Rise of Humanity

Chapter 696 - Handsome, Reddish

Chapter 696: Handsome, Reddish

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In the Prison Realm Divine Court, the surviving Qi Practitioners waited for a day. They saw Prison Realm Realm Lord and Heavenly King Shang walking out of the black hole together with darkexpressions. It seems like they didn’t get much out of their trip to the Ancient Land of God Graves.

The two glimpsed over at Zhong Yue and then looked at Goddess Shen Hou beside him. They couldn’t help but shiver in fear, and immediately, they gave the order to return to the Prison Realm.

The reason why they didn’t stay any longer in the Ancient Land of God Graves was because they were worried that Goddess Shen Hou would be unhappy with them loitering around.

Goddess Shen Hou’s aura that was no longer suppressing them was an indication. The innate aura didn’t fade because its power waned, but because she was running out of patience waiting for them.

Thus, they immediately left the Ancient Land of God Graves and returned as soon the innate aura stopped suppressing their movements.

It was truly a pitiful situation for the emperors. They had been standing in the same spot for a whole year, while Goddess Shen Hou only waited outside for a day. Yet, they were worried that Goddess Shen Hou would have waited too long for them.

This was all because of the gap between their strengths and status.

This innate god might be on the level of the Imperial Monarch, even if she isn’t, she is not far from that! The two emperors’ hearts pounded heavily as they thought.

The Prison Realm Divine Court safely flew out of the black hole, and returned to the Prison Realm. The Prison Realm Lord and Heavenly King Shang were thinking of meeting with Goddess Shen Hou to explain their actions back in the Ancient Land of God Graves so that the goddess wouldn’t punish them. However, because of the great disparity of statuses, they weren’t quite qualified to even ask for a meeting.

Moreover, Goddess Shen Hou seemed to favor Zhong Yue, and even moreso toward the two human ladies. Thus, the Zhong Yue was the key to begin with. If they wanted to see the innate god and apologize for their actions, they would first have to clear their conflict with the human.

Heavenly King Shang summoned Shu Ye and said, “Shu Ye, are you close to the human Zhong Yue? You will see him on behalf of the teacher.”

Shu Ye’s face changed slightly and he didn’t dare to talk. He frowned and forced himself toward the front of Zhong Yue’s courtyard in the Divine Court.

After returning to the Divine Court, the Prison Realm Realm Lord immediately ordered the gods to arrange residence for the Qi Practitioners. Among all, the top ten Qi Practitioners each had a courtyard of their own. Zhong Yue’s courtyard was the largest and most luxurious; not even King Geng’s courtyard could compare.

Shu Ye arrived outside of the courtyard and sent a servant into the courtyard to express his intention to seek for Zhong Yue.

After some time, his servant returned and said, “Master Zhong is holding the two divine sabers and his people are on ready. Master Shi Buyi, Master Dao Liu, Junior Martial Uncle Bai, Junior Martial Aunty Jun, and Junior Martial Aunty Qiu, are all waiting to kill Senior Martial Brother Shu once you enter.”

Cold sweat burst out of Shu Ye’s forehead, he thought, When he went to visit me, I made preparations to blood sacrifice the lower realm, waited for him to turn himself in. Now he is doing the same. If I go in, he will kill me and even my teacher wouldn’t even dare to say a single word toward my death. I value my life more than anything and it’s best I turn around now. What’s the big deal anyway, nothing is more valuable than living.

He turned and went back to see Heavenly King Shang. Heavenly King Shang scolded him for that but even Heavenly King Shang himself didn’t dare go in person. He then summoned the eight generals and ordered them to bring his gifts to Zhong Yue’s courtyard.

On their way over, the eight generals met with the officers with gifts sent by Realm Lord Fa Zhaozhen. The two parties saw each other and decided to go and present the gifts together.

Upon seeing the gifts, Zhong Yue didn’t refuse any of them and received all of it.

