So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 1026 - The Assassin Group’s Training Program

Chapter 1026: The Assassin Group’s Training Program

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“Young Master Wei, I suddenly thought of something when you mentioned Yang Ming. Can you talk to him and ask him to kill Zou Ruoguang for you?” Sister Gu said, “I see he is so tough. It should be easy for him to kill Zou Ruoguang, right? Besides, he and Zou Ruoguang also have hatred. If you pay him a huge sum, he will probably help you.”

“Yeah!” Wei Jin slapped his thigh. “Sister Gu, you are right. This person can cooperate with us!”

Yang Ming was a violent freak. Wei Jing and Zou Ruoguang were beaten up badly by him last time. However, Wei Jin didn’t hate Yang Ming. After all, it was Wei Jing trying to be pretentious at first. They deserved to be beaten up since they weren’t powerful enough.

Moreover, Yang Ming seems to have a relationship with many underworld forces. Wei Jin was still better off not provoking such a character. However, he could still cooperate with Yang Ming if he wanted to deal with Zou Ruoguang.

Now, money had become external objects. Even if he had money, there was still a limit on how much he and Sister Gu could enjoy it. It was useless to have too much money. It was already enough to treat the disease and cover daily expenses.

Thinking of this, Wei Jin decided to chat with Yang Ming to see if Yang Ming could help him kill Zou Ruoguang for a high prize.


Yang Ming remembered Chen Dazhuang’s phone number; Chen Mengyan didn’t pay attention. He picked up his phone from the coffee table and put it into his pocket.

By this time, Aunty Li already prepared the dinner, then Yang Ming went to the dining room with Chen Mengyan for dinner.

From last night until the next afternoon, they almost never left the room except for going to the toilet. Chen Mengyan also accommodated Yang Ming especially. They really cherished this hard-earned two-person world.

In the evening, Mother Chen called and had Chen Mengyan go home for two days. Although Chen Mengyan was unwilling, she knew that she was going to start school soon. She couldn’t stay at home much, and she already came out for a few days. Chen Mengyan couldn’t be helped, so she could only apologize to Yang Ming, “After the school starts, I can live here more often; now, I really have to go home.”

Yang Ming also knew Chen Mengyan’s situation. After all, the two people were still students. If they were blatantly telling Chen Fei that they were living together, it will definitely not work, so no one is clear now. Uncle Chen knows clearly. Yang Ming’s heart is also clear, but he just turned a blind eye to it.

After taking Chen Mengyan back home, Yang Ming drove back to the Hua Shang District. When passing by Zhao Ying’s building, Yang Ming couldn’t help but look up. He wanted to visit her but still gave up in the end.

It’s been three days. Zhao Ying should find out the secret of my memory tree, right? Why didn’t she reply to me?

This made Yang Ming very worried, but there was no other way.

Yang Ming wanted to ask, but he didn’t know how to speak. He had to give up in desperation.

However, he couldn’t visit Zhao Ying’s house, but he could still visit Wang Xiaoyan’s house. After parking the car, Yang Ming pressed the doorbell of Wang Xiaoyan’s house without hesitation.

After a while, Wang Xiaoyan ran out to open the door. Just as Yang Ming wanted to say something, he heard Wang Xiaoyan whisper, “Sister Ying is here. Don’t mess around.”


!?” Yang Ming was shocked abrupted.

Damn, really? Zhao Ying actually came to her here? It seems that it’s really not the time to visit

. Yang Ming wanted to avoid a situation, so he said, “Then I’ll… go first?”

“You’d better not leave. Sister Ying had heard you ringing the doorbell. If no one comes in, Sister Ying will be more suspicious. Then again, there is a monitor in the house. Maybe she has seen you already,” said Wang Xiaoyan.

“Well, then I will go in.” Yang Ming nodded and went into the villa of Wang Xiaoyan.

“Yang Ming?” Zhao Ying saw Yang Ming come in, and she was slightly astounded. She felt a hint of jealousy in her heart.

Is Yang Ming coming to Wang Xiaoyan?


, Sister Ying, you are really here!” Yang Ming said without missing a beat. “I just went to your house and found that you were not there, so I came here as a ​​try. As a result, Wang Xiaoyan said that you are here!”


!” Zhao Ying was a little bit happy after listening to it.

Yang Ming actually came to find me? Didn’t he come to Wang Xiaoyan specifically?

So she said with a blush, “I haven’t seen Little Yan for a long time. Tell the truth. What are you here for?”


, I was just thinking of eating a meal at your house… If that is the case, then I will leave. You two can continue to talk…” When Yang Ming finished, he turned and prepared to leave. “I won’t bother you two.”

Wang Xiaoyan thought,

This guy is really cheeky. He lies without missing a beat and can tell a lie fluently. He is really talented.

