Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 1207 - Kindness of Helping him Succeed

Chapter 1207: Kindness of Helping him Succeed

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“Great Abyss Tribe has three great talents: the ability to control time, Possess, and open the World of the Abyss Gate. The will to make the Abyss grow is the foundation to form the World of the Abyss Gate.

“Someone must have activated the Abyssal World Art some years ago, which is why the power of the world in this World is becoming increasingly thinner. It is being slowly transformed.

“Because of it, all the people who died in this World will turn into the Aura of Abyss and become a part of this World’s nutrients,” the old man said faintly.

When Su Ming heard these words, a barely noticeable glint shone in his eyes.

“Is there a way to neutralize the Art?” he asked while looking at the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe.

“The person who cast this Art only has ordinary power. He isn’t at the level of an Antecedental Spirit, but he seems to have inherited a kismet due to his bloodline. He should be a very important person in Great Abyss Tribe.

“But this person’s Art is slightly different from the ones I have seen before. I might not understand Great Abyss Tribe’s divine abilities and am unable to break them, but changing them is still possible for me.”

The old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe cast a glance at his surroundings, then lifted his right hand to seize space. A wisp of green smoke suddenly appeared on his palm and surrounded it. There were hundreds of distorted faces manifesting in it, and they were all letting out shrill, soundless roars.

( NovelFull )   “Senior, could you help me kill this person?” Su Ming suddenly asked.

“I will help you fight the Arid Disaster. In regards to other matters, I will choose whether I want to help you or not, but do not mention anything about killing,” the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe said calmly.

Su Ming was silent for a moment before he spoke again. “What if someone comes to create trouble for me?”

“Before you run into your Arid Disaster, no one from either Arid Triad, Dark Dawn, or Saint Defier can harm even a single strand of your hair.”

The old man turned his head around and looked at the green smoke on his hand. His words were calm, but his tone indicated that he looked down on the entire world. It was an absolute sort of confidence.

With a success in eight spirit ascensions, he could be said to be the strongest cultivator in all of Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos. While there might be people with the same level of cultivation as his in Dark Dawn or Saint Defier, they would still not offend Tian Bai without a very good reason.

“Thank you, senior. I wonder how you will change the will to make the Abyss grow in this World.” Su Ming stood up and bowed deeply to the old man.

“How do you want to change it?” The old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe cast Su Ming a glance.

“Could you make it so that the will to make the Abyss grow is shifted on me so that I can make my own Abyss Gate stronger?” A light signifying ambition appeared in Su Ming’s eyes when he calmly said those words.

“Possession of another form. As expected of someone from Great Abyss Tribe. Even if you grew up among those from Great Berserker Tribe, the inherent nature of yours to snatch and steal from others is a quality of your soul that cannot be wiped away.

“But oh well, since you asked, what wrong is there for me to help you?”

The old man stood up, lifted his right hand, and swung it before him. Immediately after, a loud bang rang out in the galaxy, stirring up endless echoes. The whirlwind in the area disintegrated before gathering back to turn into a gust of violent wind that swept outwards. It was as if the galaxy had turned into an ocean, and huge waves were surging into the skies.

With Su Ming and the old man as the center, numerous green wisps appeared in True Morning Dao World. They rampaged in the galaxy, and as the violent gust of wind swept through, countless distorted faces appeared among the green wisps.

Those faces were like vengeful spirits. They were the souls of all the people who had died in True Morning Dao World over the course of tens of thousands of years. Their souls let out soundless howls while distorting. At the instant they circled through the entire True Morning Dao World, the old man beside Su Ming lifted his left hand and pointed at Su Ming.

“With my will, I declare that this World belongs to this child!”

At the instant the old man said those words in a flat voice, invisible ripples spread through every single area within the True Morning Dao World. They were not the old man’s cultivation base, but his will of an Antecedental Spirit enveloping the True World.

During that instant… he replaced the will of True Morning Dao World, making himself the will of heaven governing True Morning Dao World. The flames of life dimmed slightly in all living beings in True Morning Dao World…

When the old man lifted his right hand and pointed at Su Ming, the original will within the will to make the Abyss grow in True Morning Dao World was wiped off, and Su Ming’s will was forcefully Branded on it.

This sort of thing was already at the level of changing the entire universe. It was something… no other cultivator besides the old man in the entire Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos could do.

Endless roars rose in Su Ming’s mind at that instant. He could clearly sense True Morning Dao World’s presence in his mind, as if it was in his head.

He could also sense the endless Aura of Abyss from the True World. It was indistinct, but it was everywhere. In fact, Su Ming had a strong feeling that with just one thought, he could absorb all of it into the Abyss Gate in his body.

He saw the Ninth Summit, where his senior brothers were. He saw practically every cultivator in the Ninth Summit, and he also saw New Dao Sect further into the distance, whose existence had already been wiped off.

In fact, Su Ming even saw a hundred something Relocation spots in True Morning Dao World. In each of them was a mark to enter Morning Dao Sect.

