb all the car designs that are deemed valuable or with potential and use the data to upgrade or modify the existing car models…”

Gen Xingming, Bel and the others couldn’t say anything even though they were all impatient to get their flying cars. After all, Fleka was willing to give them his word. Had they been anyone else, Fleka would merely smile at them and delay their request until god knows when. They would just have to endure the delay and wait patiently.

“Speaking of which, Cillin, you don’t need my help to design a flying car, right? Considering your abilities, you should be able to design a fantastic car yourself… Say, do you want to cooperate with me?”

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