Seized by the System

Chapter 540 - A Mysterious Folio

Chapter 540: A Mysterious Folio

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Just as Bai Shifu was fantasizing, the tiny ant in his gaze had already begun to crawl anxiously, clutching onto something in one of its legs.

Bai Shifu noticed it. After all, he had been there for the entire process…

After giving it a thought, he said, “Sorry to interrupt, but I think the ant seems to want to say something.”

“What can it say? It’s mute and had always gestured instead of spoken.” Black Cat Tom did not even want to give the ant a chance to explain.

“Wait, I think the ant was trying to ask us to reattach its aedeagus…” Bai Shifu pointed out frankly.

It was less about his kind-heartedness and more about his wanting to make up to the ant. After all, the ant was hurt because of him and Bai Shixin.

He did not make the attack, of course, but if anyone would look into the past, they would be connected in one way or another.

Black Cat Tom said disdainfully, “You’re not an ant, can you even understand what it was trying to say?”

Just as it finished speaking, the gray ant had begun to tug at its tiger fur and nodding profusely.

“Ugh, you really can understand… Fine, in that case, Miss Daqing, I shall not bother you. I’ll look for my master to get some pills that can heal external injuries,” said Black Cat Tom dejectedly.

“Wait, halt, I’ll give you a ten percent discount, how about that?” Seeing her business might be lost, Daqing tried to offer some bonus.

“Ten percent wouldn’t do. This thing doesn’t understand at all that only female ants have higher status. There has always only queen ants and not king ants…” Black Cat Tom said persuasively.

The gray ant did not care. It was just a male ant that likes to travel and explore. It would not change its sex and become a bulbous female ant that could not even walk… What was the point of having a high status in that case?

Seeing the ant not budging, Black Cat Tom gave up. After all, he still needs the ant to help him with his goals in the future, it would not be a good thing to force it…

The tiny interlude ended with Black Cat Tom shooting into the skies in search of Vigilante A.

Daqing sighed. “I thought I could develop a new clientele, looks like that’s not gonna happen now…”

Bai Shifu felt a chill run up his spine. ‘I shouldn’t upset this damsel of Celestial Clan. If she does that thing that she does to me, I wouldn’t even have a place to hide, what a fate worse than death…’

He immediately shifted the topic, “Miss Daqing, let us have some supper whilst we wait for a reply from the Venerable Dragon God.”

“That’s right,” Daqing’s eyes lit up. “I’m familiar with the place here, let me decide on the food.”

“The host shall decide. Miss Daqing, after you.”

In Vigilante A’s farmhouse in Qi City.

Black Tiger Tom hurried from the sky and shrank into a miniature tiger before slipping into the living room.

It was Fang Ning’s request to do so to avoid scaring his staffers. There were others who were brave enough to even have a ride on it, but most of the normal people were terrified of huge tigers.

“Brother tiger, where are you going?” Zheng Dao asked as he saw Tom.

“I have some things to seek Master’s advice, is he home?” The tiny tiger asked shyly.

“He’s in the bedroom, I’ll go ask him.”

Soon after, Fang Ning appeared. Seeing Tom the tiger, he was confused, “Thomson, it’s nighttime, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, Master, this little ant has made an enemy of some hotshot and got itself neutered. I wanna ask if you have any magical skills to reattach a severed body part?”

“Uh… this hotshot is so weird that he would even take the trouble to harm a tiny ant.” Fang Ning was speechless. He asked, “When is it neutered?”

“About a week ago. When it found me, it’s already too late, I think the body part has probably wilted, so I wanted to ask Miss Daqing to consider a sex-change operation for it. However, this little guy would not even consider it, so I’m really lost…” Black Cat Tom looked concerned.

“Heh, this little guy looks pretty gutsy, at least. It’s not a human at the end of the day, insects are known for their vitality, so the part that was cut off would probably still work. Gimme a moment, I’ll look for a way to heal it.”

Fang Ning immediately called on the System. “Can you cure this eunuch-ant?”

“Of course, I can save even dolphins who were slashed into two halves, let alone this one,” said the System with pride.

Fang Ning was ecstatic. “That’s great, so help it now. We owe the ant a huge favor. It was only after it helped us find Tom’s orb that we have complete control over the Morality City.”

“You’re right, I’ll help it immediately. Oh right, while you were sleeping, Daqing sent you a text, check it out,” reminded the System.

“Got it,” Fang Ning responded as he willed himself into the System Space to check his Wechat.

Having read the message, Fang Ning frowned hard.

“What’s so difficult about that? They wanted Daqing to step in and use its bloodline to suppress an ambitionist, right?” The System who had already healed the ant asked puzzledly.

Fang Ning shook his head. “It’s not such a huge deal currently, but it will become one in the future. Think about it, if even the exchange of power in the Greater Rat Clan needed a noble bloodline, what would happen if it was repeated among the humans? It might evolve into a catastrophe.”

“Hm? You’re paying so much attention to it?” mused the System in surprise. “If I remember correctly, you were always the one who said ‘I shall drink so long as I have alcohol today, the worries of the future can be worried in the future’, how did you manage to turn over a new leaf?”

“That’s right… wait, you’re mocking me!” yelled Fang Ning desperately. “I have always kept the bigger picture in mind and would never just muddle along in life, you pot-stirrer!”

“Oh is it? Is your late-stage procrastination cured? Why would you sleep until the sky has turned dark?” The System scoffed, “Did you think you are invincible so you let yourself go and just sleep and play every day…”

“I did not, I was just finding my work-life balance.” Fang Ning chicaned and tried to switch topics, “I’ve already asked Daqing to go and keep an eye on them. After all, if the Greater Rats rioted, it would be like someone is lighting a fire beside our own bed, we can’t leave them.”

“That’s a shame, why did they not look for me?”

“Hmph, they are so afraid of you, they must have subconsciously excluded you. In comparison, Daqing who looks and acts harmlessly would be their first choice. If they chose it, they would be fine whether they succeeded or not. If they chose you, you might even eliminate them at once, that would really be looking for trouble…” Fang Ning pointed out.

“Dang it, being an honest system brings so many bad things, I should’ve pretended to be harmless from the start,” the System complained.

At this point, the ant had already climbed up onto Vigilante A’s leg and was tugging at his leg hair.

“Hm? Is the little guy trying to say something? Sir, you’re proficient in most languages, help me translate,” said Fang Ning.

“That’s right. It was saying that it found a mysterious folio in one of the underground rooms, looks like a treasure. It wants us to take it and split it in half…” The System said excitedly.

“I understand, I’m guessing that’s where it got neutered. If I’m guessing correctly, the Greater Rats are in this as well,” Fang Ning was confident.

“If that’s the case, we should get going now, I can’t let my treasure be destroyed in the riot,” urged the System.

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