He saw Flame Fiends’ Progenitor and Zhu You Cai meditating on a planet as well as some of his acquaintances from the War Chamber. He also saw cultivators residing in some rather remote corners of True Morning Dao World.

Su Ming even saw an army of cultivators numbering nearly five hundred thousand in the whirlwind right beyond the gap of Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos. They were sitting on huge logs which were charging forward towards the Ninth Summit.

Su Ming swept his divine sense past those cultivators. When he was about to avert his attention from them, his divine sense suddenly came to a halt and landed on a woman standing at the head of one of the giant logs.

She was dressed in purple robes, and there was a mark of a scorpion at the center of her brows. At that moment, she was gazing ahead with a provocative look. There was a purple scorpion on her shoulder, and it had its tail upright to rub it against the woman’s face.

Behind the woman was a young man with a smug look on his face, but every single time he looked towards the woman, he would become very cautious and would act obsequiously towards her without end.

The moment Su Ming saw the woman and the young man, his heart trembled. Needless to say, the woman was Xu Hui, and the man was De Shun, the person who had appeared on his lotus platform when Su Ming was taking the Dynasts’ test to advertise his own items.

With the speed at which they traveled, they would rush out of the whirlwind around Arid Triad’s gap and appear before Su Ming in less than half a month.

After a moment, Su Ming sent his divine sense sweeping past the area again. This time, he looked towards the region which belonged to South Union and which was located beyond the whirlwind under Arid Triad’s gap. When he swept past that area, he saw… Yin Death Region!

However, right when Su Ming’s divine sense approached Yin Death Region, he sensed a powerful repulsive force in there. Its power was so strong that it felt like Yin Death Region was an entity on its own. It did not fit into True Morning Dao World and did not seem to belong to it.

When the unknown force rejected him, Su Ming had his divine sense gather in a nearby area, then swiftly charged in. With the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe around, Su Ming had to seize the opportunity to take action. Otherwise, once the old man went seeking revenge against the Arid Disaster, he would definitely leave Su Ming’s side, regardless of whether he lived or died in the end. This meant that Su Ming had to seize the chance while he was around and use it.

At the instant his divine sense touched Yin Death Region, a loud bang rang out. Su Ming then borrowed the old man’s will of an Antecedental Spirit and fused it with his own will of an Antecedental Spirit to rush into Yin Death Vortex even as it rejected him.

Right when he rushed in, Su Ming spread out his divine sense, intending to fuse into every dimension within it, but when two-tenths of his divine sense fused with Yin Death Vortex, his mind suddenly trembled. He felt that Yin Death Vortex had not appeared out of the blue, but had been created for some unknown reason.

That reason lay in the depths of the vortex, but Su Ming could not send his divine sense too deep inside. Once two-tenths of his divine sense fused with the vortex, Su Ming saw a scene of a world in crimson, and it shocked him.

His divine sense and his will of an Antecedental Spirit suffered a violent hit from a repulsive force so great that it was terrifying. He fell back and was forced out of Yin Death Region.

‘That presence is… Di Tian!’

Su Ming’s heart trembled. Once his will left Yin Death Vortex, he immediately went back in without any hesitation, but when he passed by Arid Triad’s gap, his divine sense came to a halt and charged towards Arid Triad’s gap. When a huge tear at the end of the universe came into his view, he also saw a glimpse of a huge war with more than a hundred million participants fighting right beyond the gap!

It was the war between Saint Defier and Dark Dawn, and it seemed like it was already near its end…

Su Ming retrieved his divine sense and returned from the area near Arid Triad’s gap, but when he passed by one of the hundred something Relocation spots beyond Morning Dao Sect, he heard a faint and exhausted voice in his head.

“Who might this old friend be?” Naturally, that voice belonged to the Predecessor of Dao Ocean!

Su Ming did not send out his divine sense. He swiftly retrieved it, and once his divine sense returned to his body, he opened his eyes swiftly.

“Thank you for helping me, senior!”

Su Ming looked at the old man before him, then wrapped his fist in his palm and bowed deeply towards him. That action held an unprecedented sincerity from Su Ming, along with extreme gratitude.

He had realized that the old man’s actions were not as simple as him transferring the will to make the Abyss grow in the World onto his body. In reality, he had shifted all of Dao Chen’s will onto Su Ming. Even though this was what Su Ming had planned to do, the difficulty level would have been incredibly high if he had really decided to go through with it, and he would have also required an extremely long time to do it.

Yet now… with the old man from Heavenly Spirit Tribe forcefully transferring and changing the will to make the Abyss grow with his own will of an Antecedental Spirit, he had replaced True Morning Dao World’s will with that of Su Ming. He had given him a great push forward and cut away the time required for Su Ming to do it himself. This made Su Ming’s chances of success increase from their initial, meager state to ones which held absolute certainty.

What Su Ming needed was a sufficient amount of fate from the outside world to gather on him so he could turn it into his own laws of fate, and then, with his will of an Antecedental Spirit… he would Possess True Morning Dao World!

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