Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 1160 - Seize the Heavens and Replace the Sun

Chapter 1160: Seize the Heavens and Replace the Sun

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Time trickled by as whirlwinds howled in the galaxy beyond the white ripple. They sounded like a malicious spirit, and it made a person feel as if they were in the netherworld or in the realm of ghosts if they listened to it for a prolonged period of time.

Su Ming had long ago grown to love loneliness. He was used to meditating silently, and as he did so, he would regulate his cultivation base while mulling over his epiphany about winter, autumn, summer, and spring. However, since his physical body had yet to be formed, the will of spring was still a little bit away from him, and he could not complete the path.

When Su Ming formed a physical body that belonged solely to him, he would step completely into the path depicting the will of spring. With the resurrection of spring, he could reach completion of his physical body, and then, he could open his eyes to see a different world.

It was just like his ideal goal when he was in the land of Berserkers. He wanted to open his eyes and see a world that the others could not see. Back then, he had believed that the day was not far away from him, that it was just within his reach. Only after all that happened did he learn that while the distance was not great, he did not know how close he was. He needed to walk towards it step by step.

The nine cycles of life and death had ended his fate with Bai Ling. He might be feeling a little melancholic, but the past was the past. Insisting further on it was not Su Ming’s character.

From the moment Bai Feng chose to stand against him, the end to their relationship was already set in stone. The way things went down could already be considered a satisfactory conclusion.

The nine cycles of life and death had allowed Su Ming to end his story with Bai Ling. He had also formed links of fate with the white ring. At the same time, he had also sensed the power of fate within the Realms of the Masters of Fate, Lives, and Death during the reincarnations he experienced in the Mortal Refinement Art.

This epiphany was due to Bai Ling and the ring. It was related to him, but it was related to the others even more so. If he regarded it as a law of fate, then this fate would be vaguely related to the fate of the world around him, but also to him.

“The Fate Realm is too fascinating for words. This is true… This Realm might be slightly similar to Avacaniya. Perhaps there are even some similarities between them.

“Right now, I can sense the existence of the fate in the world around me. This feeling exists in my heart, and it is shown in my hand…” Su Ming mumbled.

He lowered his head to stare at his hands. In silence, he raised his right hand and seized space. Immediately, threads of black light gathered on his palm.

They were the Light of Extreme Darkness and looked like ropes of grass, so Su Ming slowly tied knots on them. The knots merged together, and in the end, a doll made of the Light of Extreme Darkness appeared in his hand.

He stared at it for a long time, but he found that he could not tell who the doll was. It looked like him, but the sense of unfamiliarity when looking at it was just as strong. It seemed to contain the images of all lives as well as the appearances of all the people Su Ming had seen in his life.

With a fling of his hand, the knots in the puppet were untied, returning to being only two threads of the Light of Extreme Darkness. Su Ming weaved them together once more. This time, he made a doll of himself, but as time passed, he noticed that he could not successfully create himself. He felt as if there was always something lacking, making him unable to complete the doll.

Su Ming continued for a while longer before he let out a soft sigh and gave up on the weaving =.

‘Turning the fate in the world outside as the doll in my fate is known as external fate… If I can create my doll someday, it will be a sign that I have mastered my own fate and perfected Fate Realm…

‘I used the Light of Extreme Darkness to weave the doll now. If I can use the threads of law in this galaxy to make a doll one day, the power of the laws of fate would reach its strongest!’ Su Ming relaxed his grip, and the doll fell apart.

‘The former is an epiphany, and the latter is a divine ability. Only when they are merged together can they be considered to be the complete Fate Realm… but this Fate Realm is Arid Triad Expanse Cosmos’ Fate Realm. It is still inferior to what the powerful warriors in Saint Defier’s camp have reached.

‘But if I can use laws to make a doll and then take it a step further by using the Light of Extreme Darkness to replace all the threads of laws in the galaxy where I am, it would be equivalent to saying that the laws were created by me, and they would change because of me as well.

‘Once that becomes the case, I will definitely be much stronger than an average Almighty in Fate Realm. I will be able to fight against the powerful warriors from Saint Defier’s camp who are in the same stage as I am.’ Su Ming mulled over his thoughts for a moment before a glint appeared in his eyes.

‘Mountain Shifter and Ocean Remover are my strongest divine abilities, second only to my inborn abilities as an Abyss Builder. Then, perhaps two more powerful divine abilities shall come next—Seize the Heavens and Replace the Sun!

‘Seize the Heavens would come from me perfecting the laws of fate. My body itself will be heaven and fate. The matter of replacing the sun will be that my fate replacing the laws in any place. This would not be a temporary change, but a complete, eternal change!

‘And based on what I can imagine, the strongest state in this Realm is being able to replace all the laws in True Morning Dao World. They would form once again based on my will, and because of it… I would replace True Morning Dao World’s will. I would… become True Morning Dao World!’ A brilliant light shone brightly in Su Ming’s eyes.

