Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 115: He Would Not Commit Past Mistakes!

Chapter 115: He Would Not Commit Past Mistakes!

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Two months had passed since Su Ming got into contact with the Berserkers of this place. He chose to continue staying at the place and create South Asunder, allowing his injuries to slowly recover.

Right now, he was sitting in the cave with his legs crossed. Once he swallowed South Asunder, he sat for a time without a sound. There were only ten dull blood veins from the 243 blood veins in his body. The rest of them showed signs of life now.

During the past year, the many South Asunder had allowed him to slowly recover and stabilize the serious wounds and internal injuries he had sustained previously. While recuperating, he would often find himself missing his tribe, the elder, Xiao Hong, Bai Ling.

And Lei Chen.

Su Ming did not know whether the tribe was well. He did not know whether Xiao Hong was still playing happily in Dark Mountain. He did not know whether Bai Ling was still waiting for him because he did not fulfill his promise.

Every single time he thought about it, Su Ming’s heart would clench in pain. He was all alone in this unfamiliar place. When he looked at the moon in the sky, he would think of his home, the elder, whom he still refused to believe was dead, and everything that was familiar to him.

Yet he had no idea where his home was. The only thing he knew was that Wind Stream Tribe was a weaker branch of Miao Man in the Alliance of the Western Region.

However, it was clear that there was an incredible distance between the Alliance of the Western Region and the Land of South Morning. Yet he did not know where the path between them was either.

‘I need a map that leads me to the Alliance of the Western Region!

‘Also, I need to make myself stronger, only then can I have the strength to find my way home… Only by making myself stronger can I make the people mentioned by the person in black robes pay the appropriate price!’

During this period of time, Su Ming would often keep thinking about the battle between his tribe and Black Mountain Tribe. There were a lot of clues that he had missed during that fight, and all those clues pointed towards the person in black robes.

Su Ming opened his eyes and got out of his meditative state. He looked at the darkness around him and loneliness struck him. This feeling was one that he had not gotten accustomed to over the past year.

He had been in this cave for a long time.

Su Ming walked out silently and stood outside the crack. He looked at the moon in the sky. It was quiet all around him. He sat down and breathed in the slightly humid air before bringing out a xun made of bone about the size of a fist and stroking its surface gently.

After a long while, a moaning song seemed to be blown from a xun that no one else but Su Ming could hear. The notes seemed to echo in the air. The moaning sound contained sorrow, and the song continued for a long time.

Su Ming did not know how to play music. There was a crack on the xun made of bone, making it impossible for it to produce any sound either way. That song was not played out. It simply existed in Su Ming’s heart. He held the xun made of bone and closed his eyes as he listened to the song in his heart.

This was the only sound that could keep him company in this place. It was as if he could really hear the song playing his ear, making him feel like he could find familiarity in this place.

Every single time he felt lonely, he would think about the beautiful moments that had happened in the past.

Every single time he felt estranged, he would think about the happiness in the past…

After a long while, when the moon in the sky reached its brightest moment, Su Ming closed his eyes and sat down. His body began to glow in the moonlight. Gradually, faint illusions formed by moonlight floated out from his body and surrounded him.

These illusions were Wings of the Moon. The Wings of the Moon were created when the Elder of Fire Berserker Tribe had cast a Great Divine Art to grant those within Fire Berserker Tribe immortality. This Art was then modified by the God of Berserkers with the Eternal Creation Art. changing them into creatures that were neither human nor beast. But after passing ages, the Divine Art had become weaker, causing breaks to appear in their cursed immortality.

However, when they fought against Bi Tu and the person in black, it was not enough to wipe out their existence. Their bodies might have been destroyed, but their souls still surrounded Su Ming and were hidden inside his body. They would appear under moonlight, but no one else besides those who practiced the Ways of the Fire Berserker could see them.

Su Ming did not obtain a clear answer from this. It was simply an understanding he obtained from the interaction between him and the souls of the Wings of the Moon.

This was Su Ming’s greatest support now. It was also the reason why he was not bothered by whether the boy two months ago had spoken of his existence to other people or not.