Yang Ming came with a justified reason, and he left with a justified reason as well. Now it was Zhao Ying feeling embarrassed instead. She said after Yang Ming left, “Yanyan, Yang Ming is such a person. He is a forthright person. Don’t stoop down to his level with him.”

“I won’t stoop down to his level,” said Wang Xiaoyan furiously. “When I first moved in, he found a renovation team to work for twenty-four hours a day. I couldn’t even sleep properly. I can’t wait to kill him! I wouldn’t have spared him if it weren’t for your sake.”

“Yang Ming is forthright, but he has no ill-intentions,” Zhao Ying was explaining for Yang Ming. “Just be tolerant of him, and it will be fine. However, why do I feel like your relationship with him is very good now?”

“How can it be not good? We are neighbors. We always have to see each other. Do we really need to argue with each other?” Wang Xiaoyan smiled. “Besides, we are both from the same school, so I didn’t pursue his responsibility.”


, right. Are you used to living alone here?” Zhao Ying asked, seeing Wang Xiaoyan’s big empty villa.

“It’s still alright. Why doesn’t Sister Ying move in with me too?” Wang Xiaoyan suggested with a smile.

“Okay, but I am afraid to give you trouble. If I come here, Yang Ming will be more diligent in visiting here. You don’t like it lively. It is still best not to disturb you,” said Zhao Ying. “We are staying near each other anyway. It just takes a few steps to visit each other.”

Wang Xiaoyan thought,

If you don’t come, then will Yang Ming not come?

But this couldn’t be told to Zhao Ying. She could only think about it.

After they spoke for a while, Zhao Ying left. When passing by Yang Ming’s villa, Zhao Ying hesitated and left quickly.

Yang Ming stood at the window and looked at Zhao Ying’s figure. He sighed slightly.

Today was really dangerous. I almost exposed myself. Zhao Ying’s current attitude is not clear. If Wang Xiaoyan were between us, probably Zhao Ying would hesitate more, and maybe she would reject me again.

When Zhao Ying disappeared entirely from his sight, Yang Ming came out of his villa again. He didn’t knock on the door. Instead, he just jumped directly into the yard of Wang Xiaoyan’s house from the wall of his own yard.

Just as his feet landed, he looked up and saw Wang Xiaoyan put her hands on her waist, standing in the yard with a sneering smile.

“You… why are you here?” Yang Ming was like a thief being caught, and suddenly he felt a little awkward.

“Why can’t I be in my own yard?” Wang Xiaoyan snorted. “As for you, you are even climbing the wall. Are you practicing your skills?”


, yeah, you should know that we, assassins, must always exercise our skills. Otherwise, our skills will be rusty…” Yang Ming laughed twice.

“Yeah, do you think I will believe in you?” Wang Xiaoyan rolled her eyes at Yang Ming. “Why? Chen Mengyan is gone? Now you are bored, and you came to find me?”

Yang Ming’s thoughts were pointed out by Wang Xiaoyan. However, he naturally wouldn’t admit it. “It is like this. Didn’t I say that I wanted to do centralized training for people in our assassin group? I am here to discuss it with you this time.”

When Wang Xiaoyan heard that it was about the assassin group, she became immediately interested. She nodded solemnly, “Let’s talk inside the house.”

Yang Ming sighed with relief.

Little Girl Wang’s weakness is obvious. If she mocks me in the future, I will talk to her about the future development of the assassin group. Ha, this is a good idea.

Inside the villa, Wang Xiaoyan gave a bottle of green tea drink to Yang Ming, and then sat on the sofa, waiting for Yang Ming to speak.

“Little Yanyan, I am going to take the people of the assassin group over. This matter should be done as soon as possible,” said Yang Ming. “In this way, our assassin group can go on the right track as soon as possible.”

“Yang Ming, is the training you said useful? You want to train these people personally?” asked Wang Xiaoyan.

“Personally? Of course, I don’t have that much time, but I will find someone to train them,” said Yang Ming. “In fact, what these people lack between them is a kind of tacit understanding. They are considered skillful as an individual, but if you group them together, their skill is much worse except if they are working with a fixed partner. If you simply group two people randomly, their performance will be worse than doing the mission alone. Therefore, I have to train them to cooperate with each other. In this way, they can cooperate in the missions that they can’t do alone.”

Wang Xiaoyan nodded after listening. Yang Ming was reasonable. It was impossible to raise the skill of everyone in a short amount of time. However, as Yang Ming said, if the team’s collaboration ability was enhanced, and if they could cooperate well, they could easily handle most of the missions.

“Great, I agree with this,” said Wang Xiaoyan with appreciation. “This is something I have not considered before. You are right. The missions that can’t be completed alone, can be completed through the cooperation of multiple people!”

“One more thing has to be changed which is the way the original Black Widow Assassin Group took on a mission…” Yang Ming continued.

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