Seeking the Flying Sword Path

Chapter 714 - Grand Disciple Recruitment Ceremony

Chapter 714: Grand Disciple Recruitment Ceremony

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After killing the lord of the Yellowbeard Great World, Qin Yun separated from Hou Yi and returned the Heaven and Earth Myriad Objects Noose to Kong Xuan before returning to Mt. Lightning Roar.

News of Yellowbeard’s death also began spreading.

After all, he was a lord of a Great World, a perfected Great Dao existence!

As Qin Yun invited his good friends, he also gave a simple account of the situation! As more people learned of the reason, the reason also spread. Soon, the mighty figures of the Three Realms learned that… Yellowbeard had called his demise upon himself. By threatening Sword Immortal Qin with the Qin family’s life, he infuriated the sword immortal. Later on, Sword Immortal Qin captured two of Yellowbeard’s avatars alive and Hou Yi shot seven arrows while burning his Essence Soul…

This resulted in the death of another ancient existence.

With Mt. Lightning Roar’s Qin family’s standing in the Three Realms, the Qin family quickly learned of what their patriarch, Sword Immortal Qin, had done.

In Crescent Bay at the foot of Mt. Lightning Roar.

Qin Yiyi and Han Lin were walking alongside Crescent Bay.

“Dad sure is impressive.” Qin Yiyi’s eyes were sparkling. “A lord of a Great World, dead just like that! Double Wood, I learned of this news hours ago, but I still feel pumped.”

Han Lin nodded. “I’m also excited. Father-in-law is about to transcend the tribulation. At this critical juncture, the lord of the Yellowbeard Great World actually threatened him with our lives… How despicable! I never expected an ancient existence would do such despicable thing.”

“That’s why I’m even more impressed with Dad,” Qin Yiyi said with excitement. “He thoroughly kills his enemy when he puts his mind to it. He did a great job killing him, and it’s exhilarating!”

“I’m also impressed with Father-in-law,” said Han Lin wistfully. “That’s a perfected Great Dao existence. Speaking of which, together with Patriarch Spirit Devouring, Father-in-law has already killed two perfected Great Dao existences.”

Qin Yiyi said, “Dad is also really taking painstaking efforts to shock and awe those evildoers.”

Han Lin smiled and said, “Father-in-law was able to get Hou Yi to burn his Essence Soul to deliver seven arrows, and that’s truly impressive. Furthermore, Hou Yi has agreed to take in Yuluo as his disciple. I heard that… this disciple recruitment ceremony has invited many ancient existences to bear witness.”

“This is because Senior Hou Yi is willing to protect our Qin family.” Qin Yiyi wore a look of mixed emotions. “The inviting of so many parties to bear witness, it is because Dad is about to face the tribulation. He’s perhaps afraid of succumbing to the tribulation and worried for our safety. It’s why he sought Hou Yi’s help. Dad really worries for us.”

Hou Yi nodded gently. “This matter is very beneficial to Yuluo. By being Hou Yi’s disciple, her future will be even more promising.”

“Okay.” Qin Yiyi revealed a smile.

Qin Yuluo was their daughter.

As parents, they were naturally more delighted the more achievements their daughter had.

“Dad is doing all these things to prepare an outlet for the Qin family,” said Qin Yiyi softly. “I wish to do something as well to help Dad. I’m even willing to give up my life if it helps Dad in transcending the tribulations.”

“We shouldn’t distract Father-in-law,” consoled Han Lin.

Qin Yiyi fell silent.

She wanted to do something, but discovered that she was of no help.

She could only watch her father face the tribulation!

She still remembered her youth, back at the moment of utter despair, when her father found her. From then on, her father became an eternal backer! Now, her father was facing a calamity, but as a daughter, all she could do was watch.


“Grandfather.” Qin Yuluo came into a study.

Qin Yun was sitting there reading through books. When he looked up and saw his granddaughter, he could not help but smile.

His granddaughter Qin Yuluo was extremely talented. Her Sword Dao talent was abnormally high, but limited by her lack of accumulated insight and experience, she was still stuck at the ninth firmament Skyimmortal realm. However, her strength had long matched that of a mighty figure.

“Yuluo, are you aware of what’s going to happen?” asked Qin Yun.

“Mom and Dad have informed me,” Qin Yuluo said.


Qin Yun said, “At this disciple recruitment ceremony, mighty figures from all over will be invited to bear witness. It is to let the Three Realms understand that even if I fail to transcend the tribulation, Brother Hou Yi will be protecting you.”

“Grandfather, you will definitely succeed,” said Qin Yuluo immediately.

“Yeah.” Qin Yun nodded and said, “I got you to take Brother Hou Yi as a master because his Heart Force lineage’s Dharmic formulation is indeed miraculous. Brother Hou Yi is able to fight above his own level, having strength at the Heavenly Dao realm because of his Heart Force Dharmic formulation. While I was adventuring in the spatial tide, I saw wonders of the Heart Force lineage up close. You must cultivate it wholeheartedly. Although Green Touring Palace also has a Heart Force lineage manual, this lineage was created by Brother Hou Yi… Having him guide you personally will naturally be for the best.”

Qin Yun was from the Green Touring Palace.