He did not want to kill without reason, but if someone came to him looking for trouble, then they had to be prepared to face death.

When the moon in the sky gradually disappeared and the morning sun appeared in the horizon, faint shouts came from the rainforest at the foot of the mountain.

"Senior… Senior…"

"Senior, I’m sorry… Senior…"

Su Ming’s face was calm. He had been hearing this voice once every few days for the past two months. This rainforest was incredibly big and there were a lot of mountain ranges here. It might not be as hard as trying to find a needle in a haystack if someone tried to search for a person here, but it was close.

The voice belonged to that boy. Two months ago, when Su Ming left, he had already anticipated that this would happen. The boy was simply making a choice between choosing to talk or not talk about him.

If he did, then he would perhaps bring about a lot of attention from his tribe and strong Berserkers would come here, but Guanghan Forest was huge. Trying to search for a person inside it was hard. Besides, if Su Ming wanted to hide, it would make the search even harder.

More importantly, these people would come asking for something from him. With the boy’s intelligence, this sort of situation would not only not bring anything good to him, it might even make Su Ming displeased.

The boy did not make Su Ming disappointed. For the past two months, he had always come alone to call out to Su Ming.

Su Ming heard the voice calling out to him from a distance. He did not bother himself with it, but instead returned to the cave and continued creating South Asunder so that he could heal the injuries in his body.

After a few days, the voice gradually disappeared.

Half a month passed by. When there were only nine blood veins left that were still dull on Su Ming’s body, he heard that faint voice calling out to him once again from the rainforest.

"Senior… Senior…"

The voice had been calling out to him for two days, and would continue to do so. Su Ming opened his eyes as he got out of his meditative state. There was a contemplative look on his face.

I won’t make the same mistake as before…

Su Ming looked as if he had just remembered something. He walked out of the cave and donned on the beast skin robe before running into the rainforest.

Fang Mu’s face was filled with remorse as he walked through the rainforest. There was also caution and alertness in his expression, while he held a black bone blade in his hand. The blade exuded a chilling presence, and it was the weapon he used to defend himself.

After all, leaving the tribe alone to come to this place was a very dangerous thing to him. If he met any of his enemies here, that blade could serve its purpose.

He continued running around the rainforest and shouting out the same words he had been repeating for the past two and a half months.

"Senior… Senior…"

After a long while, he leaned against a big tree as he panted harshly. There was a helpless look on his face.

‘Could it be that the strange person has left? If that wasn’t the case, then since I’ve been calling for almost three months, he should have heard my voice… Ah, if he still hasn’t left, then it means he doesn’t want to see me.’

Fang Mu let out a long sigh and his expression became bitter. He looked at his surroundings and gritted his teeth before continuing onward.

"Senior… Are you still here?"

The sun was about to set and the shadow of the moon was up in the sky. With a defeated look on his face, Fang Mu shouted once again towards the sky.

"I’m here."

The moment Fang Mu finished speaking, a cold voice came from behind him. The voice appeared too suddenly, causing Fang Mu to jump in terror. He got up and quickly leapt forward, turning around with a face filled with wariness. He lifted the blade in his hands, but when he saw the person standing on a branch on the tree that was behind him, he was pleasantly surprised.

"Senior, I’ve been searching for you really hard. It’s been almost three months."

Fang Mu lowered the bone blade quickly and looked at Su Ming, who remained covered by the beast skin, with excitement. Taking a few steps forward, Fang Mu bowed at Su Ming.

"Senior, please save me. I am Fang Mu. I hid the truth from you earlier. I am from Tranquil East Tribe, and my father is the tribe leader of Tranquil East Tribe. If you can treat the injuries in my body, then my father and I will definitely reward you greatly.

"This blade is my apology to you for when I lied to you earlier. Please accept it."

The teenager called Fang Mu quickly handed over the black bone blade with both hands, an earnest look on his face as he bowed once again.

The bone blade let out a black light and exuded a ghastly presence. It was clear that it was not some common object. In fact, it was just like Blood Scales, a counterfeit Berserker Vessel. This item would be incredibly valuable to a small tribe.

