Pursuit of the Truth

Chapter 105: Battle on the Moon!

Chapter 105: Battle on the Moon!

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An incredible killing intent appeared in Bi Tu’s eyes. With just one glance, he could tell that the source of his terror came from the person sitting on Dark Mountain.

He was about to get closer when the elder noticed Bi Tu’s strange behavior and also saw Su Ming sitting on top of Dark Dragon Mountain. He narrowed his eyes and swiftly took one step forward, blocking Bi Tu’s path.

Once again, Mo Sang engaged Bi Tu in battle with his tired body.

As Bi Tu howled in anger, the thick, great fog behind him quickly gathered up before turning into a Wings of the Moon that could cover the sky if it spread its wings!

The Wings of the Moon looked at where Su Ming was, and an incredible struggle appeared on its face. It was as if there were two wills in its body. One of it came from Bi Tu, and the other came from the deceased spirits of the Fire Berserker Tribe, telling him to go to the person who was burning his blood and worship him!

Su Ming was looking at the moon in the sky. In his eyes, the moon had turned entirely red. He shuddered. Trying to incite the burning of his blood with his right index finger was as difficult as usual.

"Members of the Ancient Fire Berserker Tribe… I, Su Ming, have learned the Fire Berserker Art, and now I am performing the burning of my blood on Dark Mountain… recreating the Fire Berserker Art… if your souls are here, why won’t you help me!"

His eyes were firm. As he mumbled, he swiped his right index finger across his eyes, and when a sharp pain rose in his left eye, a fire that seemed to burn the sky erupted forth.

Su Ming had managed to complete the burning of his left eye!

The moment his left eye completed the burning, all five summits in Dark Mountain shook once again. This time, the trembling was much stronger than before. A large amount of gravel fell from the mountains and tumbled downwards. It was as if there was a struggle within Dark Mountain, as if a giant underneath it that wanted to rise and stand up!

Bi Tu, who was still fighting with Mo Sang, let out a pained, sharp cry. His eyes, ears, nose, and mouth started bleeding, and he tumbled backwards. His eyes were bloodshot, and there seemed to be the faint shape of the moon in his pupils.

He looked wretched. His hair was a mess, and he was bleeding all over his body. A flash passed through Mo Sang’s eyes. He chased after Bi Tu without the intention of letting him go. At the same time, the giant Wings of the Moon in the sky shuddered and let out piercing howls like there were two wills clashing furiously within it.

"Kill him! Wings of the Moon formed by my Berserker Blood, kill him!" Bi Tu shouted in a shrill voice.

He raised his right hand and struck his chest. The picture of the Wings of the Moon on the center of his brows immediately let out a piercing light, causing the conflict within the eyes of the Wings of the Moon to gradually disappear as it continued howling. The same murderous look as Bi Tu’s appeared in its eyes instead. It flapped its wings and charged towards Su Ming, who was on Dark Dragon Mountain.

Bi Tu quickly spread his arms wide as he retreated, and immediately, wisps of white air appeared from the ground, rushing towards him, causing the injuries on his body to rapidly heal. He took a big step forward and engaged Mo Sang. As booming sounds reverberated in the air, Mo Sang, though his face was pale, gritted his teeth and fought back.

The giant Wings of the Moon closed in on Dark Dragon Mountain like an endless cloud. Its cries turned into a huge gust of wind, as if it was about to uproot the whole Dark Dragon Mountain. Yet the moment it got closer, Su Ming, who had been sitting down, stood up swiftly. With the shadow of the blood-red moon in his eyes, he looked at the approaching giant Wings of the Moon.


His voice was calm. He removed his right index finger from his left eye and placed it on his right eye, giving an aloof look to the Wings of the Moon, built as big as the peak of a mountain,

Su Ming himself was built on the leaner side. Compared to the huge Wings of the Moon, he was nothing, yet the moment his voice traveled out coldly, the gigantic body of the Wings of the Moon trembled. It stopped 100 feet away. The murderous look in its eyes turned into conflict and pain.

