So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 1132 - A Private Reception

Chapter 1132: A Private Reception

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” Oh , who cares who they are? Master, you can rest assured. As long as it is the person you like, I’ll see who dares to make a move!” Old Buffon said confidently.

Yang Ming nodded. He believed in Old Buffon’s words. From these few days, it could be seen how terrifying Old Buffon’s influence was. Although Old Buffon was respectful to him, acting like a child, it was only in front of him. Yang Ming naturally could imagine how imposing he was in front of others.

“With your words, I am relieved.” Yang Ming knew that Old Buffon also gave him a kind of guarantee. In other words, in this place, no matter how much trouble Yang Ming got into, Old Buffon could settle it.

Moreover, Old Buffon was also very willing to do something for Yang Ming. After all, he was Yang Ming’s apprentice and wanted to keep learning Kung Fu from Yang Ming. If he didn’t often pay “tuition fees,” he would not have peace of mind.

This was a small private hall which looked very ordinary – simple walls, simple yard, and a simple entrance. It was just like an ordinary house, without the noble luxury.

But when the car drove in and went to the underground parking lot, it could be seen how luxurious it was here! Inside the parking lot were some beautiful wall carvings and inlaid stones.

Moreover, the cars parked here were also some of the world-famous cars. They were all brands and styles that Yang Ming rarely saw. Most of them were limited editions and collector’s editions.

From this point of view, the identity of the people who came to this clubhouse was also not ordinary. Otherwise, the average person couldn’t afford such cars. Even if they could buy one, they couldn’t get this kind of limited edition car without a certain identity and status.

When Yang Ming and Old Buffon came out from the car, a middle-aged man with a beer belly ran up to him. “Patriarch Buffon, hello! I didn’t expect you to come in person!”

” En , my guest is not ordinary. I have to wait next to him to follow his command!” Old Buffon nodded and said very lightly. In front of outsiders, Yang Ming did not let Old Buffon call him Master. After all, this was a bit weird. Although Old Buffon felt a little impolite, he would undoubtedly do as Yang Ming commanded.

” Ah !” Locklaring suddenly felt amazed. Because his attention was entirely on Old Buffon, he didn’t pay any attention to the young man and woman next to Old Buffon. After listening to Old Buffon’s words, Locklaring quickly reached out a hand to Yang Ming. “Hello, sir and beautiful lady. You are welcome to participate in the private banquet organized by me. I am the CEO of the XY Opera, Locklaring.”

“Hello, Mr. Locklaring.” Yang Ming reached out and shook hands with Locklaring and let it go.

Locklaring also felt Yang Ming’s contempt, and it could be seen that Yang Ming did not attach any importance to him just from the fact that Yang Ming did not introduce himself at all.

But Locklaring did not have the slightest dissatisfaction; he felt it was quite reasonable! Since Old Buffon said that, Lockaring simply could not predict Yang Ming’s identity!

There were only a few people in the world who could make Old Buffon a follower. In Europe, there were only very few people who could be equal to Old Buffon, let alone people who were more senior to Old Buffon’s status!

Even for the people who were nobler than the patriarch, Old Buffon, such as the Prime Minister or the royal family members, at most the patriarch, Old Buffon, was respectful to them. He would not become a follower like this!

However, what Locklaring couldn’t understand until he wanted to break his head was that Yang Ming and Wang Xiaoyan were both obviously Asians. Such people should have no relationship with the patriarch, Old Buffon. Moreover, the two were so young. What actually were their identities that could make the patriarch, Old Buffon, like this?

But Locklaring also knew that for the person that Old Buffon respected to that extent, he must also respect! Otherwise, they could kill him, so Locklaring’s face always had a charming smile.

Originally, Locklaring wanted to announce that the lieutenant governor’s son and the city mayor’s son were among the banquet attendees today, but thought that with the identity of the patriarch, Old Buffon, never mind the sons of the lieutenant governor and the mayor, even if the lieutenant governor and the mayor were here, the patriarch, Old Buffon, would barely attach any importance to them. Forget about the two mysterious friends near the patriarch, Old Buffon. They view the patriarch, Old Buffon, as a follower, so how could they pay attention to those small characters?

Therefore, Locklaring was afraid that he would court a rebuff, so he kept quiet and did not introduce the guests inside.

“Is Miss Shu Ya here?” Yang Ming glanced at Locklaring and asked.

“Not yet, but she’s coming soon!” Locklaring said quickly. However, Locklaring still was quite confused about Yang Ming. Shu Ya was a guest invited by Alice, so this identity was already quite honorable, but for Old Buffon, Miss Alice was just a younger generation. This identity couldn’t scare him.

But now, the patriarch, Old Buffon, was respectful to Yang Ming, then Yang Ming should not be flustered by Miss Alice, so there was some uncertainty as to what would happen in a while.

The sons of Mayor Mark Vader and the lieutenant governor were easy to handle. If they had any bad intentions, he could just warn them. But for Yang Ming, he really didn’t dare to say anything.

