So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 486 - Floundering Repeatedly

Chapter 486: Floundering Repeatedly

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“What? Go to the hotel?” Yang Ming looked at Sun Jie with a stunned expression. He almost forgot to drive the car.

“Yeah, wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable if we didn’t go?” Sun Jie said aggressively.

” Oh … I didn’t mean that. I was just simply joking…” Looking at Sun Jie like this, Yang Ming was a little embarrassed. He didn’t know what to do anymore.

“Yang Ming, how would you want me to say it before you understand? I don’t have any intention to look down on you!” Sun Jie saw Yang Ming lower his tone, so she said this as she frowned.

“I said I was joking…” Yang Ming said with a bit of shame.

“Alright, then you continue driving and we’ll go back to my company.” Sun Jie said.

“No longer going to the hotel?” Yang Ming was a little anxious. Sun Jie said that she wanted to go to the hotel and Yang Ming hesitated. But now that she said not to go, Yang Ming’s heart suddenly became empty.

“In your dreams.” Sun Jie glanced at Yang Ming. “I’m also joking…”

” Cough — ” Yang Ming was choked by Sun Jie’s words. Yang Ming had always been playing with others, and now he finally felt the burn himself.

“Really not going?” Yang Ming asked somewhat unwillingly.

“Really.” Sun Jie said firmly.

” Oh …” Yang Ming wasn’t the kind of person who liked to force others. Sun Jie had already said no, so he couldn’t say anything. However, when Yang Ming was about to give up his hope, Sun Jie spoke again.

“What do you want to do at the hotel?” Sun Jie suddenly asked.

” Oh … What do you say?” Yang Ming was caught off guard and didn’t know how to answer.

“It’s okay to talk about your business… but we have to book two rooms.” Sun Jie smiled.

“Then… forget it. Let’s go to your company…” Yang Ming sighed and continued driving. He also dispelled some filthy thoughts.

When he came to Sun Jie’s company, Yang Ming wanted to park the car in the underground parking lot. Sun Jie stopped Yang Ming. “It’s alright to stop the car outside.”

“Stop outside? Aren’t we already going back to your company? You’re not afraid that your car would be scratched by others on the roadside?” If it’s any broken car, forget it. But this was an Audi R, Yang Ming was afraid of any loss.

“Yeah, I’m going up to some files. You stay here to wait for me.” Sun Jie said.

“I’m not going up?” Yang Ming asked, confused.

“What are you going to do upstairs? There is nothing for you to help with.” Sun Jie was also somewhat puzzled and said, “You just wait for me here!”

“Aren’t you going to ask me about things? Not at your company?” Sun Jie’s reaction made Yang Ming felt inexplicable.

“Just going to my house will do. What do you want to do in the company at such a late hour?” Sun Jie said with a smile, “I didn’t feel very comfortable eating before. I have nothing in my stomach now and I am still hungry. So, I am still anxious to cook some noodles at home.”

“Go to your home? I’m going too?” Yang Ming listened to Sun Jie’s words, and he couldn’t help but start to fantasize again. The old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best [1]. Maybe it’s going to be a sweet night…

Looking at Sun Jie’s voluptuous body disappearing into the company building, Yang Ming took out his cell phone and gave a call to Hou Zhenhan.

“Brother Yang.” Hou Zhenhan picked up the phone and said concisely, “What’s the matter?”

“Big Hou, what happened to the person who had just harassed Sun Jie?” Although Yang Ming seemed to be happily flirting with Sun Jie on the way, he had been thinking about this matter in his heart.

Although the distance was very far apart, Yang Ming could read the lips. Whatever the guy said just now was seen clearly by Yang Ming. Now that Bao Sanli and the rest just took a foothold in Song Jiang, he didn’t want to provoke any powerful characters.

“The man was taken away by the underlings of Bao Sanli. I haven’t asked yet. Why? What’s wrong with it?” Hou Zhenhan seemed to have noticed something.

“Check carefully. What does that person do? Don’t get into any trouble at this period.” Yang Ming instructed.

“Okay, I understand.” Hou Zhenhan said, “After I’ve clarified, I will call you immediately.”

“No, I am outside. It won’t be convenient to talk. I will call you.” Yang Ming said.

Hou Zhenhan was stunned and immediately understood Yang Ming’s meaning. He went out with Sun Jie, so he would most likely be with Sun Jie tonight. Any matter about Sun Jie would be inconvenient to speak about, so he nodded. “Understood, Brother Yang.”

Yang Ming hung up the phone and waited for a while. Sun Jie walked out with a document.

Yang Ming opened the car door and Sun Jie got into the car.