This sight struck Mo Sang with disbelief; it also made Bi Tu shake furiously. It was as if he was the Wings of the Moon, and there was an indescribable force coming from the frail body standing on Dark Dragon Mountain, shaking the sky.

As Bi Tu trembled, he pushed Mo Sang away with a punch and bit his tongue. The moment he coughed out blood, he pressed his right hand to the center of his brows, then with a roar, tore away the mark of the Wings of the Moon from the center of his brows. The flesh that was torn away was surrounded by the blood that Bi Tu coughed out before beginning the burning, sending out a large amount of red mist.

At the same time, the Wings of the Moon 100 feet away from Su Ming rapidly flamed up, turning into a sea of fire. But there was no hint of struggle in its eyes as it sank into the flames. It charged towards Su Ming instead. There was only 100 feet between them, so it could instantly close up the distance.

By the looks of it, it wanted to devour Su Ming!

Su Ming still remained calm. At the very instant the Wings of the Moon pounced on him, he swiped his right index finger across his right eye. The sky changed, the clouds and the wind tumbled backwards, and thunderous roars arose from Dark Dragon Mountain!

This was the fourth burning of blood. Yet this time, the number of blood veins within Su Ming’s body did not increase. Instead, as Dark Dragon Mountain shook furiously underneath him, the moon in the sky no longer appeared red only in Su Ming’s eyes—it started turning red before everyone’s!

The night of the blood-red moon!

The moment the blood-red moon appeared, within the endless forest spanning around Dark Mountain, the people from Black Mountain Tribe who hid themselves to avoid fighting let out terrified screams and gasps when they saw the crimson moon.

"The blood-red moon! Why is the blood-red moon here!"

"Didn’t the blood-red moon just appear recently? Why… why is it here again!"

It weren’t just the Black Mountain Tribe members hiding in the forest who reacted this way. The same terrified and forlorn screams echoed within their tribe as all the remaining tribe members quickly hid themselves, trembling.

The members of Dark Mountain Tribe were still in the process of migrating to Wind Stream Tribe. There were dozens of Berserkers from Wind Stream around them with Ye Wang and Chen Chong acting as the leaders. They had received orders from the tribe leader to assist Dark Mountain Tribe. When they met them on their way, they acted as escorts. At that moment, they too, saw the blood-red moon in the sky, and their expressions changed.

Dark Dragon Tribe too, saw the blood-red moon!

An outcry filled with fear and shock resounded!

In the sky above Dark Mountain, Bi Tu was also taken aback momentarily by the sight of the blood-red moon, but his eyes were soon filled with ecstasy. He was not afraid of the crimson moon. He charged towards Mo Sang, causing the other man to retreat. Blood flowed down from Bi Tu’s lips and was flung out, turning into droplets that scattered in the air. With some unknown Berserker Art, they fell on Mo Sang’s body, causing the elder to be sent tumbling back.

Bi Tu was about to close in on him when a furious voice that sounded like rumbling thunder suddenly came from Dark Dragon Mountain.

"Bi Tu!"

Violent tremors shook Dark Dragon Mountain. Many stones rolled down, resulting in loud crashes. Dust billowed out into the forest at the foot of the mountain, stirring up the snow on the ground and forming a large round force of power with Dark Mountain as the center.

As the roar echoed in the sky from the large amount of cracks in the summits, howls and sounds of wings flapping came through, as did pairs upon pairs of red eyes. Very soon, Wings of the Moon rushed out of the cracks. Their eyes were filled with red light, and as they charged out, they looked as if they had covered the sky and earth with their endless numbers.

The next instant, Black Flame Mountain and the other summits started shaking and rumbling, and all the other Wings of the Moon tore through the red barrier holding them back and abruptly stormed out!

That scene was akin to the apocalypse. The Wings of the Moon, who only appeared once every few years, had come once again!

The sky was filled with Wings of the Moon. Their numbers at the very least amounted to tens of thousands. They surrounded Su Ming, covering him from sight, as their cries shook the sky and earth!