Yang Ming, Wang Xiaoyan, and Old Buffon followed Locklaring into the inner hall of the place. It was entirely different from the ordinary hall outside. Yang Ming casually found a corner and sat down, Wang Xiaoyan and Old Buffon sat next to Yang Ming.

Before the banquet started, Locklaring had a lot of things to do, but he found it inappropriate to leave, so he stood aside awkwardly. Yang Ming saw Locklaring’s awkwardness and said, “Mr. Locklaring, you can go do other things first. I am a person who likes to be quiet.”

“Okay, okay. Then I am going to do something else first. If there is anything you need, please call me!” Locklaring smiled gratefully. Yang Ming gave him an excuse to leave, and it made him very happy.

Although it was inconvenient to see Shu Ya with Wang Xiaoyan, this thing had to be revealed to Shu Ya sooner or later. Moreover, Shu Ya knew that Yang Ming had other girlfriends, and did not have any excessive reaction but very lightly accepted it.

Therefore, Yang Ming dared to attend this occasion with Wang Xiaoyan.


“Maligeben, did you prepare the vehicle that I asked you to prepare?” Savin Geese asked.

“I’ve prepared it; I’m driving the Mercedes-Benz RV [1]…” Maligeben said with some hesitation, “However, can I just take Shu Ya away from here? You know this is Locklaring’s territory! He is a member of parliament. Even my father must make way for him…”

Maligeben remembered what his father had said before. After all, Locklaring’s identity and status were evident. If he really got into trouble, it would be hard to say that Locklaring would not stop them.

“What do you need to be afraid of!? It’s just a little parliament member!” Savin Geese said disdainfully, “My father is the administrative lieutenant governor. Does Locklaring dare not to give face? He won’t offend me because of a foreign celebrity, right?”

“That’s true!” Remembering the identity of Savin Geese, Maligeben’s courage grew. “The RV is parked in the parking lot downstairs. I placed a bed at the back following your commands…”

” En , you did a good job!” Savin Geese nodded and said, “How is the sound insulation of the RV?”

“Do not worry. It’s very good. Even if you sing karaoke, it will not be heard from the outside!” Maligeben said, “Savin Geese, who do you say will take the lead in a while?”

“What do you mean? Who will take the lead?” Savin Geese did not understand Maligeben’s meaning.

“I mean, who will do it first…” Maligeben explained.

“Wouldn’t it be the same for whoever goes first? Why don’t we f*ck together?” Savin Geese said with a smile.

“Of course, it is different. Didn’t you read the online article? It is said that Shu Ya is still a virgin! She has never had an affair!” Maligeben whispered.

“Virgin? Really? Could it be just hype?” Savin Geese apparently did not believe it. “Now these little celebrities, many of them lie for hype. Is it not for hype? For the last Hollywood movie star we f*cked, didn’t she tell the outside world and claimed to be a virgin? D*mn, she was almost f*cked mercilessly. I am afraid that I will be infected!”

“Savin Geese, this Shu Ya is really different. Her family is very powerful in Hong Kong. She doesn’t need to rely on these things to get her position!” Maligeben said as if he understood clearly, “I have done a detailed investigation and bribed several journalists from the entertainment media. They have not received any news of Shu Ya being with men without exception. That is to say, Shu Ya is likely to have not dated before!”

” Oh ? That’s interesting!” Savin Geese’s eyes suddenly brightened. “Is this news true? If so, that would be cool! To be honest, I haven’t f*cked a virgin celebrity yet.

Maligeben snorted in his heart. Who has? But he also knew that he probably couldn’t take the lead; it must be Savin Geese. Although he was not very happy, he had to make a normal expression. “It must be! In a while, we will know it once we verify!”

” En , it definitely has to be verified!” Savin Geese nodded and said, “Then I won’t be polite; I will go first! Right, Maligeben. You will not fight with me, right?”

“I… of course not!” Maligeben said with a smile, “For this kind of good thing, of course, Savin Geese, you must go first!”

” Hey , don’t I know your thoughts yet?” Savin Geese had to take one’s undeserved gain for granted and said, “You are afraid that something will go wrong, so you let me go ahead first and be the scapegoat, isn’t that right?”

“How could that be…” Maligeben scolded in his heart, He’s really hypocritical. Is this a big deal? Do I need you to be a scapegoat? Who ask for my Dad only to be the mayor, and your Dad to be the lieutenant governor? Moreover, the most important thing was that Savin Geese had a big trading company with lots of channels in his hands. Only by having a good relationship with him can he make his own company big. Only then could he act proudly in front of his father and sister, so Maligeben had to continue to fawn on Savin Geese at this moment.

“Do you think I don’t know this little cunning plot of yours, kid?” Savin Geese snorted disdainfully, but his heart was happy. This time, I will make a big profit, and the thought of it makes me so happy!

“Right, Savin Geese. How do we get started? There are so many eyes here; it’s not easy to get her to the vehicle!” said Maligeben.

