Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 107: The Elder’s Secret!

Chapter 107: The Elder’s Secret!

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Everything in the world was frozen still, even the wind stopped in the air. There was only deathly stillness on the earth.

Bi Tu’s body trembled. He knelt towards the north as he worshipped the sky.

"Your servant, Bi Tu, summoned you here. I have prepared enough life, and I offer these two as a sacrifice. O Fallen God of Berserkers of the North, please descend upon us."

As Bi Tu spoke, that formless presence began gathering and turning into a faded outline of a person before him.

It was a person, one whose face could not be seen clearly. In fact, if no one looked properly, then they would find it hard to see the moment that semi-transparent person appeared.

The elder shuddered and his breathing became rapid.

Su Ming was behaving the same way within the giant. He could not move his body. From the semi-transparent figure, he could feel a power that surpassed Bi Tu’s by leaps and bounds.

He had a final Scattering Blood with him, but Scattering Blood was like a double-edged sword. If it was crushed and the powder touched the wounds on his body, then it was the same as destroying himself. That was why every time Su Ming used it, he was incredibly careful with it.

It was his ultimate move. He did not know whether this item was useful against powerful Berserkers in the Transcendence Realm, but he had to try. He had a chance, but the elder was by his side, and Bi Tu was rapidly healing all his wounds. If Su Ming used it at the wrong time, and the powder was flung aside, then there was a high chance it would affect him and the elder.

The semi-transparent figure stood before the kneeling Bi Tu. It raised its right hand and touched Bi Tu’s forehead. Bi Tu immediately trembled viciously and pain appeared on his face, but he bore through it and did not scream out. A small hole appeared at the center of his brows, and a large amount of blood gushed out, which was absorbed by the semi-transparent figure.

Very soon, that figure was no longer semi-transparent, but turned into a blood-red color. There was a thread of blood spinning within its body, and it gradually formed the outline of a part of a finger on its right hand.

Bi Tu’s body withered quickly. It was as if in the span of a few breaths, he would turn into mere bones.

"Not enough…"

The only red was on the small fragment of the figure’s finger; the other parts of the person were still in the semi-transparent state. It spoke unhurriedly within the minds of the three people in the air.

Bi Tu seemed to have known a long time ago that the blood would not be enough. He made a grabbing motion with both hands, and as the earth shook, Dark Mountain became duller in an instant. All of the snow on the mountain turned black and spread out. The trees in the forest at the foot of the mountain crumbled into ashes. White mist crawled out from all corners of the earth and rushed towards Bi Tu.

The darkness in the forest at the foot of the mountain continued spreading. As it did so, all the living creatures that were enveloped within died and turned into white mist that rose into the air.

The little monkey in the tree quickly ran away in panic and managed to avoid being captured by the darkness spreading outwards.

The white mist continued rising into the air and fused into Bi Tu’s body, causing his withered body to recover once again. Yet at the same time, more blood gushed out from the hole at the center of his brows, which was absorbed by the person before him.

This frightening sight was seen by both Su Ming and the elder, but they could not stop it. They could not even move their bodies.

"It is still not sufficient…"

One of the fingers on the person’s right hand turned completely red.

"This is all I can offer… Northern God of Berserkers, please descend…"

Bi Tu trembled. He could not move, and the injuries that had recovered just moments ago tore open once again.

"The sacrifice this time is not sufficient… I can only let one finger fall," the person said languidly. He lifted the only finger that was stained red and pointed towards the sky.

The weather immediately changed. A large amount of black clouds started gathering, and once they covered half of the sky, a large thunderbolt formed. At the same time, a black flash of lightning shot down from the black clouds in the blink of an eye.

That black lightning exuded evil and an air of gruesomeness. It was as if death was descending as it fell!

The moment the lighting shot down from the sky, Su Ming’s frozen body suddenly felt warmth from the black debris that had been quiet for a long time. The warmth fused into Su Ming’s body, and as cracking sounds rebounded, he found that he could move.

He did not have time to think. The moment the bolt of lightning was about to fall on his person, he took one step forward. Bi Tu was unable to move, and his body was covered in injuries at the moment. Su Ming brought out Scattering Blood and closed in on Bi Tu, reaching out his right hand from the giant’s body and hurled the pill at him.

The moment he flung Scattering Blood, the bolt of lightning descended on the giant. He could not dodge it. He clenched his right fist and threw a punch towards that lightning!

From a distance, this sight was akin to a giant glaring at the sky, and as the heavens sent a bolt of lightning downwards, it was moving forth to fight against the heavens!

The faded figure with that one red finger let out a light sound of puzzlement. While looking at Su Ming, its body gradually disappeared as if it could not stay for too long.

As it disappeared, the elder also regained his mobility. His face was filled with anxiety, watching the giant which contained Su Ming and the black bolt of lightning close in on each other in midair!

At the same moment, that Scattering Blood was also closing in on Bi Tu at an incredible speed.

Bi Tu did not know what that was. He let out a cold laugh and swung his right hand. A huge gust of wind immediately blew it away, but the moment it touched that Scattering Blood, the pill exploded due to Su Ming imbedding his Qi within it earlier, causing the Scattering Blood to turn into powder and scatter into red mist that charged towards Bi Tu. Even if some it wase dispersed by Bi Tu, a large amount still landed on his body and crawled into his injuries as if they wanted to burn his blood.

