Paradise of Demonic Gods

Chapter 24 Begin

Chapter 24 Begin

For the past three months, other than the increase in attributes brought about by the mastery of techniques, Fang Xingjian’s fundamental attributes had also been augmented due to the long time he had spent training.

Thus, Fang Xingjian’s current attributes were:

Name Fang Xingjian

Age 16

Occupation Warrior’s Squire

Level 9

Strength 36

Agility 42

Reaction 23

Endurance 30

Flexibility 32


Single-handed Sword Grab Level 20

Cross-slash Level 20

Grizzly Bear Sword Technique Level 30

Eagle Sword Technique Level 30

Tenauer-Style Body Strengthening Sword Technique Level 30

Nine Yang Divine Sword Technique Level 20

Chaotic Strike Level 20

Silver Moon Prayer Sword Technique Level 20

Descent of Holy Light Level 10

Tresia-Style Foundation Sword Technique Level 20

Specialities: Genius Swordsmanship,

Survival Instinct,

Internal Healing,

Internal Training,

Sword Specialist

He now possessed more than double the strength he’d had three months before, and his speed was now fast enough to leave an afterimage if within a short distance. He was now able to stay energized the entire day with just one or two hours of rest each day, especially given his enhanced physical strength from the development of his internal organs.

At the same time, the fusion of his muscles, bones, blood and organs greatly boosted his flexibility, allowing him to execute various sword techniques with the perfect control over the amount of power.

At this moment, Fang Xingjian gained three additional specialties while practicing his sword techniques for internal strength.

Internal Healing: possesses a certain amount of control over the internal organs; allows one to rouse the muscles and bones using willpower, restricting internal injuries and forcing internal wounds to heal temporarily.

Internal Training: subjective willpower can help the intestines digest and greatly enhances one’s absorbing ability, thus increasing the effects of martial arts training and improving food absorption rate.

Out of the first two specialties, one allowed Fang Xingjian to heal his own internal injuries while the other increased the degree of attribute enhancement during martial arts practice.

The other one, Sword Specialist, made Fang Xingjian feel slightly perplexed.

Sword Specialist: increases the accumulated potential from practicing sword arts.

He had attained this specialty after perfecting the tenth sword technique up to the maximum level, but he did not understand its effects, and gave up after researching for a while. Little did he know that it was a specialty Kaunitz had always dreamt of attaining, and for which he had even come to The School of Sword Arts for it, intending to learn the school’s basic sword techniques in a bid to obtain it.

The next moment, as Fang Xingjian casually cut through the air, the sword’s pitch-black afterimage successfully connected into one, like a cloud of black fog exploding and dispersing into the air. The blade sliced through the air, creating an explosive buzz. The continuously compressed air formed shockwaves which were pushed outwards. They were similar to sword Qi striking against the ground and the walls, at the same time creating light crackling sounds.

Compared with the current Kaunitz, Fang Xingjian realized that he was already able to crush Kaunitz both in terms of attributes and swordsmanship.

This increased his self-confidence for the Prefectural Selection.

Taking a step forward, Fang Xingjian was like an arrow ripping through the air whilst yelling out continuous howls, and arrived at the base of the wall in a second. Thereafter, he took a heavy step with his right leg, making a series of dull sounds, as if the ground had trembled for a moment.

Suddenly, an explosion revealed a small pit the size of a footprint. Amidst the crumbling surface and flying rocks, Fang Xingjian had already flipped across the wall and headed towards the examination area.

As the Prefectural Selection neared, Kirst gradually started filling with strangers. They were Warriors who had come for the selections from the neighboring cities, towns, or even villages.

According to the official figures, more than three thousand people were participating in Kirst’s Prefectural Selection.

While hurrying all the way to the examination area, Fang Xingjian saw many brave strong Warriors carrying various weapons. Solemnity and nervousness fully shone on their faces, since the following competition could decide the paths that the rest of their lives would take.

The drill grounds in the City Guards Institution were already packed with people. Fang Xingjian queued up at the entrance to verify his identity before he took a number tag and wore it on his wrist.

Fang Xingjian had been casually standing by the side. After a while, his senior in The School of Sword Arts, Ogden, appeared before him. Ogden had already comprehended the Nine Yang Divine Sword Technique and had successfully attained level 2 in it. Confidence was written all over his face. His current strength, agility, and reaction attributes had all broken past 20 points. A few juniors who were also participating in the selection followed behind him.