‘On that day, even if the people from Saint Defier’s camp descend, they will have to be wary of me. Even if their levels of cultivation are higher than mine, as long as the difference in level between us is not too great, they can only fight against me on equal terms. After all, I will have already turned into True Morning Dao World. I… will be True Morning Dao World, and True Morning Dao World will be me!

‘And Zhang Ji Dao’s body will help me mediate and adjust to this. At that time, True Morning Dao World will belong to me completely.

‘This is what I’ll do. Before this whirlwind disappears, this is what I must do. Only by doing so will I be able to have a hand in the disaster that will arrive after this, and I will also have the right to obtain a serendipity from it!’ The light in Su Ming’s eyes became brighter. He had already found his direction.

‘The first step is to stabilize the fate of the world around me. The second step is for me to figure out my own fate and gather it together until I perfect my epiphany of it. The third step is to use the Light of Extreme Darkness to replace the laws in a small area around me. The fourth step is also the last step. I will replace the will of True Morning Dao World and turn it into a world that belongs to extreme darkness. Then, I will have turned all of the laws in the area into my will.’

‘The first step is simple. I can do it with my current abilities, but I will need to spend some time on it. But the second step… how am I to master my own fate in the shortest time possible? This is…’ Su Ming frowned slightly and sank into deep thought.

Several days later, a sparkle shone in Su Ming’s eyes. At the same time it turned into a brilliant glare, he raised his right hand and drew a circle in the space before him.

The circle slowly turned bigger. When it was several hundreds of feet big, a look of understanding appeared on Su Ming’s face.

‘The fate in the world around me can form this circle, and my own fate can cause this circle to grow without end. When it reaches a certain size, it will have gathered a lot of the fate in the world around it, and it will naturally expand again until it can gain control over itself.

‘This form of control is a gradual control moving from a small scale to a big scale. When the circle grows larger, everything it covers will be in my control, and slowly, I will have the feeling as if I gained control of my own fate. This feeling will continue growing stronger until it forms a will, and then, it will be considered perfection!

‘I can’t take this path, however, because it will take too much time. If would have been fine before, during times of peace, but a disaster is imminent, and the thing I lack the most now is time.

‘Then I should find another way to step into the state in which I can control my own fate. No one should have taken this path before, but it will still allow me to achieve the same result!’

Confidence appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. This idea had not come to him out of the blue, but he had come to gain an epiphany on it based on the epiphany he had from the cycles of life and death he experienced in the world created by the Mortal Refinement Art.

‘The cycles of life and death in the Mortal Refinement Art are in truth countless connecting dots in a single cycle. I can be said to have experienced nine different lives at the same time. These lives intersected and connected with each other to form a huge net.

‘All of this is external fate, but if I experience more things, I will live through more lifetimes. The net will become bigger, and each of the intersections will be part of my will. Once it reaches a certain size, I will have achieved the goal of mastering my own laws of fate through the fate in the world around me.

‘It’ll be like giving birth to countless lives with my will as the center. Through these lives, I will be able to continue expanding the circle of fate until the net is completed, until I come to be in control of myself through the lives of others.

‘This is just a theory, but there should be nothing wrong with it. Yet if I am to put it into practice, I might need to make a few changes. After all, I cannot truly experience countless cycles of life and death… but I can gain an epiphany through other people’s lives.

The prerequisite for this would be that they have me in their hearts. They must also worship and respect me. With that, the will they produce can be connected and turn into the great net of reincarnation I need!’

Su Ming mulled over his thoughts. What he had come up with might sound difficult, but if he went about understanding it in a simple manner, he would describe controlling his own laws of fate as a form of confidence. With that premise, controlling the laws of fate in the world around him could be said to be how many people knew him.

Having ten people know him was nothing, and it was also nothing even if thousands of people knew him. However, if there were ten thousand, tens of thousands, or even millions of people who knew him, it would be the same as him seizing control over the fate of the world around him.

When these links of fate increased and reached an incredibly terrifying number, they would fill him with confidence. It would stem from the ability to control the power of his own laws of fate.

In truth, the so-called great fame operated in this logic. Those who were famous would definitely become illustrious people. This was the power of fate.

‘What is similar to what the people who I saved in the World of Nine Yin did. They formed their own race and worshiped me. In their hearts, they remember me, and they deliver to me the power of their will. It then naturally forms the laws of my fate…

‘If that is the case and I can make more people worship and respect me, their wills will turn into the net of reincarnation. Once inside it, I will become stronger daily… and through them, I will obtain my own fate.

‘In fact, it will be easier for me to seize True Morning Dao World and replace it through them as well. With my will, I will be able to replace the laws!’

Determination appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. After pondering over everything carefully for a moment, he became certain that the idea was plausible, and he closed his eyes, immersing himself in meditation. He was now even more certain that he could make True Morning Dao World integrate with him.

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