Their eyes were filled with agitation and excitement. After surrounding Su Ming, their cries seemed to turn into sounds of worship as they circled around him. It was as if Su Ming was their King!

Bi Tu trembled. When he lifted his head and saw that scene, his expression changed—it was full of shock that had never once appeared on his face. As he looked at the countless Wings of the Moon, covering the sky and earth, he even forgot to breath. It was as if there were thunderbolts flashing in his head, striking him completely dumb.

He could feel that there was a powerful Fire Berserker Art within Su Ming. That was the true Fire Berserker Art, and it was completely different from the Art he had received through outside help.

"This… This is…"

He took a gulp as he mumbled out an incomplete sentence. The difference between the faint shadow of the moon in his eyes compared to Su Ming’s was far too great.

The killing intent within the eyes of the giant Wings of the Moon that was closing in on Su Ming completely disappeared, replaced by a fanatic and excited look. It also started circling Dark Dragon Tribe, which was right underneath Su Ming.

Something flashed in Su Ming’s eyes. There was no hint of surprise on his face. Cries of excitement echoed in his ears. His vision was filled with the sight of Wings of the Moon flying by. When he raised his hand, there was even one Wings of the Moon that landed on his palm as if it was kneeling down. The fanatic look in its eyes was clear as day.

At that moment, Su Ming had a strange feeling that he could control these Wings of the Moon and make them fight for him!

He could feel the excitement coming from them. He could feel their agitation and the glory they had desired for a long time.

Su Ming clenched his fists and took a step forward. Immediately, the Wings of the Moon opened up a path for him, causing him to arrive at the cliff of Dark Dragon Mountain. He did not stop but took another step onto the air.

When his foot landed, he did not fall. A Wings of the Moon flew underneath his foot, letting him step on it. It supported Su Ming’s body, allowing him to walk in the air!

Su Ming did not stop. He lifted his head. There was a firm and stubborn look in his eyes. He wanted to help the elder, to fight against that damn Bi Tu alongside the elder!

Su Ming hated Bi Tu to the core. It was because of this person that the war had happened. It was because of this person that their people had to leave their homes in sadness and fight continuously with death hanging over their heads constantly as they moved. This was all Bi Tu’s fault!

With this hate and resolution, Su Ming turned into a long red arc and charged towards Bi Tu in midair, countless moonlight threads trailing behind him.

He did not know how to fly, but with each step he took, a Wings of the Moon would appear under his feet, accurately forming a path for him so that he could travel at full speed!

Around him, the Wings of the Moon that covered the sky and earth, along with the Wings of the Moon that had originally belonged to Bi Tu too, charged forward by his side.

If anyone had looked from the distance, it would have seemed like someone took a brush and quickly drew a line across the sky. The line was formed by the Wings of the Moon, allowing Su Ming to travel in the air. It made all those who saw it be struck dumb by amazement and disbelief!

The number of Wings of the Moon in the sky could not be counted. With Su Ming leading the charge, they quickly formed a straight line in the sky, shooting up like an arrow.

The killing intent in Su Ming’s eyes was great. His speed had exceeded Bi Tu’s expectations, same as the elder’s. In an instant, he arrived before the elder with the Wings of the Moon and stopped him from tumbling backwards. He used his body and his resolution to stand before the clearly exhausted elder!

The elder did not know why and how Su Ming had triggered the appearance of the Wings of the Moon, or why they would want to worship him, but when he looked at him a smile appeared on his face. He might be exhausted, had offered his life away, and had blood flowing from his lips, but he was still happy. Su Ming had truly grown up!

He could help him now. The frail body standing before him had grown up in his eyes, like a mountain.

"Bi Tu!"

Su Ming knew that his power was not enough for him to think that he could win against Bi Tu. What he would be using were the countless Wings of the Moon. He could make those Wings of the Moon fight for him with his will!

That was the vague thought that had became clear in his head!

The moment he shouted out Bi Tu’s name, Su Ming, who stood before the elder protectively, held up Blood Scales in his right hand. The 243 blood veins in his body formed into one, and he threw the spear towards Bi Tu with a powerful throw.

