Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 908 - Blood of Yellow Flame! A Demon-like Sword!

Chapter 908: Blood of Yellow Flame! A Demon-like Sword!

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“Young Master Jun, let’s not talk about the fact that you had silently agreed earlier. There is no meaning even if you try to deny it now…” Cheng Yin Xiao said indifferently. “Even if you wish to continue to battle, you no longer have an opponent. Unless… you intend to fight with your own people? If that’s the case, we would be glad to watch such exciting battle tactics. There is no harm even if you go for a few more rounds!”

Jun Mo Xie glared at the person before him. He had never imagined that this great Guardian was capable of saying such shameless words. Was this still the senior expert in the legends? The legendary existence?

“Three Guardians, even if we forfeit the next two rounds, the three of us still have an agreement with Young Master Jun, that is, the three of us are to spar with him. I seek your permission for this matter…” Hai Wu Ya said.

“Spar?” Qiao Ying and the rest exchanged glances, their minds a little swayed. If it’s not a battle to life and death, the three of them would still be able to see Jun Mo Xie’s true prowess… This was a not too bad option.

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was also extremely swayed! If there was this battle, perhaps he could see the unique skills of that ‘Nine Firmament First Old Master’ from Jun Mo Xie? He had not forgotten about the promised battle with Nine Firmament First Old Master… He had no confidence currently…

Sensing how these demons who had lived for thousands of years were looking at him full of curiosity, Jun Mo Xie laughed bitterly and said, “I don’t think I agreed yet; what are you doing? All the advantage goes to the Holy Lands now?…”

“What is Young Master Jun saying, aren’t we discussing with you now!” Cheng Yin Xiao said. “If you are really unwilling to promise, then how about Qu Wu Hui and I spar with you instead? We are still part of the Holy Lands, so technically we are not going back on the agreement…”

Cheng Yin Xiao was acting shamelessly now…

Pei! This doesn’t count as going back on the agreement? Young Master Jun jumped in shock. I could barely handle one Qiao Ying alone, now, there is two coming at the same time… then that isn’t sparring anymore; I’d be digging my own grave…

But the Exquisite Lotus is still considered mine now, then if I refuse and insist on battle all the way… Maybe these three will really not let me off. Then that would really produce the opposite of the desired result and may not be a good thing…

“Since this round is for sparring, then there is no need to fight till the death. Which one of you three will do it? Is it you, He Zhi Qiu?” Qu Wu Hui asked.

“There is no need to trouble Brother He for this battle; let this old man spar with this ‘Evil Monarch’.” A person slowly walked out from the side of the Holy Lands.

It was Zhan Mu Bai!

Right now, his entire face was rosy and full of vitality. He was calm and composed, unlike the pathetic state he was in previously.

There was a heavy hint of oppression when Zhan Mu Bai mentioned the word ‘spar’…

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master eyes narrowed as he carefully observed Zhan Mu Bai’s body. There was no one in the world is capable of undoing the Yin-Yang Refining Soul he had left, but Zhan Mu Bai was perfectly fine right now, causing him to feel surprised.

After carefully observing for a while, a glint appeared in the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s eyes as he said slowly, “So that is how it is.” The fluctuation in Xuan Qi in Zhan Mu Bai’s aura was extremely intense, a fluctuation that should not be appearing on a Saint Emperor. Looked like this person had used some sort of powerful but unorthodox way to forcefully suppress his previous injuries! And at the same time, temporarily suppressing the restraints that the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master had left.

And there was only one kind of this sort of unorthodox method circulated in the Holy Lands: the Blood Rupturing Technique! This was the most extreme means. Once used, the user would absolutely not be able to live beyond an hour!

But during this period of time, no matter how heavy the injury, the user’s powers could be instantly recovered, and even temporarily strengthened by a fold! The most important thing was… this sort of method could not be activated by the person alone! There had to be someone else helping to circulate in coordination!

Looks like right now, Zhan Mu Bai is sure of his death… could it be that he is planning to drag that Jun brat along? The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s eyes gleamed…

“Might as well. This Young Master happens to be very keen to ‘spar’ with Saint Emperor Zhan!” Jun Mo Xie answered, a cold smirk on his lips.

He had also enunciated heavily on the word ‘spar’!

