Rise of Humanity

Chapter 845 - Celestial Demon As One!

Chapter 845: Celestial Demon As One!

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Yin Shixuan woke up in puzzlement, he couldn’t understand why he was here.

His legs were still the fishtail as Zhong Yue hasn’t lifted the bloodline seals in him. Yin Fanxuan quickly asked Yin Shixuan what he had undergone, but he couldn’t remember anything else other than him going onboard to land from the Heavenly River.

There were a few years of memories lost in him, it was truly peculiar.

“You’ve been kidnapped by a madman in a white robe,” Yin Yunkang said, “You’ve been lost for a few years, it was Mister Yi that saved you.”

Yin Shixuan thanked Zhong Yue over and over again, but seeing him still in a blurry state, Yin Yunkang immediately brought him back to the State of Heavenly River.

“Let me ride the carriage as my apology.” King Zi Guang sat on the rider’s seat and smiled.

Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan entered the carriage cabin and they rode back toward the Xian Tian Palace while little princess Mu Qingxuan and the other Xian Tian Palace gods followed beside the carriage.

As soon as the carriage exited the Diming Clan’s territory, there were godly rays that filled the sky as Royal Prince Wen Yu led the Diming gods and stood before the carriage.

Zhong Yue walked out and looked over, Royal Prince Wen Yu bowed with a smile, “I’ve heard that Mister is coming to visit our Diming Clan and have thus led a welcome team to receive Mister’s arrival. But Mister, why are you leaving suddenly and placed my joy in waste?”

Zhong Yue replied politely, “Your Royal Highness, forgive me, the Imperial Emperor has shone his wisdom and care on me, I am afraid I cannot visit you anymore.”

Royal Prince Wen Yu frowned and sighed, “Mister, you have a mind and heart of your own, I do not dare to force you into anything. But I do hope, that one day when we see again, we can still be friends.”

“Your Royal Highness, you are too polite.” Zhong Yue looked over Royal Prince Wen Yu at the gods behind him. There were numbers of Deity Emperors and Creators in the formation, as if preparing to attack.

But Royal Prince Wen Yu was looking at King Zi Guang who was sitting on the rider’s seat, he coughed and said, “Halt, stand aside and let Mister pass.”

The Diming gods heed loyally to his command, they stood aside and opened up a pathway for Zhong Yue to leave.

Zhong Yue thanked and returned to the carriage, then, the Kirin carriage moved past the gods and left.

“Your Royal Highness, when Mister Yi returns to the Xian Tian Palace, Mu Xiantian will have another great talent assisting him in his treason, even the Yinkang Clan will stand on his side.” A Creator frowned, he said, “Why don’t we…”

Royal Prince Wen Yu shook, “Zi Guang is beside him, this isn’t good timing to act. King Zi Guang is a sly and cunning fox, if we took any moves, we would most probably fall into his plan and most of us will not walk out alive. Return now, only my father can make the decision.”

The gods nodded and left with him back to the Diming Clan.

The carriage moved toward the Xian Tian Palace; before it left the Imperial Star, there were rains of light that falls from above them. They looked up and saw godly rays raining down on them, oftentimes, the light rays would dim down and shine brightly again concomitant with rumbling noises.

“Press forward!” King Zi Guang ordered.

The gods surrounded the carriage and moved in the midst of the rain of lights. Then, there were beams of different colored lights that shattered the void and appeared above them. Moreover, they could even see a huge body tearing open a space rift, trying to move to them, but before it could even move his hand out from the void, it would be pulled back into the void and the space rift would close again.

After half a day, a huge head fell from the void and rolled down the space as a burning planet.

Then, there were severed limbs that fell from above, followed by a headless and limbless body. But even severed, the limbs were still moving, they crawled toward and attached themselves onto the body, but without the head’s guide, the attachment went terribly wrong. One of the legs was attached to the broken neck and one of the hands to the thigh.

The headless body then quickly moved and crawled its way out of the scene.

As it left, the rain of lights also disappeared.

Another few days went by, and the surroundings suddenly turned dark and the lights were no more. They couldn’t see the stars and sun around anymore but instead, there were burning ghost fires that replaced the countless astronomical bodies.

Right after that, there were white banners and flags that fluttered toward them, they numbered in millions and were concomitant with the ghostly cries, mourns, sobbings, chidings, and cursings of the poor souls.