Blood Scales let out a piercing crack in the air as Su Ming gathered all his Qi together and fused it into the spear, causing it to seem to slice through the sky like a crack of red lightning, rushing towards Bi Tu.

At the same time, Su Ming embedded his will into all the Wings of the Moon, causing those around him to let out shrill cries and charge out. As the Wings of the Moon that covered the sky and earth rushed out, they formed a picture in the sky that would be incredibly difficult to replicate with the brush.

In that picture, the Wings of the Moon charged towards Bi Tu after the long spear. Even the giant Wings of the Moon that originally belonged to Bi Tu let out a roar and rushed out as well.

With the long spear as the tip, the numerous Wings of the Moon formed the shape of an arrow and closed in on the dumbstruck Bi Tu in a split second, as if they were about to destroy him!

He had obtained his powers of Transcendence from the Wings of the Moon, and now, they were about to take it back. It was akin to an inescapable fate of his.

Bi Tu’s face was pale. As he quickly withdrew, the desire within his body that wanted to rush out and worship Su Ming like the Wings of the Moon became stronger. He lifted his right hand in pain and stabbed his chest with a finger. A black wisp of air immediately spread out, and once it surrounded his body, that urge slightly dissipated. Yet he had to pay a price. It made him stumble backwards, and his face became paler. Madness appeared in his eyes. Facing off against the countless Wings of the Moon, covering the sky, and Blood Scales, he shouted towards the sky.

As he shouted, a dark light flew out from his mouth, turning into a black cauldron that was about the size of a person before him.

There were numerous tortured faces carved on the cauldron. Some of them were screaming in pain, some were terrifying to look at, some were crying, and some were letting out soundless roars of fury. The entire cauldron let out a cold and frightening presence. When it appeared, it was as if the whole area around them froze.

"Beware of that cauldron. He used it once before. It has some sort of strange ability. If I didn’t sacrifice some of my life with the seven needles, I wouldn’t have been able to fight against it. But it also seems like he can’t use its full power. Once he uses it, he’ll immediately weaken!" the elder explained, his expression changing quickly.

"All of you die!"

Bi Tu’s face was ferocious. The blood he coughed out landed on the cauldron, and it immediately started expanding, letting out an eerie light. As it grew, Bi Tu’s body immediately started withering. It seemed like his flesh and life were being sucked away by the pained faces on the cauldron.

In an instant, the cauldron grew to the size of about 100 feet, and the old and experienced presence on it became much stronger. As the eerie light glowed, the many carved faces came to life and rushed out from the cauldron.

When those faces appeared, their cries of pain and sadness echoed in the sky. At the same time, Su Ming’s Blood Scales and the large amount of Wings of the Moon closed in as they sliced through the air.

Large numbers from both sides crashed into each other like two bundles of thick black clouds, causing a strong tremor and a loud boom.

As the booming sound echoed in the sky, the human faces burst open like bubbles, ripped apart madly when the Wings of the Moon rushed in. Even so, a single Wings of the Moon was not strong. Usually, once one of them ripped apart one of the human faces, they would turn into a red wisp that rose up into the sky.

Yet once those human faces were torn apart, their faces were no longer filled with pain, but instead seemed to be freed from something. It was as if their appearance was not so that they could continue fighting, but to seek death—they were looking for a source for them to no longer be in pain.

These people had once belonged to Black Mountain Tribe. But some of them were also from Dark Dragon Tribe and Dark Mountain Tribe, those who had disappeared and died a long time ago. There were even some people who Bi Tu had obtained from somewhere before he fused them into the Fallen Berserker Vessel. It was an item to which he offered the souls of those who had been wronged.

The roaring sounds continued in the sky, as if they were going to last until everything was destroyed. Once Blood Scales, which had gathered Su Ming’s entire power, rushed through the pained faces with the help of the Wings of the Moon pouncing on those faces, it broke through without resistance and stabbed the giant cauldron.

The moment the spear pierced the cauldron, Blood Scales trembled furiously, and cracks started appearing from the tip of the spear until they spread all over the spear. Blood Scales shattered into numerous shards and fell on the giant cauldron.