The gifts from Heavenly King Shang and Prison Realm Realm Lord were rare and precious, although there weren’t many of them, they were bona fide treasures. However, Goddess Shen Hou didn’t even look at them and casually threw all of it to Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue kept all the treasures and frowned slightly. He mumbled, “Why weren’t there any emperor-level divine weapons, it’s all just pearls and ornaments?”

The eight generals heard him and they were infuriated, but they didn’t dare to speak up or even express their anger. They nodded awkwardly and said, “Our master has a letter for the goddess, may you please pass it to her.”

Zhong Yue took the letters from the eight generals and Divine Court’s officers, and sent them to Goddess Shen Hou. Goddess Shen Hou opened the letter and read the openings, “Your Highness,…”

Goddess Shen Hou immediately tossed the letters away and yawned, “Dull, dull, dull. There’s no point reading at all.”

Zhong Yue returned and truthfully conveyed the goddess’s words to the generals and officers. The eight generals and officers looked at one another blankly and returned to report to their respective masters.

Heavenly King Shang listened, he heaved a breath of relief and smiled, “My life is secured. She is too lazy to look at the gifts and even my letters. She wouldn’t want to take my life if I don’t even matter to her.”

Prison Realm Realm Lord also breathed a sigh of relief, “My life is finally saved. As long as I don’t mess with her anymore, nothing will happen to me. As for the human Zhong Yue, I guess I will have to let him be. I have so many children that the death of one or two doesn’t matter much at all. If he is still unhappy, he can still kill a few more to appease his wrath.”

The two emperors finally calmed down. Heavenly King Shang returned to the Heaven Court, while Realm Lord Fa Zhaozhen also sent his men to the Heaven Court to report to the Realm Monarch regarding the Prison Realm’s top ten candidates.

The Prison Realm entered a period of peace as they waited for further instructions from the Heaven Court regarding the competitions between the six realms.

Zhong Yue distributed the gifts from the two emperors to Shi Buyi, Old Man Six Paths, Jun Sixie, Bai Canghai, and even Ma Sansou, only keeping a finger-sized pearl for himself.

The gifts from Heavenly King Shang and Prison Realm Realm Lord were not very useful, and they were mainly for the women. Thus, he had little use for them besides making the girls happy.

A few days later, Jun Wudao sent her men to invite Zhong Yue to her courtyard. Knowing that the clothes were ready, Zhong Yue quickly rushed to the her residence.

Jun Wudao had already taken out the clothes by the time he arrived.

This lady was still in a man’s clothes, she smiled and said, “Fortunately, I didn’t fail you. Evil God Zhong, the clothes are ready. Please, try it on and see if it fits.”

Zhong Yue looked at the clothes, the decorations on the robe was a sun and moon with a godly dragon outlined by golden silk soaring in between them. The whole robe was really seamless without a single trace of stitches.

In addition to the robe, there was also a pair of ankle boots crafted from the skin of a godly roebuck and its sole made from the cloud Qi. Zhong Yue also couldn’t find any trace of stitching at all on the ankle boots.

Jun Wudao turned and left, she said, “I am going to take the scarlet cloak, meanwhile you should try the clothes. I will return once you are done changing.”

Zhong Yue took off the old clothes and put on the new ones. Then, he took out the scale mirror and looked at himself in satisfaction.

It didn’t take long for Jun Wudao to return to the hall with the scarlet cloak. Her eyes brightened up as she found that the young man struck an incredibly dashing figure in his new garb. His brows were sharp like a sword, and his eyes glittered like stars.

Zhong Yue put the cloak on and secured it firmly with a sash. The scarlet cloak fluttered in the air as a golden sun rose up behind him. The young man stood in this in front of the round sun, and the bright light added a heroic air to his appearance as the cloak fluttered gently in the breeze.

“Am I handsome?” Zhong Yue asked the lady happily.

Jun Wudao fixated her eyes on the young man who suddenly appeared to be extremely attractive. Her face blushed red like a tomato and she mumbled softly, “Reddish.”