“The old ghost of the Heaven Court! Mister Yi, it looks like Heavenly Monarch does value you very much.” King Zi Guang was surprised and said to Zhong Yue who was sitting inside of the carriage cabin.

Zhong Yue opened the cabin’s window and saw the ghost fires and the white banners. He squinted his eyes and could see vague silhouettes fighting in the dark. However, the impact of this battle wasn’t as loud and obvious as the one before.

Instead, the battle was taken place in the dark and in quiet. He could only see the silhouettes flashing in the dark but there were no signs or impacts of any skills lashed out, not even a single noise from the change of bouts.

After a long time, the ghost fires and white banners left and disappeared in their vicinity, the surrounding was returned to normal.

“Mister Zi Guang, who was that?” Yin Fanxuan asked.

“The Left Prime Minister of the Heaven Court, Ghost Master Gui Youming. He was the military and war advisor to Heavenly Monarch back in the days of chaos.”

King Zi Guang smiled, “The one who had his head chopped off and his limbs severed was Shen Wuwei, the Heaven Court’s Field Marshal. One a scholar and the other a warrior. They are both Heavenly Monarch’s most trusted subordinates. Heavenly Monarch doesn’t make simple decisions and rough plans, with Gui Youming’s and Shen Wuwei’s defeat, our trip should be safe from now on.”

The carriage moved for months before it returned to the Xian Tian Palace. When it was ten thousand miles away from the palace, Imperial Emperor Xian Tian led his Xian Tian Palace’s Deity Overlords, Deity Emperors, Creators, the Heavens Lords, the princes, and princesses to welcome him.

Seeing the grand welcome formation, King Zi Guang thought, If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have forced it before already. Now Imperial Emperor values him even more than before. This treacherous subject will surely become even more arrogant and ignorant!

However, when Zhong Yue walked out from the carriage, he was seen as a man of politeness, greeting Imperial Emperor Xian Tian and the gods solemnly. Adjectives like arrogance and ignorance were definitely not words that one would use to describe him.

King Zi Guang let out a cold sneer, finding Zhong Yue even more of an eyesore than before.

After Zhong Yue’s return, Imperial Emperor Xian Tian gave his decree—Zhong Yue was conferred as the Left King, given the Jin Yun Sacred Land, three first-tier Heavens, and countless civilians of all kinds of races.

Zhong Yue thanked and from then on, Zhong Yue was known as King Yi, the second King in the Xian Tian Palace and stood as high and as valued as King Zi Guang, acting as Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s most trusted courtiers.

Zhong Yue settled down in the Jin Yun Sacred Land, he summoned the 8,000 Fuxi to stand guard in the three Heavens as well as to cultivate themselves in the first-tier Heavens. Then, he ordered Chi Song and the other eight leaders to recruit elites from the races under Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s command and formed eight armies, the Qian, Zhen, Kan, Gen, Kun, Xun, Li, and Dui 1 .

Chi Song and the leaders knelt before Zhong Yue and pledged their loyalty to him, they addressed Zhong Yue as their master and Yin Fanxuan as their master’s wife. It was then, they really did become one of Zhong Yue’s league.

After that, Zhong Yue went into seclusion for half a year to forge a great weapon. When he came out from it, he brought out a scroll that he had named the Stone Sentinel Maze 2 . Among his nine subjects, Bing Rong was tasked to handle the first slaughtering array, Qiu Yi with the second slaughtering array, Huo Rong with the third, Yu Rong the fourth, Wa Yun the fifth, Cang Ya the sixth, Tai Sui the seventh, and Li Hua with the eighth.

“Master, what about me?” Chi Song asked, he wasn’t tasked to handle any of the slaughtering arrays and came rushing to ask Zhong Yue worryingly.

“You will be in charge of the Stone Sentinel Maze as a whole, all its nine slaughtering arrays are yours to command.” Zhong Yue laughed as he said.

Chi Song was overjoyed, he quickly thanked.

“Cultivate the Stone Sentinel Maze with all your efforts. I will lend you all the power of the Heavens and the treasures in the Heavens are yours to use. I want you to bring the Stone Sentinel Maze’s power to be strong enough to be used in the war.” Zhong Yue said.

Chi Song and the other eight leaders immediately trained their armies, they used the power of the Heavens and the treasures in them into the Stone Sentinel Maze. The Jin Yun Sacred Land had never enjoyed a night of peace ever since and the Stone Sentinel Maze was forged stronger each day.