Zhan Mu Bai’s sneak attack in the Tian Fa Forest back then had almost sent Jun Mo Xie into eternal damnation! The more important thing was that even now, Snake King Green Hunter’s life and death was still unpredictable! This hatred that was ingrained deeply, Jun Mo Xie had kept it on his mind at all times. Right now, seeing that he had jumped out on his own, he agreed instantly without hesitation!

The two people facing each other were smiling and staring at each other. An invisible desire to kill was silently brewing, breeding and diffusing into the air.

Qiao Ying and Qu Wu Hui both shook their head and sighed at this sight. These two people were talking about ‘sparring’, but any wise person could tell that yet another battle of life and death was about to commence!

Everyone was aware of the fact that Zhan Mu Bai had once sneak attacked Jun Mo Xie in spite of his status, so it was understandable for Jun Mo Xie to harbor deep hatred for Zhan Mu Bai! But… why did Zhan Mu Bai hate Jun Mo Xie? It couldn’t be that you sneak attacked him and got a great advantage, but was still infuriated about it…

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master looked at Qu Wu Hui mockingly. “This is the tradition of your Holy Lands! What a great righteous sect! A senior, sneaking an attack on a junior, doing something this despicable and shameless; upon seeing that the person was lucky enough to survive, his hatred became greater! Truly an excellent tradition. If this young master is to practice this sort of capability for another thousand years, I’m still very likely to remain far inferior…”

“I am also confused. Since Jun Mo Xie did not die, then it must be a death grudge, but where is Zhan Mu Bai getting this intense hatred from? It’s so difficult to comprehend!” Qu Wu Hui scratched his head and said in confusion.

“Seniors like you naturally will not be able to understand, since you had not gone below your status to sneak an attack on a junior. Saint Emperor Zhan would naturally be reminded of his disgraceful past upon seeing this Young Master, who should have been dead. My sudden reappearance would also cause everyone to be reminded of the despicable deed he has done as a Saint Emperor.”

Jun Mo Xie calmly replied to his question. “He must kill me, so that his heart can settle down once again and go back to being that Saint Emperor that was held in high regard by everyone! Even if it means death, he must also drag me along. How difficult is it to guess this?”

Qu Wu Hui, Cheng Yin Xiao and Qu Wu Hui exchanged looks. There were still such things in the world? If Jun Mo Xie was right, then Zhan Mu Bai’s character was really extremely vile and despicable!

“You can choose not to accept this battle,” the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master said.

“Indeed, I can naturally choose to refuse it. I also know that Zhan Mu Bai only has a hour left to live. But… I am not willing to let Zhan Mu Bai die just like that. If Zhan Mu Bai must die, then he must absolutely die in my hands! It’s absolutely unacceptable if he dies in the hands of anyone else!”

Jun Mo Xie said sinisterly. “Let’s not even talk about him not dying yet. Even if he is already dead, I’d still drag him out from Hell and kill him again! Because even if he doesn’t have a grudge with me, I will also come after him to settle scores! One that he owes me, and one that he owes her!”

Jun Mo Xie took in a deep breath and word by word, he said, “The battle today is inevitable! This is an account I have for myself! And an account… from me to her!”

In a flash, Jun Mo Xie’s figure had already appeared in the center of the arena.

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, Qiao Ying, and the rest were all silent.

Especially Qiao Ying. She was covered in goosebumps from hearing Jun Mo Xie’s last sentence. Other people may not know, but she was extremely clear that ghosts and spirits exists.

Thinking of Jun Mo Xie’s line of ‘Even if he is already dead, I’d still drag him out from Hell and kill him again!’, she couldn’t help but feel all the hair on her body stand.

This sort of terrifying grudge, a hatred that was entrenched deep into the bones was really horrifying…

The soughing sound of the wind blew across the arena. The two people had already started to attack without exchanging any words!

Not even a sentence to start the battle.

Because all that had no meaning to Jun Mo Xie and Zhan Mu Bai. Zhan Mu Bai was running out of time, and each and every second was extremely precious! And Jun Mo Xie didn’t give a sh*t about all that useless talk and bullshit. They were all redundant!

The two of them had the same goal: make the other person die!