The cauldron shook.

Su Ming’s attack should not have been able to cause any harm to it, but because Blood Scales broke, a loud bang exploded with the strongest force it had ever shown, one that was summoned from its very life. It caused the cauldron to shake and a tiny crack to appear.

At the same time, the countless Wings of the Moon howled and rushed towards the cauldron. As they madly crashed into the cauldron, the crack became bigger.

It may have seemed to have happened over a long period of time, but this all took place in only the span of a few breaths. A sound as if the gate of heaven opened rang and the cauldron broke in half before falling to the ground.

The moment the cauldron broke apart, Bi Tu coughed out a mouthful of blood and staggered backwards. Still, a vicious grin appeared on his face.

"Cauldron’s Slaughter!"

A large amount of blood also flowed out of Su Ming’s mouth when Blood Scales broke. Blood Scales was his very first Berserker Vessel. It had fought with him against Wu Sen, and stayed by his side when he slaughtered his enemies during the tribe’s migration. Now, as it broke, Su Ming’s body was not the only one injured—he also felt reluctant to part with it.

Yet this reluctance was forced down by Su Ming. A strong presence of danger suddenly came from ahead A large amount of black mist appeared from the two halves of the broken cauldron that fell to the ground and gathered together in an instant, turning into a gigantic human face. It let out a scream and charged into the sky as the cauldron continued falling.

That face was hundreds of feet long. It opened its mouth wide, moving in to swallow Su Ming whole.

The elder’s expression changed from where he stood behind Su Ming. He swiftly went forward and was about to push Su Ming away to stop the face from approaching, but Su Ming had already taken a step forward and remained standing before the elder.

He spread his arms wide, and Wings of the Moon immediately rushed towards him with bloodshot eyes. They closed in on him in an instant and landed on him, covering him up in multiple layers. The giant Wings of the Moon that had originally belonged to Bi Tu also did the same.

In the blink of an eye, just as Su Ming was about to be swallowed by the giant face coming from below him, he was covered by a large number of Wings of the Moon, turning into a gigantic Wings of the Moon in the sky!

It may have looked like it was only one Wings of the Moon, but in truth, it was formed by an unimaginable amount of Wings of the Moon gathered together!


A sound that shook the sky came from above the huge Wings of the Moon. That voice belonged to Su Ming, yet it also belonged to the countless Wings of the Moon. With the voice, a powerful presence erupted forth from the gigantic Wings of the Moon. That presence did not belong to Su Ming, but to the Wings of the Moon!

Su Ming’s body was the heart of the Wings of the Moon, his mind their will. He could control the body of the giant Wings of the Moon. The moment the command of fire came from his mouth, a large amount of moonlight descended around the Wings of the Moon, turning into a silver sea of fire with the Wings of the Moon as the center, and it continued spreading towards its surroundings in the sky.

When the silver sea of fire appeared and started spreading, the giant human face that seemed as if it was going to swallow Su Ming immediately sank into pain. The sea of fire surrounded it, and as it let out pained screeches, it was burned to ashes, engulfed in flames hundreds of feet away from the giant Wings of the Moon that surrounded Su Ming.

The same moment the face was burned, the giant Wings of the Moon with Su Ming within flew towards Bi Tu, standing in the distance as he continued to be surrounded by the silver sea of fire.

Bi Tu’s face was pale as he stared wide-eyed. He could still not believe what he was seeing, but he was, after all, a powerful Berserker in the Transcendence Realm. He also had a lot of battle experience. He quickly retreated, already looking at Su Ming as more of a threat than Mo Sang.

"Verdant Berserk Chains!"

Bi Tu raised his right hand and pointed towards the sky. A crack immediately appeared from the torn and bloodied center part of his brows. It was the same as when Nan Song had cast this Art, but the crack continued spreading from his face down his body until it reached his lower abdomen. It was as if his entire body was split apart by someone.

A dense, green presence rushed out of the crack on his body and surrounded Bi Tu as it turned into verdant mist chains!

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