Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 985 - The Suffering of Bystanders

Chapter 985: The Suffering of Bystanders

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The sheer power of the sword qi powerfully swept forward, yet the black fog was extremely viscous. Despite being slashed by the sword qi, it quickly condensed again. The sword’s length, however, lessened by half and its power plummeted.

Just as the black-robed old man was full of confidence and thought that Mo Awu and Jin Shi could be killed at once, the sword qi suddenly turned and shot at him. If it wasn’t for his swift reflexes in waving his staff to block the sword qi, he would’ve been pierced by the sword energy.


The gem inlaid on the staff exploded and shattered to pieces before scattering them on the ground. The black-robed old man only felt his hand go numb in that instant while his blood and energy inside his body turned chaotic.


Jin Shi sneered as the immortal sword shot forward from his hand, bringing with it a blazing flame to crush the black saber. As the black saber turned into a black mist, it finally collapsed and dispersed in front of them, while the unstoppable killing momentum flooded forward and burned the black-robed old man the moment after.


At the same time, the other four black-robed old men floated away and joined forces to form a wall made of black fog in front of the immortal sword. A black bubble quickly floated from the surroundings and formed a black cyclone to contain the explosion. It acted as an obstruction, and was finally able to stop the immortal sword’s advance in front of them.

“It’s a magical weapon?!”

The face of the second black-robed old man on the left changed. A greedy look appeared on his face. He quickly dashed to the immortal sword in front and wrapped his palm with a layer of black mist and swiftly grabbed the sword’s hilt.

A dozen of meters away from him, Jin Shi was stunned upon seeing the scene before him. However, his expression turned strange the moment after. Right as the black-robed old man grasped the immortal sword’s hilt, his lips ever slightly moved, and he instantaneously casted a cantrip to unleash the energy inside the immortal sword he had refined for nearly a year. Suddenly, a dazzling radiance erupted from his sword.

Swift and powerful sword energy wrapped in flames instantly burst out in all directions from the immortal sword. The blast caused the black mist-covered hand of the black-robed old man who stood before the immortal sword to instantly combust, turning it into ashes in the blink of an eye.


The man coughed up a mouthful of blood with a disastrous face. The instant after, the flaming sword qi struck his chest. The blazing flame burned him inside out instantly, turning him into a pile of ashes just as the other black-robed men rushed over.

Tens of meters away from the scene, Singkuo wore a look of disbelief watching his elder guardian get turned into ashes. He’d had five guardian elders protecting him since his childhood. They were the ones who had been directing him in cultivation as he grew step by step until the present. They acted as the select few people he trusted the most.

And yet, the most powerful Second Elder who loved him the most just died like this?

Clenching his fists tightly with furious rage in his eyes, Singkuo quickly pulled out a crescent saber from his waist, waving it and shouting, “KILL THEM ALL! KILL THESE BASTARDS! Spare Singluen’s life, for I’ll be the one who kills him. I’ll make him taste suffering and torture before he dies!”

Slash, slash… puff, puff…

Just as his voice left his lips and the dozen men around him had yet to move, however, seven men behind him had their throats slashed and their hearts pierced silently.


The black-robed middle-aged man’s face enormously changed. He shouted loudly while dashing to the side to avoid the sword that had cut off his arm.

The scene made Singkuo ‘s expression drastically change. A chill ran down his spine as he saw tens of figures appear behind him. He saw Tang Xiu and Singluen, who he hated the most, along with his subordinates. Yet, what made him unable to believe it was the especially powerful aura gave off by the five guardian elders and the petite woman around Singluen.


However, Singkuo couldn’t care less about anything now. One of his guardian elders had been killed. It was just like adding fuel to a flame, causing his rage to blaze even more.

A contemptuous look was seen on Tang Xiu’s face. If it weren’t for the consideration to prevent any of these men from escaping and leaving behind any future dangers, let alone Singkuo and his men in front, these people would still pose no threat to him even if their number and strength doubled. After all, he was also an expert who could contend with powerhouses at the Golden Core Stage. More so that he still had Tang Guang and Tang An who also possessed similar cultivation levels.

“Singluen, you and your men can deal with Singkuo. I’ll deal with the rest so that we can get rid of them as fast as possible.” Tang Xiu quickly glanced at Singluen and said with a cold voice.

A hideous grin appeared on Singluen’s face. He led the feminine woman and the five black-robed guardian elders to aggressively storm over toward Singkuo. Prior to this event, neither he nor his men were able to contend with Singkuo and his subordinates. But since had a deal with Tang Xiu and obtained the pills, their powers had advanced by leaps and bounds, making them now a level more powerful compared to them.

Further, one of the guardian elders who protected Singkuo had been killed, while the other four were also being engaged by Jin Shi’s team. This time was literally a golden opportunity.