“What kind of document did you go to the company to get so late at night?” Yang Ming asked casually.

“My father called me just now to get it. He was very anxious about it. I have to reply to him by tomorrow morning, so I have to look at it all night.” Sun Jie said helplessly.

“Look at it all night?” Yang Ming’s heart didn’t know why, but it didn’t feel very good. Look at it all night. Does that mean I have no more chance?

Yang Ming wasn’t sure what he was feeling about Sun Jie. Do I like her? Or is it purely because of the feeling of conquering a woman that a man likes? Yang Ming shook his head and smiled self-deprecatingly… My original self would rarely have such an impatient idea.

Yang Ming thought that he was a perfectionist. He wasn’t very interested in sex without love, but since he had the voodoo from Lan Ling… Ai, Xiao Lingling, you are killing me!

“Do you think that it’s easy to be a woman with a successful career?” Sun Jie also gave a bitter smile. “If Sun Zhiwei isn’t so disappointing, I would have retired. The cruelty of the business field is really not suitable for a woman…”

“It turns out to be this matter. Isn’t that easy to solve?” Yang Ming said with an ambiguous smile and looked at Sun Jie.

“How would you solve it?” Sun Jie was a little angry that Yang Ming only said some yet not the remaining part.

“Let your parents give birth to another younger brother…” Yang Ming said this and watched Sun Jie’s expression. Sure enough, Sun Jie widened her eyes and was about to get angry, but Yang Ming continued to say, “Of course, this is basically impossible… so you can consider finding a boyfriend to help you.”

“You piss me off!” Sun Jie said frustrated, “Aren’t you just talking nonsense?!”

“How is this nonsense? Isn’t this an idea for you?” Yang Ming smiled.

“Do I look like I have a boyfriend?” Sun Jie said, “How about you become my boyfriend?”

” Eh ?” Yang Ming was shocked and turned his head to look at Sun Jie. “What did you say?”

“Nothing. Look at how scared you are.” Sun Jie shook her head and smiled, “Look. Even you don’t want to be my boyfriend. Who else do you want to be my boyfriend?”

For Sun Jie’s words, Yang Ming could only give her a bitter smile. Sun Jie was a strong woman. Yang Ming couldn’t just take her home as a wife. It’s still okay for the both of us to chat and flirt together. But if I were to bring her home, which of my women would be her opponent?

“Your family background is pretty good. There should be quite a lot of people who pursued you.” So, Yang Ming changed to a topic which he was able to probe some matters out. “Who was the person who gave you the flowers just now? He looked quite like a gentleman?”

“Just now? You mean Guo Dongchuan?” Sun Jie frowned. “I don’t have any feelings for people like him…”

“What does he do?” Yang Ming asked.

“Guo Jinbiao’s son from Jidun City.” Sun Jie said.

“Who’s Guo Jinbiao?” Yang obviously hadn’t heard the name before.

“His position in the Jidun City is equivalent to the position of Bao Sanli in Song Jiang.” Sun Jie explained. For these things, Sun Jie didn’t need to conceal from Yang Ming, because there was no need for it. These were all information available publicly. It could be easily obtained.

Moreover, Sun Jie didn’t know why, but she didn’t want to hide anything from Yang Ming. Although there seemed to have very few interactions between herself and Yang Ming, Sun Jie’s subconscious still felt that the story of herself and Yang Ming wouldn’t end here.

This may be a unique intuition that women have.

Yang Ming was first stunned after listening to Sun Jie’s words, then he felt a chill go up his spine. It can’t be, right? Guo Jinbiao is the underworld boss of Jidun City. Wouldn’t Guo Dongchuan be the equivalent of a prince in the underworld of Jidun City?

This way, Bao Sanli would then be the enemy of Guo Jinbiao! Yang Ming sighed. He was hoping that they could be a little more disciplined with their temper. Otherwise, if they had disabled Guo Dongchuan, then it would be hard to manage such a matter!

However, Yang Ming wasn’t afraid of Guo Dongchuan from the Jidun’s city. Although Jidun City is called a city, it’s far from Song Jiang. The entire area isn’t half as large as Song Jiang. Therefore, Guo Jinbiao can’t be too ruthless.

Although they are an enemy now, I just need to work harder as the Y boss behind the scenes to threaten Guo Jinbiao. If it’s too difficult, I just need to eliminate him.

“Jidun’s city seems to be pretty small. It has a big gap with Donghai. This Guo Dongchuan really knew how to plan…” Knowing that some people were eyeing Sun Jie, Yang Ming’s heart didn’t feel very good.

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