Zhong Yue laughed and thanked her, he said: “You have made an extra pair of boots, I will impart you with another skill for that”

Jun Wudao shook her head and said, “Learning too many things at a time will not bring success but only failures. Take the boots as a complimentary gift. Otherwise, the great Tian Suo Celestial Race will only be disgraced if the clothes made by us are accompanied by straw shoes on your feet. The robe and cloak are outstanding, but they can be hidden away when needed. After you refine them, they will be able to be hidden away in your body per your will.”

Zhong Yue smiled and said, “Although you said the boots are free gifts, a deal is a deal. How about this, I happen to have an exquisite pearl with me. I believe that should be sufficient compensation.”

He then took out the pearl Heavenly King Shang gave to him and passed it onto Jun Wudao.

The pearl glistened with a thousand colors, and its beautify resembled a starry sky. Jun Wudao loved it very much. She immediately accepted it and smiled, “I originally planned to not tell you this so I can see you embarrassing yourself. But since you’ve given me this pearl, I guess like I can tell you then—Remember to wear underclothes inside before you hide the clothes away, otherwise you will be naked when the clothes are hidden away.”

It was rather difficult for a lady to speak of matters like this, and Zhong Yue smiled in reply, “I understand. Senior Martial Sister Wudao, can you help me with a set of underclothes as well?”


Jun Wudao suddenly blushed like a tomato, and immediately left.

After a while, several maid servants entered the hall with the brooms. They started the cleaning process and hurried the Zhong Shan Clan young man out of Jun Wudao’s courtyard.

Well, asking her to make a set of underclothes that can be hidden is indeed too much. Speaking of which, I really don’t like to wear underwear. But given the circumstances now, it seems that I have to wear one in the future. The Zhong Shan Clan young man thought in his mind .

A few months later, Heaven Court gave the order to have selected Qi Practitioners of the six realms gather in the Heaven Realm for the final round of selections. Out of the sixty Qi Practitioners, only ten would be selected to compete against the experts of the other 3,000 Six Paths World.

“Fuxi Clan’s teenager, I won’t go with you. Your two little girlfriends will follow me as well.” Goddess Shen Hou brought Qiu Jin’er and Jun Sixie with her, she smiled at Zhong Yue and said, “We’ll go to the Zi Wei Galaxy and wait for you there.”

Zhong Yue was surprised and he watched as they left.

“The Realm Monarch values the competition a lot and thus he will personally be there to watch as you compete with the other Qi Practitioners. Not only that, but the Heavenly Kings, Realm Lords, celestial emperors, and demon emperors were all invited to witness the competition.”

Prison Realm Realm Lord summoned the 10 Qi Practitioners including Zhong Yue, Bi, An, King Geng and said, “This battle is about the name and reputation of our Prison Realm. You little kids mustn’t let the others look down on us. We will head to the Heaven Realm tomorrow. Although the Prison Realm is the weakest, our Qi Practitioners aren’t weak at all. Little kids, try your best to take down the other realms’ experts.”

Zhong Yue and the others looked at each other, and then they remembered that this Prison Realm Realm Lord seemed to be a grand and noble lord, but he was actually an unscrupulous cultivator who acted just like a bandit at times.

Not long later, a magnificent warship drove into a huge teleportation array and was teleported to the Heaven Realm.

The warship traveled for more than a month before it finally arrived at the Heaven Realm. Bai Canghai, Shi Buyi and others followed behind Zhong Yue and suddenly, they felt an appalling sense of spiritual energy lingering in the heaven and the earth. The spiritual energy was very strong that they couldn’t help but feel shocked.

“This is a wonderful place for the cultivators,” Shi Buyi murmured.

“The whole Heaven Realm is a huge world blessed for cultivation.” King Geng stood not far away and said leisurely, “This is the Dao Yi Wheel, the Dao Yi Secret Realm. Naturally, the spiritual energy in here is extremely strong. Not only that, but various Dao of the Six Paths World are also mostly concentrated in here.”

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