Paradise of Demonic Gods

Chapter 1056 - Massacre

Chapter 1056: Massacre

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Just as several hundred Xiantian Realm cultivators charged out from the military camp and headed for the Imperial Guards’ team, Wang Tian and the others felt their scalps turn numb just from looking at the densely-packed soldiers.

“Damn it! How did they discover us?!”

“Run! We won’t be their match if we take them head-on.”

Without a second word, the 20 members of the Imperial Guards started running. Their exoskeleton armors had effectively increased their strength, agility, and explosive prowess, causing them to bring along a series of afterimages as they ran in the forest.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I knew that someone was making a fool out of us!”

“What should we do now?”

Just as the 20-man team was in a desperate state with Prince Ding’s army chasing them, Prince Ding’s army started bellowing like they had been injected with chicken blood.

One month’s worth of training had caused their lives to become extremely boring. It was a rare chance for there to be prowlers around. So, of course, they would have to have some fun with them.

The general in the lead—Qian Jinzhong—ran at the very front. He was the highest ranking official in this team and also a Xiantian Realm cultivator. Qian Jinzhong had even cleared all of his eight extraordinary meridians and was merely one step away from reaching the Disha Realm.

However, this one step was like a heavenly trench. Without the Disha Realm’s acupuncture point refining technique, he would never be able to advance to the higher tier.

Therefore, when he saw the fleeing Imperial Guards, his eyes were filled with greed and yearning.

The enemies were wearing thick armor, and it was hard to tell whose army they came from. However, given how they had been acting sneakily around the campsite and had immediately run off upon seeing Qian Jinzhong and his troops, Qian Jinzhong had already registered them as spies from their enemies.

‘Excellent. After capturing this bunch of spies, I’ll be able to earn great merit. If I continue to mediate, the people at the top might just bestow me with a secret technique to clear acupuncture points.

At the thought of this, a hint of flush from excitement flashed on Qian Jinzhong’s face. A long whizzing sound rang out, and the essential Qis in his body erupted. He then turned into a bolt of lightning and got close to Wang Tian and the others.

Hearing the long whizzing sound, the countenances of Wang Tiangang and the others changed.

“What powerful skills!”

“This person is probably only one step away from the Disha Realm.”

At the next moment, a stream of cold light gleamed, and a black speartip abruptly appeared before Wang Tian.

Wang Tian let out a loud bellow and instinctively used the battle technique he excelled in. He slashed out the electromagnetic rifle he was holding like a longsword, blocking the speartip.

With an explosive boom , the speartip and electromagnetic rifle clashed fiercely together, and the rifle was knocked off. Even the rifle’s gun barrel had bent slightly from the impact. Wang Tian was sent flying together with his exoskeleton armor, then he rolled on the ground, smashing through ten or more big trees.

Although the rest of the Imperial Guards were both shocked and horrified, they still charged up instinctively, wanting to save Wang Tian and fend off Qian Jinzhong’s attacks.

However, Qian Jinzhong displayed his outstanding spear arts and qinggong. Spear shadows flashed, and many electric nets that seemed as if they were formed from black lightning shot out. The few Imperial Guards nearby were lashed and sent flying out, spinning incessantly like tops.

With a swoosh and amidst the gushing wind, Qian Jinzhong arrived before Wang Tian. He shook his longspear, and a hint of cold gleam once again pierced out toward Wang Tian.

At the next moment, clanking sounds rang out as the speartip and exoskeleton armor clashed together, erupting a series of sparks.

Seeing that Wang Tian’s armor had actually blocked his attack, a hint of surprise flashed on Qian Jinzhong’s face. However, his speartip turned once again, wanting to attack Wang Tian again.

Just then, streams of waves seemed to appear in the air. Many soft pffft sounds rang out on Qian Jinzhong’s body, and at the next moment, his body came to an abrupt stop. He stood on the spot with his body stiffened, and there was a hint of disbelief on his face.

His chest had been pierced through over ten times, creating big holes. His body became like a wasp’s nest, and he fell to the ground dead with a pffft sound.

After the depleted uranium armor-piercing shells pierced through his body, they rammed into the ground. This instantly produced an extremely strong collision force and a high temperature that was over 6,000 degrees Celsius, causing astonishing damages.

Wang Tian looked toward Qian Jinzhong who had stopped and shouted, “What happened?!”

“It… It was me firing the gun.” The bearded man looked at the corpse in disbelief, at the remnants on the ground, and then at the electromagnetic rifle he was holding. It was as if he was in disbelief at this weapon’s prowess.

When Prince Ding’s forces saw Qian Jinzhong get killed, their eyes immediately flushed red. They howled as they came charging over, wanting to tear Wang Tian and the others into dust.

The bearded man raised the electromagnetic rifle, aimed, and then followed the operating method given to them by Fang Xingjian—aim and press the trigger.

A tremble so minor that it was undetectable was emitted amidst the sound of the gunshot. Within the next second, many depleted uranium armor-piercing shells pierced through the air and struck the many soldiers’ bodies. The armor-piercing shells instantly pierced their bodies, turning them into blood fog. The armor-piercing shells continued to fly on, erupting a high-temperature explosion that was over 6,000 degrees Celsius, producing smoke, fog, and dust, causing a second kill.

The terrifying prowess of the electromagnetic rifles, in addition to the depleted uranium armor-piercing shells, was fully displayed at this moment. After being accelerated to five times the speed of sound, the terrifying motion of the armor-piercing shells—which could penetrate through a tank’s armor plate to begin with—could now tear apart everything physical. The radioactive waste produced would even release heat, burn up, and explode after hitting their targets.

These Xiantian Realm experts were unable to withstand the electromagnetic rifles’ prowess. In the blink of an eye, the bearded man fired a series of shots, and over five Xiantian Realm cultivators fell to the ground.

Both the bearded man and the other Imperial Guards were all taken by astonishment by this scene. Then everyone raised up their electromagnetic rifles.

A terrifying metal tempest instantly engulfed the forces in front of them. The astonishing collision forces and high-temperature explosions that surpassed 6,000 degrees Celsius, shredded up many soldiers’ bodies. Those who had their bodies penetrated were considered lucky. At the very least, they would not have to be put through the burning and explosions from the radioactive waste.

“Hahahaha, this weapon is really amazing!” The bearded man shouted excitedly when he saw how the enemies were taken down as easily as harvesting wheat.

The tall man kept on firing. As he saw many Xiantian Realm cultivators fall due to his rifle, an excited flush also flashed on his face.

“Kill them all!”

In comparison to the Imperial Guards’ excited, Prince Ding’s troops completely broke down after suffering from over 100 casualties.

Seeing their comrades get taken down and torn apart by streams of invisible powers as well as all sorts of explosions occurring out of nowhere, someone finally could not take it anymore and started escaping. Then the entire army collapsed.

Fang Xingjian looked at the battlefield, which had turned into the scene of a massacre, and assessed the performance of the electromagnetic rifles and exoskeleton armors in his heart.

‘They still need to be matched with some close combat equipment. The user’s quality also needs to be raised. It seems that it’s still insufficient to be plainly channeling information. Actual combat is still required…’

The Crown Princess frowned. “These weapons might be of some use when dealing with Xiantian Realm and Disha Realm cultivators, but they are probably useless against those people from the Three Mountains Four Peaks.”

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