Paradise of Demonic Gods

902 Summoning

Ferdinand checked through them and nodded, saying, "This batch of secret manuals from the Clear Spring Palace isn't bad."

Standing beside him, a young man smiled and said, "Brother, the Clear Spring Palace is considered to be a great sect in the northwest in the past. It's said that there were Divine level experts amongst their ancestors. They dared to show disrespect and defy orders because they felt that they have a strong background and a wide connection of network. Therefore, they refused to turn in their manuals and disband the faction.

"Hehe, it was said that they sent out over 10,000 gold worth from their headquarters. How much resources do you think that they have obtained by force or deception?"

Ferdinand nodded and said, "These regional factions have always been ignoring the government and doing as they wish just because they are strong. They built up their factions into a small kingdom, and it's about time to teach them a lesson."

Ferdinand looked at this young cousin of his. Right now, as a new aristocratic clan in the Empire, the Ferdinand Clan's core members had also assumed various important positions in the Empire.

This cousin of Ferdinand was a member of the East Military Execution Order's cadre.

However, Ferdinand knew that this person would not come looking for him over something as small as escorting the transportation of secret manuals. He let out a snort and asked, "What's the matter now?"

Ferdinand's cousin, David, smiled and said, "A few younger sisters in the family have admired the Imperial Preceptor for a very long time and wish to enter the palace to serve him by his side. Brother, can you please help with this?"

Ferdinand glared at David. Why would a Divine level expert still require maids to serve them? Things that they could do with a single thought could take ordinary people ten or more years to accomplish.

In the end, it was just that some people in the clan were too adamant and still wanted to try enticing Fang Xingjian with beauties.

"How many times have I told you guys? The Imperial Preceptor is focused on his cultivation and doesn't indulge in beauties. Even if you were to present them to him, it'd be useless."

David merely laughed awkwardly, "Hehe, it's just a little token from us, a little token. Moreover, our younger sisters are all doing this willingly, so it's fine."

Ferdinand shook his head and asked, "Where are they? Let me take a look first."

Outside the palace's gates, a group of carriages was quietly parked there. Over ten young ladies were waiting anxiously in the carriages.

These young ladies were young and beautiful, with each of them having their own traits. Some of them were petite and cute, while others were sexy and mature. There were over ten different types of beauties.

All of them had been sourced by the Ferdinand Clan during this period of time in a bid to offer them to Fang Xingjian.

The status of the entire Ferdinand Clan had been given to them by Fang Xingjian. To them, Fang Xingjian was the entire clan's most important resource, their greatest reliance. Under such a situation, they would naturally want to do whatever they could to hold on to him tightly.

A girl with tender skin and bright eyes like that of a fairy stood out amongst everyone present.

She did not speak to the girls beside her. Instead, she just shrank into a corner, watching coldly as the other girls discussed their futures. Some of them were guessing what kind of person Fang Xingjian was like, while others felt nervous and were consoling each other. There were also some who were silent, thinking about things that the others were unaware of.

Watching this entire scene, a hint of contempt flashed in the young lady's eyes. She felt a strong sense of disdain toward these ladies who were wanting to sell their beauty.

As for her, she was naturally not out to debase herself for the sake of wealth and glory.

The young lady's actual name was Alice. She was the daughter of the Thistle Academy's Headmaster. In the past, the Thistle Academy had been a private Knight Academy in the south.

Unfortunately, the Thistle Academy was unwilling to submit to the Empire and put an end to their legacy. Due to that, Tyrant had sent people to eradicate them, and Alice was left to lead a wandering life in poverty. She had made her way to the Imperial Capital and gone through much difficulty to enter this group, all so that she could get close to Fang Xingjian.

'If I were to fight that Traitor Fang head-on, I'd definitely not be his match. My only chance is to let him like me. '

Alice had always been extremely confident in her own appearance. No matter how strong-willed the men she encountered in the past had been and no matter how strong their self-discipline had been, they still ended up being surprised by her appearance.

However, when facing Fang Xingjian whose overwhelming reputation had shaken the world, she was still nervous.

'If I can get him to be smitten with me, everything will be easy.'

At the thought of this, a hint of determination flashed in Alice's eyes. She had made up her mind that even if she had to sacrifice everything, she would get Fang Xingjian to like her.

Just then, a voice rang out, and the palace's gates were opened. The carriages entered slowly.

First, there were a series of checks. Some married lady personally came to conduct personal checks. Then many rounds of selections conducted, and their ether particles density were checked.

Fang Xingjian was watching over the Imperial Capital, so there was no need to worry about the safety in the Imperial Capital. However, it was still necessary to go through the basic measures. They could not possibly trouble Fang Xingjian with every single matter.

It was only after passing through the many stages that Alice met a man called Ferdinand.

Alice secretly scrutinized this person—a man who was said to be Fang Xingjian's lackey. She felt that he was someone who was posing as a serious gentleman.

Then when she saw the hidden hint of surprise in Ferdinand's gaze when he saw her, Alice could not help but feel a little proud. Alice had always been confident in her own appearance.

Ferdinand nodded, looked at his cousin, and said, "You guys have gone through much effort. This person might have some chance. What's her name?"

Hearing Ferdinand's judgment, David smiled. "She's called Angela. She's a female disciple from the Jade Water Palace and is Second Uncle's new goddaughter." "

Over the next three days, Alice—or rather, Angela—was taught the relevant etiquette by the people in the palace and then arranged to stay in a side palace hall.

Another three days passed by as she waited. Just as she was wondering if she had been forgotten, she was finally summoned.

There were nine other young ladies together with her. Regardless of what style they had—be it youthful, cute, sexy, or gentle—each of them went through great efforts to doll themselves up, presenting their most beautiful side.

The ten young ladies were brought to a palace and made to wait there.

In the pitch-black palace, everything seemed to be hidden in the darkness. It made it hard for one to see what things there were in the depth of the palace.

When the palace's copper door slowly closed amidst creaking sounds, the entire hall was shrouded in darkness. The ten young ladies felt as if they had been swallowed into the stomach of a monster.

A horrifying emotion rose in their hearts, and even Alice could not help but feel nervous. Numerous emotions flashed past in her mind.

'Could it be that Fang Xingjian is a p*rvert?

'What on earth is he thinking of doing?'

At the next moment, the darkness suddenly disappeared. The ten young ladies found they had arrived in a piece of desolate land with many sharp swords pierced into the ground around them in a densely packed manner. Each of the longswords emitted strong sword intents like many experts emitting their own martial wills.

Soon after, a cold voice rang out in their hearts. It came from the platform that was over 100 meters away from them,

"Pick up a sword, and come over here."

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