Seeing Fang Xingjian, he could not help but laugh. “Isn’t this Junior Xingjian? After hiding for so many months, you’re finally out in the sun?

“Couldn’t have been easy training by yourself. Anyway, it’s been such a long time. Have you increased your Eagle Sword Technique’s level? Do you need some guidance from me?

“Oh, right. Young Master Kaunitz is also here for the selection. Why don’t you go greet him?”

Ogden laughed out loud. To him, the one Fang Xingjian feared the most in The School of Sword Arts would be Kaunitz, who had thrashed him daily.

Fang Xingjian smiled coldly in his heart and threw a glance towards Ogden. Suddenly, he placed his hand on Ogden’s chest and pushed him with a little force. It was as if an adult had pushed a young child. Ogden flew backwards and landed with a bang after tumbling away over ten meters.

“You!” Having been pushed over by the other party in one strike, his face had turned a furious red. But then he thought to himself, ‘What happened? How could his strength exceed mine by such a large margin?’

At this moment, a red-haired Knight wearing Knight attire clapped, starting to speak slowly from a podium on the drill grounds. “Everyone is here, let’s begin.”

This Knight had strong limbs, a full beard decorated his face, and his red hair flew in the wind like flames.

He had only opened his mouth normally, not even shouting, but the sound waves reached the ends of the arena due to some specific contractions of his lungs. Ogden’s expression turned ghastly. He glared at Fang Xingjian fiercely, but did nothing else.

Fang Xingjian did not even look at him, but instead stared fixedly at the red-haired Knight, saying to himself, ‘His internal organs must be extremely condensed, and their strength is equivalent to that of a strong man’s arms and thigh muscles.’ He had asked around and had found that the Knight before him was one of the examiners in the selections. He was Hogan, the leader of the City Guards, at level 19. Since he had been able to attain level 19, it was obvious that he had completed his first transition after becoming a Knight.

His abilities were just a step away from reaching the second transition. It was said that he had participated in the Regional Selection before, and had almost become a Conferred Knight, who could attain the right to the Empire’s second job transition.

As the red-haired Knight spoke, everyone on the grounds fell silent.

The Knight nodded, satisfied, and said, “I am Hogan, your examiner for the first round.”

The Empire’s Prefectural Selection was not an easy test. The three areas he was evaluating were namely their physical abilities, their techniques, and their level of comprehension.

The examinees were basically Warriors who had not gone through the first job transition, and there were many participants overall. Therefore, it was not arranged for them to have duels which could easily result in deaths or injuries.

Suppose there were duels between a few thousand people, each of them the elites of various dojos and academies. If there were to be any cases of injuries or death, these could even incite fierce rioting, increase the frequency of armed fights in the city, and cause unrest in the Empire.

Moreover, a single battle would not be sufficient to determine one’s potential and talent.

Hence, the Prefectural Selection removed the battling mode, only including theoretical and practical tests.

Hogan continued. “The Prefectural Selection’s main arena is at Kirst Royal Academy, which is about twelve kilometers away.

“You have ten minutes to get there. All latecomers will be disqualified.

“So, I will be waiting there.”

After saying that, in a flash, Hogan sprinted beyond the drill grounds. The air howled and the earth shook, as if a large group of elephants were running wildly. Each of his steps smashed the ground into pieces, making little pits, while the enormous counterforce propelled his body, allowing him to dash out like a rocket, and even to rip through the air, creating a trail of faint white smoke.

‘What a fast speed!’ Fang Xingjian’s gaze froze. ‘To have such an explosive force, his strength and agility must both be at a minimum of 50. No, they could even be at 60! Or even higher!’

With Hogan’s display of ability, many Warriors on the ground started to move, jostling each other as they headed towards the drill grounds’ exit.

“Everyone, I will make a move first. The Tresia Clan will be accepting the position of this time’s Prefectural Champion.”

With a faint howl, a shadow dashed up high. Kaunitz stepped on the heads of over ten Warriors and dashed out of the drill grounds like a cool breeze.

The City Guards’ Institution was barricaded by tall walls over five meters tall, and the fastest way out was through the main gate.

Kaunitz’s control was brought to its peak. He used the bones and muscles of the bodies in the crowd as a propulsion medium, sprinting to the gate in a flash.

However, just as he was about to leap to the main gate, a fierce gale howled. The turbulence in the air stirred against his face, making it difficult for him to breathe.


Immediately afterwards, a gigantic shadow loomed over him.

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