So Zhan Mu Bai used his ultimate trump card the moment he went on! Even before he struck, he had already used his Spacial Lock, World Cage, and special Flame Yang Xuan Skill at the same time!

The moment the Flame Yang Xuan Skill was used, the entire place began to suddenly turn unusually hot and suffocating. The few corpses on the arena were emitting smoke before bursting into flames. An indescribable foul burning scent permeated the air…

The flames raged on. All the people watching had heavy looks on their faces!

This battle could be said to be disadvantageous to Jun Mo Xie! Although Zhan Mu Bai had brought forward his death by using the ‘Blood Rupturing Technique’, but after he had forcefully advanced his strength, his powers were already at the level of a fourth level Saint Emperor and were even showing signs of breaking through!

Jun Mo Xie currently was a third level Saint Emperor at most! How was he going to fight against such a huge disparity in strength?

Just when everyone was worrying for Young Master Jun, Jun Mo Xie had already begun initiating his attacks!

Right before the eyes of everyone, Jun Mo Xie suddenly rose up to the skies like a giant white eagle. In a flash, he was already above Zhan Mu Bai.

A chilling sword light flashed. Suddenly, a glorious, proud, and aloof aura filled the entire place! Like an ancient Emperor who had suddenly opened his eyes from slumber, emitting an air of a sovereign and supreme ruler!

Divine sword, Blood of Yellow Flame!

This time it was unsheathed, it would use the blood of a top Saint Emperor to nourish itself! Although this Saint Emperor was despicable, but his cultivation was real!

The moment the divine sword was unsheathed, even when it was not completely taken out yet, the sword light radiated and filled the sky. The sky suddenly changed and turned crimson! Suppressing the Flame Yang Xuan Skill that Zhan Mu Bai had used!

This was merely the exhibition of the strength of the divine sword alone! Jun Mo Xie had yet to further coordinate with his own Xuan Qi.

Outside the arena, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master was the first to notice this aura. He couldn’t help but widen his eyes, and a look of shock that had never appeared for one thousand three hundred years was on his face!

“This… how is this possible? There is such a demon-like divine sword!” The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master said. “Swords that have spirits, devour heaven and earth… Could it be that the legends are true, that there is really such a mysterious existence in the world?”

Qu Wu Hui, Cheng Yin Xiao, and Qu Wu Hui also had a look of extreme shock and disbelief. But at the same time, they also hoped that unbelievable thing was real!

When Zhan Mu Bai finished his preparations, he had been in absolute advantage in terms of aura. But Jun Mo Xie had only pulled out his sword, and merely with the might of that divine sword alone, he instantly turned the tables around!

That sword could no longer be described as a ‘divine weapon’! Just as the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master put it, it was a divine blade that was like a demon!

Jun Mo Xie shouted, slicing down from the sky! The Blood of Yellow Flame whistled, like a dragon roaring into the skies, a phoenix crying into the heavens! The chilling, sinister killing aura reverberated across the air, revealing an urgent thirst and desire for blood!

Jun Mo Xie’s killing aura emitted along with the sword, fusing perfectly with the powerful killing aura of the Blood of Yellow Flame. Instantly focusing an intense killing power of a King, one that shocked the heavens and earth, gods and demons!

Killing power!

When there was sufficient killing aura, it would result in a change.

Forming an overwhelming ‘killing power’!

In the eyes of Qiao Ying and the rest, Jun Mo Xie had suddenly transformed into an absolute Emperor that wielded a shocking sword with absolute power. Rising proudly in the air, delivering a sword down to his own subjects! One that allowed no refusal, no dodging and no retaliation!

Everyone felt that the moment this sword was drawn, killing was something that was completely right! No matter who it was, they could only be killed! If anyone resisted, it would be an act of rebellion!

When faced with this sword, there was only… submission!

And submission only!

The three Guardians turned pale.

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s pupils radiated greatly watching Jun Mo Xie! This sword had really encompassed the essence of the word ‘power’! Throughout all of ages, there may really be not many people who were capable of delivering a sword like this!

And an existence that could wield a sword like this was a peerless prodigy, a gloriously outstanding talent!

Seeing this sword alone made this trip worth it for everyone!

This blow was created by Jun Mo Xie accordingly and specially for the Blood of Yellow Flame: Supreme Sword!

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