Yin Fanxuan went into cultivation to break through to the Heavenly Deity level, when she comes out from her closed door cultivation, Zhong Yue had already arranged everything. After that, Zhong Yue went to Xian Tian Palace to see Imperial Emperor Xian Tian.

“Yi, you are here to see my true body?” Imperial Emperor Xian Tian asked while smiling.

Zhong Yue nodded, “Please, I plead Your Majesty to grant me the permission.”

“Come with me.” Imperial Emperor Xian Tian led Zhong Yue deep into the Xian Tian Palace, he smiled and said, “Back in the days, it is extremely dangerous to cultivate both the celestial and demon cultivations at the same time. The two powers are in diametrically opposed to one another, it is very easy for you to lose control over the balance between the two and even easier for your enemy to find a way to topple that balance.”

“Subject Yi, one must say, your reincarnation was done with perfect timing. With the Six Paths Reincarnations now established in this universe, what is true in the past may be wrong now. Especially, the celestial and demon duo cultivations, it is normal to be able to unite the two and complete the flaws of balance in them.”

Zhong Yue understood what he meant. The Six Paths Reincarnation was able to be used to convert the celestial cultivation base to the demon cultivation base and vice versa, thanks to the Pan Gu Celestial being and the Dao Yi Secret Realm.

It was exactly the same for how Zhong Yue converts the innate Qi in his body. However, the conversion wasn’t all perfect, it needed time and the delay in the conversion of one power to the other would cost one to lose the upperhand in a battle.

However, this was only what Imperial Emperor Xian Tian thought Zhong Yue was cultivating on. Little did he know that Zhong Yue’s cultivation of the [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art] allowed his celestial cultivation base and demon cultivation base to coexist at the same time while still maintaining a perfect balance!

“Those obstinate old brats in the ancient universe bitterly declines the new change of the universe’s laws. They still uphold the ancient rules and thinks that the celestial and demon are never allowed to live under the same sky, that the two are destined since the birth of the universe to exterminate the other. These old brats are nothing but garbage that are meant to be disposed of by time.”

Imperial Emperor Xian Tian said proudly as he laughed, “The incumbent Heavenly Monarch is only an idiot whose luck earned him the crown. He only knows how to defend the 3,000 Six Paths World and the Zi Wei Galaxy so he can be the Heavenly Monarch in peace. But I, I am no idiot like him. My ambition is to include even the ancient universe into my influence, I will make the title of Heavenly Monarch truly worthy of being the supreme leader who rules all living creatures!”

Zhong Yue’s body shuddered, compared to the incumbent Heavenly Monarch, Imperial Emperor Xian Tian was more ambitious and fitted more to be a leader.

“So Subject Yi, don’t ever worry about me doing anything stupid to you after I am enthroned as the Heavenly Monarch. After all, we have yet to conquer the ancient universe!”

He strode into the deepest and darkest part of the vast Xian Tian Palace. In front of them was a thick wall formed by countless strong and powerful seals. In a swing of hand, Imperial Emperor Xian Tian lifted off the seals and darkness was also cast away.

Immediately, rays of different colored light blinded them!

“Which do you want to see, my demon cultivation true form, or my celestial cultivation true form?”

Zhong Yue was shocked, his body shook in aghast as he looked beyond the seals at the source of the blinding lights. There, another Mu Xiantian stood in a high and grand manner, emanating the primordial aura of a prime demon, and the Chaos Qi was seen flowing around him!

Zhong Yue slowly turned his head around and looked at the Mu Xiantian standing beside him. The Imperial Emperor Xian Tian was emanating ebullient lights of justice, his aura was feeling auspicious. This was the Imperial Emperor Xian Tian of the celestial cultivation base.

There were two Mu Xiantian!

Imperial Emperor Xian Tian harbored an upright manner, he was an innate celestial god; the Mu Xiantian in the seals harbored a dark and demonic air, he was an innate demon god!

The two Mu Xiantian, one represented the light and the other resembled the darkness!

Zhong Yue was flabbergasted while beside him, Imperial Emperor Xian Tian laughed happily. He strode toward the other him and the two’s mortal body merged into a single entity!

Zhong Yue watched with his mouth agape, Imperial Emperor Xian Tian’s true form had two faces, one in the front and the other on the back.

So is he an innate celestial god or an innate demon god?

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