"Child’s play!"

Bi Tu’s expression changed, and he circulated the Qi in his body as he let out a cold bark of laughter. With some unknown method, the burning sensation within his body was extinguished, but his face became paler because of that.

When the black lightning that exuded evil and gruesomeness appeared, it was like it had turned into a ray of light that brought death upon the world. It charged towards Su Ming and collided with his fist.

There was no crashing sound. Everything happened silently. In the elder and Bi Tu’s eyes, they saw the bolt of lightning touch the giant’s right arm and, crushing it immediately, turn the arm into a large amount of red mist that spread outwards. At the same time, the giant’s body also started shaking furiously. Then from its shoulders, it started crumbling down inch by inch. In the blink of an eye, about an eighth of the giant’s body had turned into mist.

The lightning pierced through the giant’s body.

"Su Ming!"

The elder’s eyes were bloodshot. Just as he was about to rush over, he saw whatever was remaining of the giant in the air make the red mist spreading outwards from its body tumble backwards and gather up once again. He also saw Su Ming’s body hidden away in the small remaining part of the giant as the red mist gathered. When Su Ming threw the punch, he had changed his location within the giant’s body.

Even so, he was covered in blood, as if he had already reached his end.

The black lightning that destroyed most of the giant’s body stopped in midair. It was a lot duller now. It changed its direction languidly, but it did not travel towards the elder, but looked like it was going to once again pierce through the giant’s body, which seemed to be experiencing some sort of change due to the gathering red mist.

Bi Tu stood in the distance, his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth bleeding. His breathing was rapid. Summoning the Fallen God of Berserkers required him to offer his life, and the power needed for him to use that black lightning also required him to continuously offer lives taken from the mountain below. He had also wasted some power when he extinguished the fire in his body.

The power of the lightning was largely related to his level of cultivation because this power of lightning cast from the one finger was actually a culmination of all his power. The strange Fallen God of Berserkers changed it, but in the end, it was still largely related to Bi Tu’s power.

"Why aren’t you dead yet? Die!"

Veins popped out on Bi Tu’s face. The sight of the veins popping up on his withered body looked incredibly frightening.

The black lightning no longer looked dull. It changed its direction and was just about to rush towards Su Ming when Mo Sang turned his head back.

He looked at the heavily injured dark python that had fought with him until now. The dark python was a materialization of his Berserker Mark. It had been with him for his entire life. The moment he looked at the dark python, the dark python too, seemed to have gained intelligence and looked at the elder.

The elder did not hesitate. He closed his eyes, and the clothes on his upper body burst apart, revealing his aged body. On his body was a great number of blood veins that had gathered into the Mark of the dark python, but at the moment, it melted away. In a second, it was washed away and disappeared from the elder’s body.

The moment the Mark of the dark python disappeared, a blood red Mark of a tooth appeared on the elder’s chest, covering his entire body. The tip of the tooth was at the center of the elder’s brows. It looked natural, like a real tooth!

The moment the Mark of the tooth appeared, Bi Tu’s, who was controlling the black bolt of lightning by sacrificing lives of those below to attack Su Ming, expression changed. Astonishment, shock, and disbelief - all of them could be seen on his face!

There were far too many things that threw him into disarray this night: the appearance of the blood-red moon, the arrival of the Wings of the Moon, and the true Fire Berserker Art. Yet all those sights were nothing compared to the sight of the Berserker Mark on Mo Sang changing to that of a tooth.

"Impossible! You have two Berserker Marks? That’s impossible! Those of the Berserker Tribe can only have one Berserker Mark in their lives! You… How could you have two!"

Bi Tu was aghast. He even forgot to control the black bolt of lightning when he saw that scene.

He could not believe what he was seeing, but he knew that if news that Mo Sang had two Berserker Marks spread out, then their entire world would be taken by a storm. He had never heard of anyone who possessed two Berserker Marks before. There was no one like that. Even the legendary Gods of Berserkers only had one Berserker Mark!

Mo Sang opened his eyes, his face calm. Once the second Berserker Mark appeared, he raised his right hand and grabbed onto his chest, then pulled outwards. Immediately, a giant tooth about the height of an adult man appeared in his hand.

The tooth looked ghastly—its entire body was letting off a white glow. Once the elder held it in his hand, he leapt forward and stood on top of the dark python’s head, which had not disappeared.

‘This is my last resort… I was originally going to use it anyway.’

There was a look of sadness on the elder’s face as he thought. He held up the giant tooth and stabbed it through the head of the dark python underneath his feet. Pain spread accross the dark python’s face, but it did not move, simply allowing the elder to drive the tooth into its head until it was buried deep.

The moment the tooth was completely buried into its head, thunderous roars echoed in the sky, and the dark python’s eyes became dull. It died. Yet the moment of its death, when its body quickly withered, from the spot where the tooth was driven into its head, black mist flowed out.

As the dark python faded away, a large amount of black mist came out. Within the span of a breath, the dark python completely disappeared from the world along with the tooth. Before the elder was dense, black fog. As it continued to tumble and move around, the head of a ferocious beast with a single horn appeared.

That head of the beast looked like it belonged to an evil spirit. There was a black metal hook on its nostrils. It rushed out with an incredibly shocking pressure and a similar presence to that of Transcendence, charging towards Bi Tu, whose face had changed into that of a panic-stricken one.

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