“Isn’t this easy? Take advantage of the time when she goes to the bathroom; we can just follow her!” said Savin Geese.

“This is a good idea!” Maligeben nodded and said, “Good, then so be it!”

” Hehe , it seems that it will not be in vain today! Very good!” Savin Geese said with some pride, “Maligeben, this time you did a good job. Rest assured. I will give you the biggest help in the company!”

“That’s great!” Maligeben was suddenly overwhelmed with joy. This was the result he wanted the most. Other things are fleeting; only money is important. With money, what can’t you have? Why care about a woman?

Thinking of this, Maligeben immediately became happy, and with the assurance of Savin Geese, he willingly let him go first.

In fact, Savin Geese was not stupid. How could he not see the dissatisfaction of Maligeben just now? So he loosened his mouth and gave Maligeben some care for his trading company.

” En , don’t worry. I won’t treat you badly!” said Savin Geese.

“Who are the people here?” Yang Ming glanced at the people in the ballroom and asked Old Buffon.

“I don’t know, maybe some of the sons of dignitaries.” Old Buffon looked at some of the young people in the banquet hall and said.

With Old Buffon’s identity, he would naturally not know these sons of dignitaries. Old Buffon would not even attach importance to their elders, not to mention these people. So Old Buffon simply didn’t look at these people directly. In his eyes, there was only Yang Ming. His only wish was to serve Yang Ming well.

Yang Ming nodded and said with some mockery, “These people are probably here for Shu Ya, right?”

Old Buffon heard Yang Ming’s words and could not help but laugh. He thought,Aren’t you also here for Miss Shu Ya? But in Old Buffon’s view, it was normal for Yang Ming to have a way with Shu Ya, but it was not okay for others to do so, so he said, “Do you want to find someone to drive them out?”

“That’s not necessary.” Yang Ming shook his head and replied faintly. In fact, Yang Ming was not that kind of bully, nor would he be so arrogant that he would clear out the entire place whenever he reached a place.

Yang Ming’s main motto was that I won’t offend people that don’t offend me. So in many cases, Yang Ming would not take the initiative to provoke anyone, but if someone really provoked Yang Ming, Yang Ming would never be softhearted.

Previous experience taught Yang Ming that he couldn’t be soft when he dealt with the enemy. If things could be eliminated entirely, never leave it behind.

Old Buffon nodded. Since Yang Ming said that he didn’t want to take these people away, he wouldn’t meddle. He sat quietly, like an old butler.

If those celebrities in Europe saw this scene, their jaws would drop in surprise! How could Old Buffon become someone else’s follower and butler?

However, although Locklaring was busy with the things on hand in a distance, his eyes drifted from time to time to Yang Ming’s table, and he was secretly astonished.

Finally, after setting up everything that should be focused on, Locklaring once again came to Yang Ming’s table. “Hello, Patriarch Buffon, and two distinguished guests. After introducing Shu Ya, I will introduce a few guests present. May I ask if I can introduce you?”

“Mr. Yang, what do you think?” Old Buffon turned his head to Yang Ming, which further confirmed Locklaring’s thoughts. Yang Ming and the others are not to be trifled. I am afraid that their identities are unimaginable.

“Forget it. I don’t like this kind of thing.” Yang Ming waved his hand and said to Locklaring.

“Patriarch Buffon, what about you?” Locklaring nodded and asked the patriarch, Old Buffon.

“Mr. Yang has already said that he doesn’t like these things. Why do I, as a follower, have to get involved?” Old Buffon glared and spoke in an angry tone. He was very annoyed to see Locklaring was so bad at discerning the situation.

Locklaring was surprised. He quickly smiled and said, “I’m sorry. Then will not bother you anymore…” After that, he promptly left.

Locklaring turned and went to Savin Geese and Maligeben, saying, “Young masters, how are you?!”

“Uncle Locklaring, hello!” Savin Geese and Maligeben smiled and greeted Locklaring. Although their fathers had a higher status than Locklaring, after all, it was their fathers’ identities, not theirs, so they still had to be very respectful to Locklaring. No matter what, he was the master of the party and a member of this city’s parliament.

“After I introduced Miss Shu Ya, I will introduce a few special guests at the party. You see, how about introducing you two?” Locklaring was not as polite to these two! After all, they were just two in the younger generation.

“Alright, that’s good!” Maligeben agreed without thinking. “What do you say, Savin Geese?”

” En , I was just worrying about how to get in the limelight; this is a good opportunity!” Savin Geese nodded. If he could get Shu Ya using a conventional way, he would still be very willing. After all, the fun of rape was far less than welcoming.

So Savin Geese said, “Then we would trouble Uncle Locklaring. Please introduce us well!”

“No problem.” Locklaring nodded. This was easy for him and did not violate any principle issues, so Locklaring agreed very quickly, “Do not worry. I’ll make sure that you both will have enough face in front of the beauties!”

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