Su Ming’s eyes flashed. From the blade the boy gifted him, it was not hard for him to guess that the three tribes controlling Han Mountain City were middle sized ones. There was no way that they could be small tribes.

Su Ming moved to stand before Fang Mu. He cast Fang Mu a glance and took the black bone blade. He did not use his Qi, but let the formless Wings of the Moon residing in his body to activate it. Immediately, the bone blade emitted a brilliant black light. The chilling air on the blade instantly disappeared, and the bone blade turned red, as if it was burning. A strong wave of heat flowed out.

It made the trees around them fall into a state as if they were burning and were about to turn into dried wood.

The heat crashed into Fang Mu, forcing him to move back. A stunned look appeared on his face, his heart pounding against his chest. He could not determine Su Ming’s level of cultivation, but he knew that even the powerful Berserkers n his tribe could not let the blade exude such a mighty presence. Only people like his father could. When the blade was first given to his father, such a shocking effect was produced as well, but the presence that was emitted was not heat, but cold.

‘Could it be… Could it be that he’s in the Transcendence Realm?’

Fang Mu’s mouth was dry. He felt relieved that he did not tell anyone about this, but chose to come alone. If he made this person displeased, then the consequences would be terrible.

Fang Mu could not see Su Ming’s face, which added to his mysteriousness. At that moment, Su Ming lifted his left hand and with one swift motion, threw two pills into Fang Mu’s mouth before he could even see them clearly.

Su Ming then activated his Qi and made those two pills melt, causing Fang Mu to not even be able to feel their shape. A hot stream flowed from the boy’s mouth into his body.

"I’ll give you the span of fifteen breaths to remember this herb. When you come here next time, bring 1,000 of this herb to me in exchange for your healing items! Also, I do not like other people spying on me. This is the only time I’ll allow it!"

Su Ming’s voice was placid, but there was a hint of dreariness in his hoarse voice. He swung the bone blade with his right hand, and immediately, the bark of a big tree beside him fell off. The shape of an herb appeared on its surface. That picture was the one herb Su Ming was lacking to create Mountain Spirit – Cloud Gauze Grass!

He did not care about Fang Mu after that. Instead, he got up and took a step into the sky. The formless souls of the Wings of the Moon were underneath his feet. He stepped on one of them and walked away in the sky.

No one could see the souls of the Wings of the Moon underneath his feet. In Fang Mu’s eyes, Su Ming was walking on the air. It made him widen his eyes and take in a sharp breath.

‘Is he really in the Transcendence Realm..?’

After a long while, he finally reacted to it, but very soon, he remembered the latter half of Su Ming’s words. He was momentarily stunned before looking around himself immediately and seeing a strong looking person walking out from within the rainforest.


Fang Mu rubbed his eyes. He looked incredibly shocked.

The big man wore a blue robe. He walked to Fang Mu’s side with a stern expression and looked in the direction Su Ming had left in, frowning.

"How are your injuries?" he asked with a low voice.

Fang Mu felt apprehensive. He quickly checked the injuries in his body. Once he discovered that they had become slightly better, he immediately nodded his head.

"Father, have you been following me all this while? That man discovered you, could he really be in the Transcendence Realm?"

"Doesn’t seem like it… The Qi in his body is…"

The man frowned. Before he finished speaking, the picture of the Cloud Gauze Grass on the tree bark beside him gradually turned into wooden shards and fell off. This was the strength of Su Ming’s fine control. He could already control all his Qi precisely.

"Exactly 15 breaths… This is the fine control of the Transcendence Realm!"

The man’s pupils shrank.

"It’s over! I haven’t memorized the shape of that herb!" Fang Mu immediately became anxious.

The man took in a deep breath. He might still be a little dubious, but he was mostly certain about what he had seen now. He turned around and spoke to Fang Mu sternly.

"That’s Cloud Gauze Grass. I’ll help you get it. Respect this person. Don’t offend him with your words or your actions. When you see him, treat him as you would treat the adults in the tribe. He might be a stroke of good luck to you."

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