His children and descendants, as well as his disciples, were naturally considered to be part of the Green Touring Palace lineage. Therefore, they could also learn the Dharmic formulations from Green Touring Palace.

“I will definitely work hard cultivating it,” replied Qin Yuluo immediately.

“Fusing the Heart Force Dharmic formulation into your sword array arts would be infinitely promising.” Qin Yun nodded. “Alright. Stay in Mt. Lightning Roar for the next few weeks. Once the time comes, I’ll bring you to the Effulgent Great World.”

“Yes,” replied Qin Yuluo respectfully.

In a blink of an eye, Yellowbeard had been dead for a month.

In the Effulgent Great World, Hou Yi’s cave abode.

Hou Yi usually didn’t stay here, but it was indeed bustling here that day. Many mighty figures had arrived.

In the main hall.

There were guests everywhere. A huge bunch of Green Touring Palace mighty figures attended, but ordinary mighty figures could only sit in the periphery.

“Second Brother Guo, how many years has it been since a celebration of this scale has happened in the Three Realms?” Yellow-robed Supremacy and a particular Daoist Guo Ren sat near each other. Yellow-robed Supremacy said in amazement, “Look at those sitting up there. Ancestral Dragon is here. Senior Brother Myriad Treasure is present as well despite not having made an appearance for years. Even Guan Yin from the Buddhists is here. All Three Sovereigns of humanity are present as well!”

Daoist Guo nodded and said, “Even Patriarch Subhuti is here too. Rushou, Goumang, Goddess Houtu are also present… More than ten perfected Great Dao existences are here! Even pinnacle mighty figures can only sit further back. As for us at the ordinary mighty figure level, we can only sit here.”

“Hehehe, the Heavenly Courts has been trying to capture me all this while. Here I am today, and there are many mighty figures from the Heavenly Courts in attendance, but they only pretend as if they aren’t seeing me.” Yellow-robed Supremacy chuckled. His eyes were cold as he hated the Heavenly Courts.

“Today’s stars are Senior Brother Qin and Hou Yi! Who would dare cause trouble?” said Daoist Guo.

“Hmph, don’t be fooled by the numerous mighty figures present here today. At critical junctures, it’s already good enough if they don’t stab you in the back.” Yellow-robed Supremacy said via a voice transmission. “I’ve already seen through the likes of these mighty figures.”

“I realized it during the battle of the three Daoists sects. However, we have to deal with the fiends first. Until their eradication… all parties share an amicable relationship,” said Daoist Guo via a voice transmission. “Besides, as long as Senior Brother Qin transcends the tribulation successfully, heh. Our Green Touring Palace’s say in the Three Realms would be even greater.”

“Yes, I hope Senior Brother Qin transcends the tribulation successfully.” Yellow-robed Supremacy turned wistful. Back when he first knew Qin Yun, Qin Yun was just a mortal sword immortal genius. Now, he was one of the few strongest ones beneath the Heavenly Dao realm, and a pillar of support of Green Touring Palace.

The numerous Green Touring Palace mighty figures wished that Senior Brother Qin would transcend the tribulation successfully and gain eternal life.

In the grand hall, a group of perfected Great Dao existences were chatting among themselves. Qin Yun only accompanied them out of politeness. The perfected Great Dao existences were from all sorts of factions with different interests at play. It would be a joke if one truly believed that someone would risk their lives for the Qin family. Therefore, Qin Yun had only requested for their help after giving Hou Yi and Ancestral Dragon enough benefits.

“In fact, the people I trust more are the Three Sovereigns of humanity.” Qin Yun looked at the Three Human Sovereigns. They had all figured out the Human Spirit and were more trustworthy. However, they were only another one of his backups.

“Yuluo.” Qin Yun suddenly spoke, his voice echoing through the hall.

Immediately, all the mighty figures fell silent.

A woman walked into the hall, looking gentle and staid as she exuded a faint Sword Dao aura.

“Everyone, this is my granddaughter, Qin Yuluo.” Qin Yun said with a laugh as his voice filled the hall. Beside him, Hou Yi said with a laugh, “I noticed that Qin Yuluo is extremely talented and thought of taking her in as my disciple. After discussing with Brother Qin Yun, we decided on going ahead. Today, we wish for everyone to bear witness.”

“Hou Yi is taking in a disciple, and she’s Sword Immortal Qin’s granddaughter… This is surely a beautiful tale of our Three Realms. We are honored to bear witness,” said Goumang with a smile.

Many voices echoed the sentiment.

Even those that did not speak nodded their heads slightly.

They were giving Sword Immortal Qin and Hou Yi face. These perfected Great Dao existences all knew that once the Dao Ancestors, Buddhist Ancestor, Fiend Ancestor, and company were forced to leave the Three Realms, if Sword Immortal Qin were to transcend the tribulation and gain eternal life… Even if a storm would stir in the Three Realms with all kinds of old fellows appearing, Sword Immortal Qin and Hou Yi were bound to have great influence.

Therefore, among this tacit understanding, the mighty figures watched the ceremony as Hou Yi took Qin Yuluo as his disciple officially!

For a disciple recruitment to happen on such a grand scale, Qin Yuluo’s case was truly a rare one in the history of the Three Realms.

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