Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Chapter 1288 - Crimson Wolf Spider

Chapter 1288: Crimson Wolf Spider

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“I’m not going to do that with you! The reason why I called you my boyfriend in front of everyone just now was only because I wanted to protect you! Do you really think I consider you my boyfriend?!” said Luo Puti in a cold manner.

“My wife! Your mind is getting dirtier and dirtier! The ‘exercise’ that I mentioned just now is talking about setting up the camp! What kind of ‘exercise’ did you think I was talking about? Hehehe…” replied Chen Xiaobei with a grin.


Taken aback, Luo Puti’s face turned into a red tomato when she realized that Chen Xiaobei had just pulled her leg. She then turned her head around and refused to talk to Chen Xiaobei anymore. In the end, Chen Xiaobei had to setup the camp all by himself. Fortunately, this was just an easy task for him. He managed to complete it within a short period of time.

“My honey… Come and get some rest! We still have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow!”

“Dream on! I’m not going to sleep with you!”

“Look at you! There must be dirty thoughts going through your mind again! I’m just going to lie here with you to have a good night sleep without even touching you!”

“There’s no way I’m going to believe what you just said!”

“Damn… This is not the first time we slept together. Why are you so shy? Have you forgotten about the incident at Village Chen? How about that time when you got drunk? And the time when you were poisoned… And…”

“Okay! Enough! I will sleep with you… Are you happy now?”

Luo Puti’s face was as red as a tomato. Though she refused to admit that she was Chen Xiaobei’s woman, they had actually been through a lot of complicated hardships together.

Let’s take a look at all those times when Chen Xiaobei had the opportunity to sleep with Luo Puti. He could have easily had sex with her if he allowed his desires take over, but he managed to fight off any temptation whatsoever. Judging from that, Chen Xiaobei was actually a man that stuck to his principles. And, Luo Puti had just mentioned to everyone that they were a couple. If they chose not to sleep together, others would definitely get suspicious of their supposed relationship.

In the end, Luo Puti had no other option but to enter the tent unwillingly. After a whole day of travelling, Luo Puti fell asleep soon after she meditated and lay down in the tent. As for Chen Xiaobei, he would not do anything dirty to Luo Puti since he had given her his promise. Instead of sleeping, Chen Xiaobei made use of all the time that he had to carry on with his training. Now that his body was stored with a good amount of resources, his combat power and health would increase steadily whenever he sat down to cultivate himself.

That was why each second and minute mattered dearly to him. No one could see what was going inside the tent right after Chen Xiaobei zipped it up. He could carry on training without the others finding out about it. Though the tent was zipped up, Chen Xiaobei could still hear noises from the outside.

The people from Kunlun Faction and Xingxiu Faction were all young men. Considering that this was their first time coming to this desert, it was no wonder that they were filled with excitement. None of them had any intention to rest until later that night. What they did not know was that something evil was brewing behind their excitement.

“Master Zhou, I don’t think I can wait any longer!”

From afar, Ding Ding’ao could be seen grinning and he had a fanatical look on him.

“Can’t wait to do what?” asked Zhou Xiaokun.

Clearly, he knew what Ding Ding’ao was talking about.

“Look at that legendary beauty! Do you really think that you can resist your inner desire to have some good times with her?”

“So what if I can’t resist the inner desire? She is taken!”

“You’d better show your true colors! You don’t have to act like all gentlemanly in front of me! Remember how many times we had sex with all those pretty women in America? Remember how many times we cuckolded those elites’ wives and girlfriends? Why do you even care if she is taken or not?!”

“You are right. Do you now realize that Luo Puti is different from all those women? This woman puts up a cold front but her heart is actually warm! She will not give up on the man that she loves! The talk that we had with her just now is the best proof that we will never get her heart!”

“If she is not willing to give up the man that she loves, we shall do her the favour!”

Ding Ding’ao lifted up his hand and did a throat-slicing gesture.

Clearly, Xingxiu Faction was evil by nature and this man Ding Ding’ao no good either. In order to take advantage of Luo Puti, he was willing to kill an innocent man like Chen Xiaobei.

“It’s easy to squash that ant! But I think Luo Puti would definitely put up a fight with us if she finds out that we are the murderers! In the end, we still can’t do whatever we want to her!” said Zhou Kunshen while shaking his head.

“Then, we should ask someone to kill him for us!”

“Who are you planning to ask? We can only ask someone that we trust to do this dirty work for us! By that time, what if Luo Puti wants us to carry out the justice? What are we going to do to the people that helps us? Are we really going to kill the person? I don’t think so, right?”

“Of course not! It’s really hard to nurture someone that we can trust! Letting the person that we trust to get executed from killing that kid is definitely not a good idea! Do you really think that I’m an idiot?”

“I’m not saying that you are an idiot! You are the one who said it’s better to ask someone to do the dirty work for us!”

“Heh…Have you forgotten about the forte of Xingxiu Faction?!”

Ding Ding’ao raised his eyebrows and took a little metal box from his sleeve.

“Poison! Poisonous insect!”

Zhou Kunshen was basking in joy when he saw the poisonous insect.

“That’s right! This is a Crimson Wolf Spider! I have invested in a lot of poisonous items to grow it! After tamed, it will only obey orders that come from me alone! One bite and the kid will surely die!”

“Great! This is really great! Once that kid dies, Luo Puti will be single again, and we can take that opportunity to get close to her! Hahaha!”

“This is my idea, and besides, I’m the one who brought out this spider! So, it’s only right that to let me have a taste of her first!”

“I’m willing to let you do it first! But I might be the one that wins her heart first! What if she likes me more than you? By that time, please don’t blame me for not respecting you. I will give her to you after I’m bored of her!”

“Hmph! When it comes to wooing girls, I, Ding Ding’ao am the best! Just wait there to collect my old toy after I’m done with her!”

It was very clear that the two of them treated Luo Puti like a toy. They would never get serious with her.

“We’ll talk about that later! Now, we need to deal with that kid first!”

“This is a must! Let me do it now!”

Immediately, Ding Ding’ao opened the metal box. A coin-sized spider emerged. Its entire abdomen was red and there were spikes all over its legs. The pair of poisonous crimson fangs that grew out its mouth could be clearly seen as well.

“Kill that man in the tent! Do not harm that woman!”

Without wasting any time, Ding Ding’ao gave the spider a firm and clear order.




Right after he dropped the order, the spider scooted to the tent as fast as possible.

At the same time, Chen Xiaobei was still working on his training and Luo Puti was in deep sleep.

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