Silent Crown

Chapter 728 - Catinat

Chapter 728: Catinat

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Mary gritted her teeth as she sat on the throne. The National Defense Front launched. She was the state, and in a flash, her consciousness spread all over the Anglo Kingdom. An empty glow spewed out from the nodes of every leyline. It eliminated the nine bolts of lightning with difficulty, but everywhere the lightning passed there was still enough power remaining to destroy dozens of buildings.

A moan rang out.

The old musician closed his eyes and made a fist.

Gungnir emerged from the clouds…

With 81 bolts of lightning!

Within that moment, York, Hampton, Will, Tyne, Luton… The lightning bolts locked onto 27 cities within the Anglo Kingdom.

“Asgard!!!” Mary roared. She finally understood and was once again infuriated by the cruelty and coldness of this action.

She finally understood… this was no longer a war.

This was destruction.

In that instant, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth roared like the ocean.

The wrathful firebird spread out from Avalon, rushing out to each of the breaking waves and solidifying the seven seas.

A roar shook the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, emitting an ear-piercing sound. In the deep sea, countless monsters opened their eyes and looked up towards the sky.

A call rang out.

A thick fog instantly rose up from the sea and covered all the Anglo Kingdom.

Dark air was revealed within the glow of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. It invested Mary’s body, turning into a crown of white bones, the shadow of the Kingdom of Death.

Regardless of her agreement with Ye Qingxuan, Mary skipped over the transformation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and awakened Leviathan’s most essential power!

Amidst the sharp increase in the dragon’s blood, a cold and cruel will arose from Mary’s consciousness. She sneered, and the harsh sound rang throughout the world.

At this moment, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth had already transformed into a land of death under the sea, embracing the land of fog, the home of countless lost souls and shipwrecks.

In the winding darkness, half of Mary’s face was still as dignified and holy as usual, but the other side had become dark and grim, and too savage to look at.

In a flash, the throne room was transformed into the legendary Palace of Tragedy.

The shadows of countless sea beasts emerged, roaring in anger towards the sky, resisting the lightning’s unceasing destruction.

Under this complete coverage, seemed to be shrouded in an iron blanket as it endured endless devastation. Even though it could save itself from Gungnir’s attack, it was unable to fight back and could only endure the pain of endless blows.

Such a powerful force under command of the World Tree moved it through the sky with perfect control. The old musician casually thrust forth his hands and locked onto Port Norman that had been invaded by the Caucasians. He threw a spear and then looked back at it, but was no longer able to see it.

His goal today was the absolute destruction of the Anglos.

Since they had the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the protection of the leylines, they must be completely obliterated, burned and scorched by the infinite power of Gungnir!

He would reveal where the truth was through their destruction!

Under the protection of the North Wind, all victory belonged to Asgard!

Mary gritted her teeth and closed her eyes.

Her fingers deformed the throne’s armrest as she endured both the tyranny that infected her from Leviathan’s power and Gungnir’s strikes.

As she spasmed in pain, she felt someone standing behind her and gripping her shoulders.

“Just be a little patient.” Ye Qingxuan wiped away some hair that was stuck to her brow by sweat. “It’ll be all right in a moment.”

Mary nodded with effort.

Ye Qingxuan smiled.

When he looked up, he saw Gungnir falling through the sky like a thunderstorm and his expression darkened.

No matter how you put it… this was no longer merely “excessive”.

It looked like they would have to push the plan forward…

He took a deep breath, and started forward, crossing over the former escape route in a single step, and stepped into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth behind Avalon.

Amidst the brilliant light and shadow, he looked up at the heart of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The crystal cube slowly descended, and an invisible ladder lifted Ye Qingxuan up. He advanced step by step into the core as he was enveloped by the ocean-blue sky.

Through the countless rotating crystal modules, he could see his blurred reflection.

The music theory of the Heaven Ladder gathered together from all directions and entered into his Scepter. The Land of Dreams expanded in all directions until it covered the Net of Aether of all the nations.

With the resonance that nearly coexisted between the two, Ye Qingxuan was temporarily transformed into a catastrophe.

He opened his eyes and stared into the void before him.

All throughout the Anglo Kingdom, countless instruments of harmonious melody rang out a melody that broke through the cracks in the realm of aether. The music theory of the Heaven Ladder spread out from within towards the higher dimensions…

A flame shone out from the core of the Net of Aether.

Ye Qingxuan lifted his empty hand and his Scepter appeared. The light in front of him suddenly crashed.

Bang! Steel roared.

The roar of iron and gold crashing together rang throughout the Net of Aether and resounded throughout the Anglo Kingdom.

Under Ye Qingxuan’s attack, the arrays on the path of godly ascension in the depths of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth shook.

Bang! The path of godly ascension shook again!

In Mary’s body, the shadow of the sleeping scabbard seemed to sense something, and it appeared from the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

There was no heat coming from the flame, but Ye Qingxuan was still sweating. In his musician’s senses, it seemed as if in front of him the light of countless suns was gathering together, enough to burn everything to ash.