“KILL THEM! The more you kill, the bigger the reward you’ll get after this battle. I’m not a miser, so give me your all if you want to get more benefits!”

Attractive rewards will indeed attract those who are brave enough to take the risk.

Tens of people under Singluen rushed forward, although their strength was several levels weaker. But they were aware that they had the support from Tang Xiu and his men. That spirit made them able to get the upper hand as they engaged the enemy.

A few kilometers away from the scene, on the tens of meters high water tower, Zuo Daquan was utterly dumbfounded as he watched the scene. He had his share of seeing some powerful people such as some ability users with mysterious powerful abilities he had met a few years ago,

And yet, the abilities of those people were nothing to speak of compared to the people engaged in combat before his eyes. It was like he was watching some magical foreign blockbuster… no… the scene now was even much better than those movies. The scene he was witnessing was like a battle between troops of celestial immortals and devils, clashing as they mounted the clouds and rode the mist, causing a bloody fight that created flashes of lightning and the rumbling of thunder. All these scenes gave him a chill that froze his whole body.

“Bo… B-Boss… this Tang…”

The middle-aged man who stood next to him stutteringly spoke.

“Speak properly for fuck sake, will you?” growled Zuo Daquan as he cursed at him. “I know how shocking this battle scene before you is. I’m sure they are humans, but humans with magical abilities.

The middle-aged man gulped and quickly said, “It’s not that Boss. It’s Mr. Tang—the man who escorted the young lady previously!”

This made Zuo Daquan’s face slightly change, and he asked with a deep voice, “Where is he?

The man quickly pointed to one direction and said, “Look at that side. The one wearing black casual attire is Mr. Tang. I still remember that it’s the attire he wore when he came to our coconut plantation yesterday.”

Zuo Daquan followed the direction of his finger and carefully observed the spot for ten seconds. He finally spotted Tang Xiu among the combatants. However, Tang Xiu looked inconspicuous and didn’t show any terrifying action at all. With daggers in his hands, he kept moving around randomly among the combatants in the fight.

“No way!”

With contracted pupils, Zuo Daquan’s expression turned into a horrified one. He kept observing Tang Xiu’s stance as he moved around smoothly. He noticed he was simply in a killing spree as he harvested the lives of all combatants there. The two daggers in his hands were as though the Grim Reaper’s scythe, constantly slashing his enemies’ neck and piercing their hearts. He was even able to assist the people on his side, reducing their losses.

“Boss, I just don’t understand one thing,” said the middle-aged man suddenly. “Mr. Tang clearly left yesterday. So why did he and his men appear in our coconut plantation tonight? Also, you can see that they are now using our plantation as their battlefield, causing the buildings and the trees to be severely damaged. If both sides keep battling like this, it will be us who’ll suffer great losses, regardless of the winner.”

The moment Zuo Daquan saw Tang Xiu among these people, he already understood the truth of the matter. A wry and bitter smile appeared on his face as he replied with a helpless expression, “It’s I who must be blamed. This situation wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t refuse him from staying in our coconut plantation. It’s just his way to pay me back, albeit indirectly!”

“I don’t understand.” The man replied with a puzzled look.

While watching the battle of the two sides, Zuo Daquan let out a forced smile and said, “It was I who had suspected this solemn Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation. I doubted him, wondering why he had to enter Bangkok illegally and so secretly. I mistakenly thought that he was the Huang Family’s hunting dog who wanted to stay in our place in order to wait for the reinforcements of the Huang and then deal with me from the inside. It turns out that everything is off the mark given the present situation.”

“He has enemies in Bangkok; a very powerful one. Don’t you see familiar faces among his enemies there? One of them is Singkuo, the eldest prince of a mysterious clan here. Tang Xiu and his men likely covertly came to Bangkok with the purpose of dealing with this man.”

“Also, Tang Xiu must have had no place to stay here when he first arrived yesterday, so he accepted Qing’er’s invitation and then came to our place. Yet it was I who refused to give some temporary lodging here.”

In that instant, several trusted men under Zuo Daquan understood everything. They exchanged dismayed glances at each other and were speechless for a long time.

Doesn’t this mean that they are nothing but bystanders who will suffer from the battle?

The current situation they were in was simply like they were innocent bystanders who got implicated and suffered because of others’ actions. Furthermore, it was also a deliberate action to make them implicated in such a situation. It wouldn’t have happened if Zuo Daquan were polite and gave them shelter yesterday.

“So, what should we do now, Boss?” asked the middle-aged man in a whisper.

“What else can I do?” asked Zuo Daquan back with a forced smile. “Nothing but wait and see. Their battle is not the likes of something we can meddle in to begin with. But if Tang Xiu ends up as the winner, I’ll personally apologize to him.”

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