With the power of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, Ye Qingxuan drew upon the music theory that had been gathered together in the Net of Aether over the past few days. It turned into a violent flame.

In the harsh roar, the arrays on the path of godly ascension, once Hermes’s masterpiece, were stripped out by Ye Qingxuan.

With the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as a blanket and the Land of Dreams as a hammer, the music theory of the Net of Aether transformed into a flame that dissolved the path of godly ascension, decomposing and forging it into a pure flow of aether.

There was a loud roar.

A sound like the revolving of the blazing sun burst out from the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, setting off towards the sky and the countless bolts of lightning.

The lightning of the music theory of reform shone on the Scepter of the Land of Dreams. With each wave of Ye Qingxuan hand, it plunged into the stream of aether.

A cold iron light emerged from within it.

It seemed as if iron was from growing within it, outlining its glorious silhouette.

It was a sword.

The outline of the stone sword could faintly be made out within it, but the blade was still incomplete. It was still blunt, not like a sword meant for battle. A gentle and mournful glow shone out from the stream of aether, cowing everything into submission.

“Maxwell…” Ye Qingxuan paused and thought of the deceased man. Uncontrollable grief and sorrow appeared in his heart.

Maxwell was dead.

Even if he once again created the stone sword, and once again endowed it with spirituality, the old man who had once held up the heavens for him would never return.

Without his soul, even if he forged the stone sword again it would mean nothing.

What appeared in his hands was no longer the sword of the kings who had ruled the Anglo Kingdom in the past. It appeared completely different.

Amid the roar of hymns as countless elements collided, the blazing stream of aether gathered together and wrapped around the sword.

Ye Qingxuan took a deep breath, and without bothering to wipe away his sweat looked to his side. “Lend me a hand, Old Phil!”

The shadow of the golden retriever appeared from the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. He glanced at him and turned into a giant golden dragon. The bestial nature of the dragon’s soul gathered into a torrent that entered the blade.

Then a dragon pattern appeared on the blade.

The scabbard of the stone sword came flying out of Mary’s body and into the stream of light.

At that moment, the Net of Aether’s power pierced through the Physical World and the realm of aether, opening up a huge gap. A giant shadow was reflected from the higher void dimensions.

It was the Anglo Kingdom!

It was the projection of the Anglo Kingdom into the realm of aether.

Under the pull of the Net of Aether, the projection crashed into the Physical World with a loud bang!

It followed the path of the Heaven Ladder’s music theory as it fell towards the sword in the flame.

Amid the roar, the two became one.

They suddenly disappeared.

Steel clanked.

What emerged from the fire was the accumulated power of the path of godly ascension. It used the Chapter of the Golden Victory to blend the Anglo Kingdom into the realm of aether, forming the sword of the nation.

“With this sword, I solemnly crown my Queen!” Ye Qingxuan took up the longsword, announcing this in all directions with the help of the Net of Aether.

As that low sound rang out, numerous musicians who were connected to the Net of Aether were shocked. They saluted towards Avalon and opened up their own sound of heart music theory. The spirituality flowing within was divided up and flowed towards the throne where it was gathered together.

The proclamation sounded out above all of the Anglo Kingdom, echoing in everyone’s ears, “May God bless the Kingdom, and may the Queen bless me!”

At that moment, a blazing glow shone from the sword that had received the oaths of the devotion of all the musicians in the Anglo Kingdom. It rose up from Ye Qingxuan’s hands and headed towards Mary.

The mighty coronation melody sounded again.

Mary grasped the sword’s hilt and stared at its blunted blade. She suddenly realized what she must do. She turned the sword towards herself fell on it!

The blade was like nothing. It pierced through her body, but in the void, there was a tragic scream.

The tyrannical blood of Leviathan suddenly dissipated. Under the sword’s merciful light Leviathan’s dark nature was destroyed as easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood as it was unable to resist the command.

In an instant, the catastrophe’s tyrannical power was under Mary’s control as she swept across the huge gap between humans and catastrophes. With this sword in hand, Mary was able to completely control the power of catastrophes!

The true name emerged on the sword’s ridge, formed from complex alchemy matrixes.


It was the coronation sword of the Anglo Kingdom, justice and mercy embodied!

Through the unprecedented difficulty and the pain of her consciousness being eroded, Mary’s consciousness was held in the music theory, and with this, she drove the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, pushed forth the Homeland Defense Front, and used the Anglo Kingdom as the body from which to use the endless power of Leviathan!

The light of justice and mercy shone all through the fog of the Kingdom of Death. The light flooded every corner of the ocean, changing the violent temperament of the sea monsters. Under the blessing of the halo, they became sacred and solemn.

Their animal nature was immersed in the Chapter of the Golden Victory. The animal nature of countless sea monsters being poured in made the projection of the golden dragon soar. His wings unfolded, holding the Anglo Kingdom firmly inside of them.

It did not matter how powerful the storm was!

However, Ye Qingxuan’s movements did not stop with the birth of Catinat, and he cautiously picked up the long case beside him.

Within the case, the Staff of Destiny and the Staff of Messiah reflected the light of the flame.

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